Chicago Typewriter OST and BGM (ongoing)

After survived from a challenging week, I reward myself by watching ongoing kdrama. Currently obsessed with Chicago Typewriter which is very underrated, IMHO. This drama is superb. It definitely will be one of the best drama in my list. So, please bare with me. I’m going to rant a lot over this drama.
At first, I was curious about Im Soo Jung (@soojunglim_) who comeback to dramaland after 13 years off. She is so great in I’m Sorry I Love You also …Ing and many other movies. Yoo Ah In (@hongsick) also draws my attention since he always play a challenging character, meaningful if I may say. Just look at his previous work such as Sungkyungkwan ScandalFashion King, Jang Ok Jung. There is also Go Kyung Pyo (@kopular) which left good impression on me after Flower Boy Next Door and Reply 1988.

After I watch the first few episodes. I realized it is such a great drama, an unpredictable one.

The storyline. It is mostly about life of a writer but they deliver it in a very interesting way. The idea of using past (Korea in 1930) and present time as setting for their story is something that I rarely seen in kdrama world. Since ‘writer’ is the big theme of the drama, they spoiled me with many book reference, writer reference, beautiful book cafe, inspiring book quotes, and last but not least, amazing privat library of writers. Me, as a bookworm myself, could not ask for more. Books is everywhere.

The cast. I was amazed on how @hongsick perfectly portrayed the eccentric brassy filthy rich writer #hansejoo in the present time and a mysterious poised #seohwiyoung in the past as if they were two character portrayed by 2 different actor. Not to mention the deep, genuine, and cutest bromance with his literally ‘ghost’writer @kopular . The love line with @soojunglim_ which is more than just ‘cheesy’ romance. Add with an eccentric, funny, and random editor played by the #goblin secretary. All I can say, they are the best cast for this drama. .

The OST. Oh my, TVN always provides great OSTs, including this one. All OST and background music are perfectly connect to the story. So far, my favorites is Satellite by SaltNPaper also one from SG.Wannabe.

Last, I love how they include mystery, writer issues, publishing issues, politic issues, world problem, pop culture, fashion, and art in this drama without too dramatize or exaggerate.

So here are some of the OST:

1. SALTNPAPER – Satellite

2. CeeLo – Better Late Than Never [episode 1, during Han Se Joo book fansign in Chicago)

3. Celine Dion – Power of love [episode 1, the scene when the dog run to Jeon Seol instead of Se Joo]

4. Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing [episode 2, music for dancing scene of the trio in Carpe Diem]

5. Nam In Su – Impressive days [episode 2, the song that the trio sing while walking together]

6. Ruth Etting – All of me [episode 3, the record that Shin Hyul played)

7. Blooming Memories – Baek Ye Rin [episode 3]

8. The Platters – Only you [episode 4, when Bang Jin met Yoo Jin Oh]

9.  Park Dan Ma – Wind [Episode 5, Su Yeon sang in Carpe Diem]

10. Park Dan Ma – Wind [Episode 5, Im Soo Jung Version]

11. Writing Our Stories – SG. Wannabe [ending episode 5]

12. Broccoli, you too – Unless give damage to others [episode 7, Se Joo and his editor at the cafe]

13. Be My Light – Kevin Oh [episode 7]

14. Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream [episode 8, when Jeon Seol and Tae Min in the café]

  1. Boni Pueri (Czech Boy Choir) – Come with me

  1. Boni Pueri (Czech Boy Choir) – Time walk






A Magical Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour in Singapore

Finally, after discovering the Henderson Waves and strolling around malls, the reason of us being in Singapore, A Magical Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour in Singapore.

It was sudden and unplanned. As if one of dream comes true. It never crossed in my mind that I would be fulfilling one of my dream, now.

So, bucket list: Watch Coldplay Concert Live, check!

Back then, I fell in love with “Yellow,” so hard. Since then, Coldplay became one of my favorite all time bands. All of their album are never disappointed me.

The first time I heard Chris Martin voice all over the Singapore national stadium singing A head full of dream as their first song that night, I felt goosebumps all over my body.

And when I heard them singing Yellow and Fix you, right in front of my eyes, I was totally speechless and freeze, literally.

The rest of the night felt magical, very unreal. It was surely an adventure of a lifetime. I was like in a rollercoaster of emotion. From thrill to pure bliss to heart flutters to tears.

What. An. Amazing. Concert. Ever.

Along the concert, I screamed, I sang, I jumped, I cried, and I freeze. The venue, the light, the laser, the xyloband, the crowd, the confetti, the balloon, the music, the song, the sound system, and the band itself were beyond perfect.

I may not be in the best spot as all I could see was Coldplay members as small as ants. But, being physically there in one place as them and sang along with them made me couldn’t ask for more at the moment.

Most of the time, I hardly recorded them with my handphone (like many others did), but I did record them clearly in my head as an unforgettable memory. I thought, THIS IS A MUST WATCH WITH MY OWN TWO EYES.

So here were some of moment before the magical concert begins.



Strolling Around The HarbourFront Centre and VivoCity Singapore

After enjoyed nature in Southern ridges, we strolled around the mall called HarbourFront Centre and VivoCity. It wasn’t intended, but because they attached to the Harbourfront station, I guess it was not wrong to do some window shopping.

As they all said, it was heaven to shop in Singapore. The price is quite tempted,pretty much lower than in Indonesia not to mention, added with some discount. Charles & Keith, Cotton On, Kate Spade, Sketchers, Adidas, Nike, Uniqlo, and many more.

The mall it selves is the same as in Indonesia. The most different things I observed were some of the worker, such as janitor or cleaner, a fast food crew, the cashier of some store was old. I mean they were grandma and grandpa, literally. I was very surprise.

So, when we ate in one of the restaurant, I hardly chewed and enjoyed mine. How can I, when an old grandpa was mopping the floor next to me (sobbing inside for they reminds me of my grandpa or grandma).

Quickly out of the restaurant, we strolled around. Lastly, we ended up in Garret Popcorn store to had some taste of their famous popcorn before we went back to hotel and prepared ourselves for the Coldplay Concert.

A Walk to Discover in Singapore: Henderson Waves

Singapore! When I heard Singapore, shopping and Merlion came first at my mind. Most of people I know went to Singapore for shopping or discovered Universal Studios then taking mandatory picture with the famous Merlion.

Rarely I heard of them visit Singapore to enjoy their garden, parks or nature. So, when my cousin told us that we will do our morning run in the Southern Ridges, especially in the Henderson Waves, I was beyond thrill.

As we arrived late at night in Changi Airport, we only had few hours to sleep. And that made us woke up late in the morning. We went straight to the Mountbatten MRT station and took the train (Circle line) headed to Harbourfront station.

It was work day, so the train was full of Singaporean who were going to work or school. It was so quite in the train (remind me of how noisy it will be if it was in Indonesia) and very comfortable being inside of the train. I was impressed.

From the Harbourfront station, we planned to hike through Marang trail. But, after some thinking, we decided not to because of many reasons. So I took my phone out and reserved Uber to take us to Henderson road.

Not long after, a long and high stairs welcomed us, a stairway to heaven if I may call it. Well, I might be over exaggerated. At the end of the stairs, green scenery and a mountain trail were ahead of us, along the way to the Henderson Waves.

Finally, Henderson Waves right in front of our eyes. As we were getting ready to run along the waves, we took some snapshot here and there.

Henderson waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore which standing 36 meters above the Henderson road. It said as one of the best spots in Singapore to enjoy panoramic views of the city, harbour and the Southern Islands. And I couldn’t agree more.

It was so refreshing and relaxing. Fresh and nice air combined with beautiful scenery surely made us wanted to spend more time in here. Sadly, we had to force our self moved to another destination which is HarbourFront Centre and VivoCity also Coldplay Concert.

So, bye-bye waves. See you when I see you.



Merindukan Kesejukan di Desa Susukan, Banjar Negara

It’s been some time since we went to my mom’s hometown in Susukan Village, Central Java. Been missing the morning scenery of the sunrise, paddy fields, mountain, and hills.


Pulang ke kampung halaman mama selalu menjadi momen yang selalu saya tunggu. Membayangkan sejuknya udara yang bisa saya hirup, hijaunya hamparan padi, rimbunnya pepohonan di bukit, dan damainya suasana pedesaan membuat kami semakin tak sabar untuk segera kembali ke sana.

Beruntungnya saya, mama dilahirkan di sebuah desa bernama Susukan, yang masih kental dengan suasana pedesaan hingga saat ini.

Lihat saja, hamparan sawah mengapit jalanan menuju rumah Mbah saya. Betapa indah dan alami.




short-getaway-9 short-getaway-8

Aliran sungai pun ada disini. Jembatan ini merupakan jembatan bersejarah dan telah menjadi bagian dari keluarga besar kami, keluarga Sanrusdi. Entah sudah berapa lama sejak dibangunnya jembatan ini.

Yang pasti, saya melihat jembatan ini di dalam foto masa kanak-kanak Mama, masa remaja beliau, masa pernikahan beliau, masa saya masih bayi, hingga saya sekarang ini.




10 Local (Indonesia) Accessories Brand to Step Up Your Outfit Game

[credit: antyk butyk]

[credit: antyk butyk]

I love accessories, especially the unique one. They add more colors to our outfit. They became a center of attention if we wore a simple plain outfit they become more like statement of our outfit.

Although there are so many brands out there, I prefer brands from local. Let’s just say that I support local. They have unique design, good quality, with reasonable price.

Here are some of local brands that I adore. Especially for their necklaces, which are wearable for me as hijaber. If you are looking for local accessories brand to step up your outfit game, they are some of the best out there.

Massicot by Amanda Matsuri and Ramdhan Muhammad

What I love about Massicot is that each pendulum (stone) does not have the same visual and it always one of a kind. It is a statement. It doesn’t matter if you wear a plain shirt, T-shirt, or even dress, because a piece of massicot accessories will definitely step up your plain outfit.

Schonmoi by Vedca Maria Orissa

What I really love about their necklaces are almost all of them made of wood. So it can pretty much called as part of ecofashion or sustainable fashion. The design also very unique. They are a little bit retro or vintage. So when you wanted to add some nice touch of vintage or retro style to step up your outfit game, Schon is one of the best choice out there.

Antyk butyk

All I could say about antyk butyk is not boring at all. Their accessories design or material often amazed me. The slight of culture can be see in each of their piece. You can look edgy, unique, funky, elegant, vintage, and feminine with one of their accessories in your outfit.

Environmental jewelry by Ega & Julia (EJ)

A jewelry brand which all their jewelry carefully handcrafted using dry rice grain. Yes, rice, the same rice that we used to see everyday and ate every single day. Some piece of rice add to your outfit will definitely step up your outfit game. Especially if you are a nature lover or looking for a sustainable jewelry.

Eden by sight by Jessica Saputro and Handy Yonathan

They were known for their natural gemstone in each of their accessories. Each of them are unique because of their raw nature. The design is simple and the gemstone that they use are colorful and pretty which make us look elegant.


If you want to look as pretty as if you are going to attend some tea party, just put on one of their accessories and you’ll definitely be center of attention. They really can mix kinds of rope with beads, shapes resin, or tassel into a beautiful and unique piece.

From Tiny Islands

Just like their brand name, they do look tiny and simple. Made mostly of silver and gold plated is perfect to add a statement to your outfit. If you are looking for an elegant yet not to eye catching, they are probably the best.

Atelier Pedra by Emiria Larasati

For edgy, classic, and elegant looks to step up your outfit game, Atelier Pedra offers a a simple yet detail accessories made of gold, silver, and stone. I love how simple their design look like.

Klar by Talita Natalia

A brand which use acrylic as their main material. Looks edgy, structured, and solid. They really did justice for their philosophy which is ‘a silent statement.’

Moth Jewellery

Their accessories is beyond unique. Color pencils, literally, on your plain, simple, or effortlessly outfit will mostly gain any attention out there. Not to mention, their unique and creative design. You’ll definitely want to have one of their accessories after you see them.

Menembus Hujan dan Kabut di Perkebunan Teh Gunung Mas

Menikmati suasana kebun teh di daerah Gunung Mas, Puncak mungkin terdengar biasa. Berjalan-jalan ditengah hamparan kebun teh, memanjakan mata dengan hijaunya dedaunan teh, sembari menghirup sejuknya udara pagi. Sesekali seorang guide menjelaskan perihal Perkebunan Nusantara 8 saat kita berhenti sejenak. Sungguh hal yang teramat biasa, setidaknya bagi saya.

Tapi, tidak pernah terbayangkan oleh saya untuk menikmati suasana kebun teh di Gunung Mas dalam keadaan hujan dan berkabut, di pagi hari pula. Dingin, sensasi utama yang paling saya rasakan.

Saat itu, Puncak diguyur hujan yang tak hentinya. Kabut pun turun menemani sang hujan. Rencana semula untuk tea walk sepanjang lebih kurang 4 km sambil menikmati hijaunya kebun teh pun terasa akan gagal. Suasana terasa gloomy dan membuat kami mager. Jarak pandang yang hanya beberapa meter saja semakin membuat kami ragu untuk melanjutkan rencana awal.


Kalau saja, warung-warung di Gunung Mas tidak menjual jas hujan, enggan rasanya beranjak menuju perkebunan teh. Kenapa jadi jas hujan? Karena jas hujan itulah saya menjadi lebih bersemangat untuk melanjutkan rencana semula (maklum, saat itu saya sedang kurang sehat karena sehari sebelumnya, saya sempat demam dan flu berat).

Namun, ternyata Ide untuk ‘main hujan-hujanan’ sungguh membuat saya excited. Kapan lagi hujan-hujanan di tengah perkebunan teh di ketinggian 800-1200 m di atas permukaan laut yang dipenuhi kabut, pikir saya dalam hati. It will be so much fun!


Benar saja, sangat menyenangkan.

Menembus hujan dan kabut, melawan udara dingin yang menusuk kulit, melewati sungai yang alirannya sangat deras, dan sesesekali berhenti untuk selfie, wefie, mendengarkan penjelasan sang Guide, atau hanya sekadar menikmati keindahan alam di perkebunan Gunung Mas.

gunung-mas-4 gunung-mas-16 gunung-mas-7 gunung-mas-12 gunung-mas-10 gunung-mas-14

gunung-mas-17 gunung-mas-2gunung-mas-23

Mempesona. Breathtakingly beautiful. Natural art.

Ditambah lagi dengan jalanan yang terbilang tidak biasa. Perjalanan kali ini lebih tepat disebut sebagai mountain tracking daripada tea walk. Menyenangkan!

Perjalanan turun pun tidak kalah mempesona. Melalui jalanan berbatu yang diapit rumah-rumah penduduk Gunung Mas. Masih ditemani hujan dan kabut. Saya merasa sedang berada di sebuah Negri di Atas Awan.

gunung-mas-18 gunung-mas-19 gunung-mas-20

Di salah satu rumah itulah kami beristirahat untuk melepas lelah dan sholat zuhur. Di sini pula kami menikmati sebungkus cilok terenak yang pernah saya makan, semangkuk mie rebus, dan secangkir teh putih panas hasil perkebunan teh gunung mas.


Perjalanan berlanjut, dan kami pun bersiap untuk kembali ke penatnya dan panasnya Ibukota tercinta, DKI Jakarta.


Kami pun sempat bernarsis ria dengan jas hujan kebanggaan kami. Sungguh berwarna. Kami tampak seperti para Hobbit. Tapi kalau dipikir-pikir kembali, kami pun tampak seperti para Teletubbies.

gunung-mas-35 gunung-mas-36 gunung-mas-26 gunung-mas-33 gunung-mas-32 gunung-mas-31