30 Korean Drama with Doctors theme

Most leads in korean drama usually have differents background. Start from chaebol, attorney, PD, CEO of companies, teacher, musician, doctors, police, surgeon, chef, director, barista, singer, dancer, writer, and many more.

All those occupation in drama, somewhat increase viewers knowledge on the occupation itself. At least, that is what happens to me. Especially when the lead’s job is one of a kind job or a rare one out there.

Out of many occupation, doctors is one of the most common in korean dramas.

So here are list of korean drama with doctors theme which caught my attention.

1. Doctor John (2019)

2. Doctors (2016)

3. Good Doctor (2013)

4. Yong Pal (2015)

5. Descendants of the Sun (2016)

6. Doctor Stranger (2014)

7. Doctor Prisoner (2019)

8. Doctor Detective (2019)

9. Faith: The Great Doctor (2012)

10. Hospital Ship (2017)

11. Time Slip Dr. Jin (2012)

12. Angel Eyes (2014)

13. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (2016)

14. Blood (2015)

15. Live up to your name, Dr. Heo (2017)

16. A poem a day (2018)

17. D-Day (2015)

18. Emergency couple (2014)

19. Hearts surgeon (2018)

20. Late Night Hospital (2011)

21. Medical Top Team (2013)

22. New Heart (2007)

23. Dr. Champ (2010)

24. Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (2010)

25. Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (2007)

26. The Third Hospital (2012)

27. The King’s Doctor (2012)

28. General Hospital (2008)

29. Before and after: Plastic Surgery Clinic (2008)

30. Dr. Gang (2006)

10 Korean Drama of 2019 Based on Webtoon or Webcomics

Nowadays, we are spoiled by korean dramas with storyline based on webtoon.

It was like a treat for both fans, webtoon and kdramas. The anticipation on how the actor and actress portrayed the webtoon character could bring the drama into success or failed.

As an avid reader of comics, manga, and webtoon, I pretty much enjoyed all kdramas based on them.

Especially those with funny, comical, fantasy, easy cheesy, and lovey dovey on. Although I don’t mind with the serious or dark one, at all.

So, here are some korean drama aka kdrama air in 2019, which I enjoyed wating them

1. Extraordinary you

Based on the webcomic series July Found by Chance” by Moo Ryoo via comic.daum.com.

It is a very entertaining drama with lots of hillarious Dan Oh moment. All the cast are such eye candies and quite match with the webtoon character.

Watching this drama after you read the webtoon is like watching the webtoon came to life, so unreal.

2. Tale of nokdu

Based on webcomic “Nokdujeon” by Hye Jin Yang via comic.naver.com.

It is a funny and non stereotype kind of drama. Setting in historical era where a man pretend to be a woman instead.

Loving this drama for Kim So Hyun with her new character. I just love her acting here.

3. Pegasus market

Based on the webtoon “Pegasus Market” by Kim Kyu Sam via https://series.naver.com/

Just like its title, the story revolve around a market with all of its unique employee. If you are looking for drama with eye candies cast then it might not your cup of tea.

4. Stranger from hell

Based on webcomic of “Stranger from hell” same name by Kim Yong Ki via webtoon.naver.net

At first, I was excited to see the cast and the promising story since I don’t see hint of love line here. Furthermore, I haven’t read the webtoon, yet.

But then, it was as scary as hell, just like its title. Somehow, I couldn’t forget Lee Dong Wook psychopath scary smiley face afterward.

5. Love alarm
Based on the webtoonLove Alarm” by Chun Gye Young via webtoon.daum.net.

It was the most hype drama since netflix is involved. The webtoon itself is aso a huge hit. So, no wonder if this drama widely known and unbelievable popular as in viewers calls for season 2.

6. Save me season 2
Based on the Korean manhwa/webtoon “Out of the World” by Jo Geum San via “comic.daum.com“. It’s the second season of Save Me (Season 1).

It was kind of dark story. I Haven’t read the webtoon but I really like the drama. Especially Save Me season 1.

7. Item
Based on the webtoon “Item” by Min Hyung via “kakao.com“.

Truthfully, I’ve been keeping this drama in my watch list. So, I still don’t have any opinion about this drama. But, I heldmy hope high.

8. Kingdom
Based on webcomic series “Land of the Gods”, which was authored Writer Kim Eun Hee and drawn by Yang Kyung Il.

Been fostering myself to be brave and watch this drama. Maybe, next time.

9. Neighborhood lawyer jo

Based on the webtoon “Dongnebyunhosa Jodeulho” by Hatchling via “comic.naver.com/webtoon“.

I enjoyed this drama as I watched it. Not very impress, but since I like lawyer kind of theme, so this one is fine for me.

10. Her Private Life

Based on webcomics Nuna Paen Datkom” by Kim Sung Yeon.

I enjoyed this drama a lot. Swoon over the couple all through the episodes. Laugh my heart out for many scenes showed in the drama.

Love the idea of successful woman been fangirling over an idol. She was channeling maany woman out there, including me.

10 Korean Drama with A Strong Personality of Female Lead

Most of the time, korean drama was full of cliche story line. Where as the female lead mostly are candy type, cinderella type, or ordinary housewife. In the opposite, the male lead are strong type, rich type, cool type, or tsundere type.

But, if you are a kdrama fans by the bone who have been watched hundreds of kdrama, then definitely you will came across dramas with a different stereotype. Kind of drama that will give you a vibe, “Yes, You go Girl! Finally, A strong personality of Female Lead!”

As many drama out there, here are my 10 favorite korean drama which absolutely make me fell in love with the female lead, rather than the male lead. Even though in some cases, I just love them both, equally.

1. Doctor John

The female lead in this drama are absolutely my kind of woman. A strong, smart, witty, funny, and not your typical ‘princess type.” Her strong personality, I believe, is also the main reason why the lead male fell in love at the first place.

I have been enjoying this drama start from the first episode till the end. One of the best drama I ever watched.

2. Sky Castle 

This drama was extremely popular for its story line which touched “bullying” theme. But for me, the main reason I love this drama is because the strong personality of some of the female leads. A strong and reliable housewifes that we could look up to.

3. Doctors

I am so happy to see Park Shin Hye got a character that showed how strong a woman should be. A beautiful doctor who is skillful in martial art and pretty independent in life was very encouraging to see.

4. Search: WWW

This, is also one of the best drama in my opinion. The story line revolve in the life of 3 beautiful woman in their thirty. Three beautiful woman with their own strong and unique personality. How they handled problems in their life, how to achieve their career also love life, and a strong bond of friendship. They made us, woman, wanted to have a life just like them.

5. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

If you are into a romantic comedy kind of drama with a unique story line and break all the stereotype out there, maybe this is one of the best choice.

The female lead, who is a weight lifter (very unique, right) fell in love with a swimmer. Their love story somewhat very refreshing as they kind of switch their role all throughout the drama.

For example, it was the female lead who is stronger than the male lead, literally. It was her too, that protected or being use to protect the male lead.

So, if you look for a lovey-dovey moment where the male lead are very cool and protected the girl all the time, this one is not your cup of tea.

6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Hahaha. Sorry, somehow I got to laugh everytime I remember this drama. The story line is absolutely hillarious and unbelieveable comical.

Where most of the time, a man is stronger than the woman and being a superhero, this drama showed us reverse. The female lead is literally a superhero with a superpower where as the male is just an ordinary person.

7. Let Me Introduce Her

One of those drama about ‘family’ life. If you are into a light happy drama, this one is absolutely a BIG NO.

The female lead is originally a strong woman, but not until she got constant abused from her own husband. This drama showed us how  a strong person, turned into a very weak one, then tried her hardest to get back to how she was used to be, even stronger for the sake of her daughter and her own happiness. She fight back.

A must-watch drama for its rare story line in a kdramaland.

8. Mr. Sunshine

Despite of the fact that the male lead is as strong as the female lead, this drama has every right to get into my list.

Not only for the reason of the strong personality of the female lead, this drama was actually literally one of the best out there. The very reason are because of it cost high budget, great editing and effect, a skillful actor and actress, from a well known writer, and a rare background.

Kim Tae Ri character has shown me what kind of strong woman in her era, and I was captivated by her all through out the drama.

9. Hotel Del Luna

A 2019 most hype and popular drama in and out of Korea. IU sucessfully portrayed a very strong, rich, cold yet funny, and independent woman ‘or ghost’ through whole episodes.

Her elegant and sophisticated appearance along with her comical expression that could relate to any of us are indeed very entertaining to watch.

10. Graceful Family

In this drama, the female lead has a very strong personality, despite her weakness over her mother’s death. She is smart, rich, looked arrogant and cold, all the character we mainly seen in a male lead of a drama.

She sometimes looks like a bad ass rich woman who make us cringe with her attitude. But hey, that is why I officially loving this drama.

Well, that’s it! My 10 favorite drama with a strong personality of the female lead that I enjoyed watching.

How about yours?

Mr. Sunshine

It is a much anticipated Korean drama for this year. As we all know, the writer (Kim Eun Sook) of this drama is very well known as a hit maker. All of her drama will have a high rating worldwide. Let me repeat, worldwide.

Just named it, Secret Garden, The Heirs, Descendant of the sun, and the latest one is Goblin. All of them have different plot, different setting, different genre etc. But all of them was high rating dramas and incredulously famous in Korea also abroad.

So, when the news about Mr. Sunshine came out, everybody is curious and really anticipating of the drama. Not to mention, the director also known for his great directing.

It was still in episode 2, but I really like it. Somehow, it reminds me of Chicago Typewriter which I love it to the bone. Same like Chicago Typewriter, the idea of a heroine with strong character is always great to watch. I have soft spot for this kind of dramas.

As expected, as a fully pre-produced drama, the cinematography and editing is a top notch. It was like watching some kind of movie instead of an episode of drama. The acting of the lead male is on point, amazing as always.

The only thing that bothers me is the story. I hardly understand the story since it related to Korean history. I need to watch it more than once to fully understand the story line. Not recommended for drama lovers who only like a light and simple drama.

And what I like the most from most of her dramas is their original soundtrack (OST). Most of them are amazing song and instrumental music that really fit for the drama, for each and every scene.

I am still in love with the other 3 drama OST that I mention above. I definitely cannot wait to hear the 4th one from this new ‘masterpiece’ of her.

And, then there it is, a first OST from Park Hyo Shin’s voice which is a really great, powerful, and beautiful song. Oh my, I love his voice ever since he sang Snowflower as OST for winter sonata.



Chicago Typewriter OST

After survived from a challenging week, I reward myself by watching ongoing kdrama.

Currently obsessed with Chicago Typewriter which is very underrated, IMHO. This drama is superb. It definitely will be one of the best drama in my list. So, please bare with me. I’m going to rant a lot over this drama.

At first, I was curious about Im Soo Jung (@soojunglim_) who comeback to dramaland after 13 years off. She is so great in I’m Sorry I Love You also …Ing and many other movies.

Yoo Ah In (@hongsick) also draws my attention since he always play a challenging character, meaningful if I may say. Just look at his previous work such as Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Fashion King, Jang Ok Jung.

There is also Go Kyung Pyo (@kopular) which left good impression on me after Flower Boy Next Door and Reply 1988.

After I watch the first few episodes. I realized it is such a great drama, an unpredictable one.

The storyline. It is mostly about life of a writer but they deliver it in a very interesting way. The idea of using past (Korea in 1930) and present time as setting for their story is something that I rarely seen in kdrama world.

Since ‘writer’ is the big theme of the drama, they spoiled me with many book reference, writer reference, beautiful book cafe, inspiring book quotes, and last but not least, amazing privat library of writers.

Me, as a bookworm myself, could not ask for more. Books is everywhere.

The cast. I was amazed on how @hongsick perfectly portrayed the eccentric brassy filthy rich writer #hansejoo in the present time and a mysterious poised #seohwiyoung in the past as if they were two character portrayed by 2 different actor.

Not to mention the deep, genuine, and cutest bromance with his literally ‘ghost’writer @kopular .

The love line with @soojunglim_ which is more than just ‘cheesy’ romance. Add with an eccentric, funny, and random editor played by the #goblin secretary.

All I can say, they are the best cast for this drama.

The OST. Oh my, TVN always provides great OSTs, including this one. All OST and background music are perfectly connect to the story.

So far, my favorites is Satellite by SaltNPaper also one from SG.Wannabe.

Last, I love how they include mystery, writer issues, publishing issues, politic issues, world problem, pop culture, fashion, and art in this drama without too dramatize or exaggerate.

So here are some of the OST:

1. SALTNPAPER – Satellite

2. CeeLo – Better Late Than Never [episode 1, during Han Se Joo book fansign in Chicago)

3. Celine Dion – Power of love [episode 1, the scene when the dog run to Jeon Seol instead of Se Joo]

4. Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing [episode 2, music for dancing scene of the trio in Carpe Diem]

5. Nam In Su – Impressive days [episode 2, the song that the trio sing while walking together]

6. Ruth Etting – All of me [episode 3, the record that Shin Hyul played)

7. Blooming Memories – Baek Ye Rin [episode 3]

8. The Platters – Only you [episode 4, when Bang Jin met Yoo Jin Oh]

9. Park Dan Ma – Wind [Episode 5, Su Yeon sang in Carpe Diem]

10. Park Dan Ma – Wind [Episode 5, Im Soo Jung Version]

11. Writing Our Stories – SG. Wannabe [ending episode 5]

12. Broccoli, you too – Unless give damage to others [episode 7, Se Joo and his editor at the cafe]

13. Be My Light – Kevin Oh [episode 7]

14. Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream [episode 8, when Jeon Seol and Tae Min in the café]

15. Boni Pueri (Czech Boy Choir) – Come with me

16. Boni Pueri (Czech Boy Choir) – Time walk

17. Various Artist – Remember The Novel We Wrote That Day (inst.)

18. Various Artist – Time Travel (inst.)

19. Various Artist – Main title (inst.)

20. Various Artist – Aim the Gun (inst.)

21. Various Artist – Han Se Ju and Jeon Seol theme (inst.)

22. Various Artist – Ghostwriter Yoo Jin Oh (inst.)