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Jungleland Adventure

Although it is called Jungle, it is not really a jungle, off course. Many often confuse between this jungleland in sentul and the other jungle in Bogor which is completely different. One is a theme park while the other is a water park.

Our adventure begins early in the morning. Me and my cousins joined my brother’s company gathering (thanks bro!) so it was absolutely free (happy me). At least, not until we arrived.

 It was full pack. We even parked in jungleland employees parking lot. So, we didn’t get the mandatory post in front of the jungleland’s globe because we entered through the employee’s gate. 

Inside, we were thrill, excited, and very aticipated. But, reality is almost always cruel than our hope. 

There were thousands peoples in bright blue clothes as far as we can see. My brother’s company gathering is not even close to the bluers. Much later on, we got information from the jungleland worker that there are also another company gathering. He made count and said, more than 9000 peoples in jungleland now.

Oh. my. God.

We are screwed.

All plans went through the air. Vanish. 

Many peoples only meant one thing though. A very long queque in each and every ride out there.

Did the fact made us backed off. Naaah. Whatever had to happen, so be it. 

We waited for almost one hour for each ride. And that made us afford only 6 rides from morning to afternoon. What an adventure it was.

Firstly, we rode an octopus. Not quite challenging, but quite okay.

Next, we met dinosaurs in a jurassic park vibe. Well, kind of. 

Okay, the ride make us giggling much since this is more appropriate for kids rather than us.

Next, we excitedly went to the ferris wheel.

The queque was unbelieveable so we skipped it first to ride the plane looks like. 

Off course, we had to wait, again for almost an hour. But, it was worth the wait. So freaking awesome ride.

Move forward, we wanted to play water related rides, high adrenalin rides, and off course a swing ride.

Much to our dissapointment, there were many rides did not operate. So, we decide to just capture the view around which was quite fun and stunning.

Lastly, right before we went home. We ride a water ship. The only kind of ride in Indonesia. As if we were in an ocean battlefield, we use water gun to shoot another ship. 

Love it, like pirates of carribean. As if I was Keira Knightley though.

Fortunately we went home after this. Because it made us all wet, literally. And just at the right time, rains started to pouring down, heavily.

Run run run run to the car. And that was how we ended our adventure in Jungleland.


Walk Around Bogor Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor)

Malam itu, kami mendadak berencana ke Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden). Keesokan harinya, kami pun bergegas mengejar kereta pagi menuju kota hujan, Bogor.

Sepanjang perjalanan dari Stasiun Sudimara hingga stasiun Bogor, saya habiskan untuk menikmati sepinya gerbong-gerbong kereta dari sesaknya manusia. Sesekali saya berseluncur di dunia maya untuk sekadar mencari tahu mengenai Kebun Raya Bogor (KRB). Saya pun terpaku pada salah satu website andalan saya mengenai Bogor, yaitu Lovely Bogor.

Sesampainya di kota Hujan, kami pun menyempatkan diri untuk sarapan sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan ke Kebun Raya Bogor. Sempat terpikir untuk mengikuti saran dari Lovely Bogor, yaitu berjalan kaki menuju pintu masuk kebun raya bogor sembari menikmati pemandangan dan gedung-gedung bersejarah di sepanjang perjalanan. Namun apa daya, terik matahari sungguh tidak bersahabat sehingga kami terpaksa naik angkutan umum.

Tak lama berselang, angkutan umum yang kami naiki tiba di pintu utama. Kesan pertama, “Waah, kapan ya saya dan keluarga terakhir kali mengunjungi tempat ini?” Tanpa mengingat jawaban atas pertanyaan saya itu, kami pun memasuki KRB dengan membayar tiket masuk sebesar 15 ribu per orang.

Memasuki KRB, saya pun menghirup udara sebanyak mungkin ke dalam paru-paru saya. Segarnya. Sejauh mata memandang, yang tampak hanyalah rimbunnya pepohonan yang menghijau.

What a lovely sight. Green scenery are everywhere.

Kalau Singapore punya Garden by the bays dan Singapore Botanic Garden, sementara Inggris punya Garden of England, maka Indonesia punya Bogor Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor) yang tidak kalah menarik, indah, dan penuh kenangan bersejarah. Hal itu bisa kita lihat dari usia KRB tahun ini yang menginjak usia 200 tahun.

WOW. Just WOW!

Berikut adalah sedikit dari banyak sudut-sudut indah di Kebun Raya Bogor.

Sesekali, kami pun mengabadikan keberadaan kami di KRB. Truly beautifully scenery. Dimulai dari Taman Meksiko di tengah KRB.

LAnjut ke sebuah jembatan yang tampak sepi dari lalu-lalang pengunjung. Ternyata jembatan merah nan cantik ini dikenal sebagai Jembatan Pemutus Cinta.

What a myth.

Terus berjalan dan berjalan lagi… Di dalam KRB juga terdapat Istana Presiden yang dikenal dengan nama Istana Bogor. Di kejauhan, tampak istana bogor berdiri dengan gagahnya.

Mengingat KRB ini sangat luas, sangat mudah bagi kita untuk tersesat. Tapi jangan takut, di sini terdapat banyak penanda jalan yang menunjukkan ke mana kita harus pergi.

Terakhir, this is from where I stand.


Ruler: Master of The Mask OST and BGM

Ruler: Master of the Mask or Emperor: Owner of the Mask is my latest watched drama. It is a drama I have been waiting for since a long time ago after both @wow_kimsohyun (as Han Ga Eun) and Yoo Seung Ho (as crown Prince Lee Sun) confirmed as the main leads.

Both were talented child actor/actress and consider young also successful in the Kdrama industry. In terms of acting, they are known as masters of melodrama who could portray emotional scene very well. Hence, both acting is not disappointing at all throughout the drama.

Their acting is a top notch. They don’t have to speak through words. Their eyes, facial expression, and gesture told us all. Not to mention, both visual are absolutely beautiful and handsome.

I also love almost all the supporting cast, be it a protagonist or antagonist. They have their own background story which unfortunately uncovered for only 20 episode drama. From a pitiful Lee Sun, a strong Hwa Goon, a hateful Dae Mok, a smart Woo Boo, a cool Chung Woon, funny Moo Ha, a badass Mae Chang, an irritating Tae Ho, a mysterious Gon, a cutie Kko Mool and many more.The story is kinda heavy, not typical lighthearted, romance, or melodrama that easy to digest as we watched. And this is not, a romance drama that circle on the 2 main leads only (like most of the drama nowadays).

This is a drama about the journey of a pure and innocent crown prince (Seja) to become a true king, a true ruler, a true emperor for his people. But, that is exactly what makes this drama interesting to watch and wait for. The angst is almost in every episodes that make me cringe at the end of it.

Eventhough many viewers comment about the plot hole or undeveloped character and many things, but it’s not enough to make me drop this drama halfway.

Despite of this drama controversy regarding the writing, the directing, also editing, I decide to enjoy the show till the end and support all of the cast and production team who have been working so hard for 7 month during 3 season. They all have done a seriously great job till the end.

After all, it is not an easy task to write, moreover, to write such a deep meaningful historical drama script for only 20 episode (as far as I watch this kind of historical drama, it always more than 20 episodes). And, trust me, the drama is amazing in the beginning, a little bit draggy in the middle, but it is getting better to the end with a satisfying ending.

The cinematography is beyond word, breathtakingly beautiful, especially if @wow_kimsohyun and  Yoo Seung Ho are in one frame, they are oozing with charming aura. So many scenes that look as beautiful as a painting, surreal. I can not even decide which I like best since it is too many.

The OST involve many artists and more than I expected. They were all good and ear catching and somehow connected to the emotion in each scene. Even the BGM and the sound effect are worth listening because they are very fit to every scene in the drama.  Kudos to the sound director and music director, which make me post the list here. My favorite are songs by Hwang Chi Yeol, K. Will, Hwan Hee, Kim Yeon Ji, and Suran.

Last, this is definitely one of my favorite historical drama, alongside The Moon that Embrace The Sun, Jewel in the palace, Jumong, and The Legend. This drama could have been more than all of those dramas. It have potential to be one. The story idea, the cast, the cinematography, the sound, the music, even the dialogues (lines) are consider high quality. If, just if, the story development is much better.

But hey, there is no perfect drama. A drama can not pleased every viewers. Furthermore, it is only 20 episode historical drama, which apparently is not enough. But one thing for sure. This drama definitely deserved awards.

1. Yang Yo Seob (BEAST) – Couldn’t cry because I’m a man (Ruler OST Part 1)

2. Yang Yo Seob (BEAST) – Couldn’t cry because I’m a man (inst.)

3. Bolbbalgan4 – You and me from the start (Ruler OST Part 2)

4. Bolbbalgan4 – You and me from the start (inst.)

5. Hwang Chi Yeol – Even A Little While (Ruler OST Part 3)

6. Hwang Chi Yeol – Even A Little While (inst.)

7. Kei (Lovelyz) – Star And Sun (Ruler OST Part 4)

8. Kei (Lovelyz) – Star And Sun (inst.)

9. Kim Yeon Ji – Between Seasons (Ruler OST Part 5)

10. Kim Yeon Ji – Between Seasons (inst.)

11. Kim Na Young – I’m OK (Ruler OST Part 6)

12. Kim Na Young – I’m OK (inst.)

13. Yang Yo Seob – Tree (Ruler OST Part 7)

14. Yang Yo Seob – Tree (inst.)

15. K. Will – The Person I Love (Ruler OST Part 8)

16. K. Will – The Person I Love (inst.)

17. Hwan Hee – Shine (Ruler OST Part 9)

18. Hwan Hee – Shine (inst.)

19. Seo Young Eun –  Flowing down my cheeks (Ruler OST Part 10)

20. Seo Young Eun –  Flowing down my cheeks (inst.)

21. Gavy NJ – Affection/ Love (Ruler  OST Part 11)

22. Gavy NJ – Affection/ Love (inst.)

23. Zia – Though I want you (Ruler OST Part 12)

24. Zia – Though I want you (inst.)

25. Kim Greem – One person (Ruler OST Part 13)

26. Kim Greem – One person (inst.)

27. L (INFINITE) – It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me•„ (Ruler OST Part 14)

28. L (INFINITE) – It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me•„ (inst.)

29. Suran – Water Orchid (Ruler OST Part 15)

30. Suran – Water Orchid (inst.)

31. Kim So Hyun – Can’t You Hear My Heart (Ruler OST Part 16)

32. Kim So Hyun – Can’t You Hear My Heart (inst.)

33. U Sung Eun – Hidden tears (Ruler Part 17)

34. U Sung Eun – Hidden tears (inst.)

35. Heo Young Saeng (SS301) –  Look at you (Ruler OST Part 18)

36. Heo Young Saeng (SS301) –  Look at you (inst.)


37. Han Ga Eun theme (Piano cover by Nickey Piano)

38. Princess’s sadness (piano cover by Nickey Piano)

39. Opening music

40. Be worried (BGM)

41. Sad (BGM)

42. V.A. – Monarch Main title (ins.)

43. V.A. – Anger Behind The Mask (inst.)

44. V.A. – Chaotic Tension (inst.)

45. V.A. – Battle for Blood (inst.)

46. V.A. – Toxic flower (inst.)

47. V.A. – Monarch Pizz Comic (inst.)

48. V.A. – Ga Eun Sonata (inst.)

49. V.A. – Destiny Waltz (inst.)

50. V.A. – Advance of the Monarch (inst.)

51. V.A. – Situation (inst.)

52. V.A. – Strong strike (inst.)

53. V.A. – The Beginning Of The Fate (inst.)

54. V.A. – Ramification (inst.)

55. V.A. – Decision (inst.)

56. V.A. – Bright mind (inst.)

57. V.A. – Rattle (inst.)

58. V.A. – Love of the Monarch (inst.)

59. V.A. – The space of secret (inst.)

60. V.A. – Longing (inst.)

61. V.A. – Conspiracy (inst.)


62. V.A. – Carrying out (inst.)

63. V.A. – Pain hearts (inst.)

64. V.A. – Kingdom’s gate (inst.)





Sejenak Menghampiri Baturraden

Masih dalam rangka libur lebaran, kami menghampiri lokawisata Baturraden walaupun hanya sejenak saja.

Sudah terlalu lama rasanya sejak saya menginjak Baturraden. Terakhir kali saya ke sini ketika saya masih SD bersama dengan keluarga besar H. Djayadih (keluarga almarhum Bapa). Saat itu, almarhum bapa dan almarhum kaka saya masih bersama kami.

Ketika akhirnya saya sampai ke tempat ini lagi, rasanya tak sabar dibalut dengan penasaran. “Seperti apa ya penampakan baturraden saat ini?” pikir saya.

Setelah melewati antrian panjang menuju pintu masuk, kami pun terpaksa memarkirkan mobil di sebuah Hotel mengingat hampir semua tempat parkir penuh, sampai-sampai bahu jalan pun digunakan sebagai area parkir. Kenapa? Karena waktu berkunjung bertepatan dengan libur lebaran yang berarti banyak pengunjung berdatangan dari berbagai daerah.

Kami pun berjalan menanjak menuju pintu masuk dengan pemandangan Gunung Slamet yang menjulang tinggi dengan gagahnya.

Sampai di pintu masuk, rasa tidak sabar dan penasaran tadi mulai terjawab. Ramai, kesan pertama saya.

Memasuki kawasan wisata baturraden, saya pun terkejut.

Wow! Just Wow!

Bukan karena tumpah ruahnya manusia, melainkan karena betapa banyak perubahan di tempat ini. Sungguh amat sangat teramat berubah.

 Baturraden yang begitu alami dalam ingatan saya, berubah menjadi lebih modern, family friendly, colorful, and instagramable. Bagus sih, tetapi bagi saya yang menyukai suasana alam nan alami, rasanya agak disayangkan. Saya sungguh lebih menyukai tampakan Baturraden yang terekam alami dalam memori masa kecil saya.Meskipun begitu, Baturraden tetap merupakan salah satu destinasi wisata alam yang patut dikunjungi. Terlebih bagi warga perkotaan yang merindukan kesejukan dan keindahan alam pegunungan.

Di Baturraden ini banyak sekali lokasi yang bisa dikunjungi. Mulai dari pancuran 1 sampai 7, jembatan putus cinta, kebun raya, water park, dan lainnya. Sayang sekali saya tidak bisa mengunjungi semua tempat tersebut karena keterbatasan waktu.

Menuju jembatan putus cinta. Ketika saya masih SD, jembatan ini masih berupa jembatan gantung. Namun, semenjak peristiwa putusnya jembatan ini, pihak pengelola akhirnya membangun jembatan permanen untuk menggantikan jembatan gantung.

Pemandangan Baturraden dari atas jembatan. Such a beauty.Lanjut ke pancuran 7. Untuk menuju pancuran 7 dibutuhkan waktu lebih dari sejam dengan perjalanan yang terus menanjak. Sayang sekali saya dan keluarga tidak sampai hingga ke pancuran 7 karena masih harus mengejar waktu untuk balik ke Jakarta.

Next time, I’ll make sure to comeback to Baturraden. From morning till noon and explore every inch of what Baturraden can offered.

Kenyataan Dibalik Indahnya Taman Wisata Air Panas Guci

Lesson learned! No visitation during Eid or long holiday. A really bad timing to visit the place. It turned out, what we expected is far from reality.

Masih dalam rangka libur lebaran. Dalam perjalanan pulang kembali ke Jakarta, kami meyempatkan mampir ke objek wisata yang belakangan ini sungguh terkenal dibicarakan di berbagai sosial media. Ribuan foto berlatar belakang tempat ini pun sudah bertebaran di jagad instagram

Indah. Tampak indah.

Setelah perjalanan yang cukup menguji nyali karena berkelok-kelok, naik turun, ditambah dengan ramainya kendaraan. Kami pun tiba di Taman Wisata Air Panas Guci, Tegal  yang tepat berada di kaki gunung Slamet, Jawa Tengah.

Kesan pertama, jalan menuju lokasi masih belum tertata rapi. Hal ini membuat saya tersenyum bahagia. Mengapa, berarti tempat ini masih alami, which is very good.

Memasuki lokasi, kami disambut dengan cukup banyaknya sampah berserakan di sepanjang jalan dan banyak pengunjung yang lalu-lalang.

Semakin jalan ke dalam, suasana alami semakin terasa. Tapi entah kenapa, ada perasaan tidak nyaman di hati kecil saya.

Kami pun mengikuti jalan di sepanjang pinggir sungai yang mengalirkan air panas. Sesampainya di taman wisata, tepatnya di jembatan gantung, saya pun semakin merasa tak nyaman.

Betapa tidak, di jembatan jelas-jelas tertulis jalan satu-satu dan agar tidak berlama-lama di jembatan. Kenyataannya, jembatan penuh sesak oleh pengunjung yang menyebrang, bahkan banyak di antara mereka yang sibuk ber-selfie, wefie, dan –fiefie lainnya.

I guess, rules are meant to be broken. And that safety just flew out of the window at time like this (means holiday).

Dari ujung jembatan, terlihat kolam pemandian air panas yang dipenuhi pengunjung. Dan perasaan tak nyaman semakin menggebu-gebu di dalam hati saya.

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my God.

So this is an uncomfortable feeling I feel along the way. It is so crowded. Overly crowded. Gosh! I got a sudden headache.

Lihatlah betapa ramainya taman wisata air panas Guci di kala libur panjang lebaran. Benar-benar waktu yang sangat tidak tepat untuk mengunjungi tempat ini.

Jangankan menikmati keindahan alam, untuk sekadar berjalan pun kesulitan. Seakan-akan saya sedang dalam antrian panjang untuk menonton konser atau bola.

Tidak hanya di jalan, tetapi juga di sungai air panas, di air terjun, di jembatan, di kolam pemandian, di tempat souvenir, di tempat makan, semuanya dipenuhi manusia. Lebih tepatnya, lautan manusia.

Saya pun merasa kasihan dengan kuda-kuda yang berada di lokasi. Sejatinya, mereka cukup sensitif dengan keramaian dan kebisingan. Namun, apalah daya mereka.

Belum lagi, sampah-sampah yang berserakan di jalan, di pinggir sungai, bahkan di aliran sungai. Tempat sampah yang disediakan sungguh sudah tidak mampu menampung sampah dari ribuan orang yang datang bersamaan pada saat itu.

Saya pun segera mengurungkan niat saya untuk berlama-lama di tempat ini. Meskipun begitu, saya sempatkan untuk mengabadikan momen ini bersama keluarga. Kapan lagi bisa melihat Guci dalam keadaan seperti ini. Jauh dari bayangan. Sungguh, kenyataan lebih kejam dari harapan.

Bye-bye Guci. I’ll make sure to visit you again during weekdays in the near future. No more visiting during long holiday for I can not witness your beauty.

Hujan pun tiba-tiba datang tanpa diundang. Lengkap sudah perjalanan saya di Guci. Kami pun melipir sejenak di warung untuk sekadar menikmati pop mie dan menanti hujan reda.

Indahnya Desa Tlaga Kecamatan Punggelan, Banjar Negara

Salak day! After more than an hour climb up a mountain like, definitely worth it. Happiness is having a family living in a mountain with a field of salak, avocado trees, bananas, and a pond full of fishes.


Dalam rangka Lebaran, kami sekeluarga mudik ke Banjar Negara. Saya pun menyempatkan diri untuk mengunjungi sanak keluarga yang rumahnya tidak jauh dari rumah mbah saya.

Jadilah saya dan keluarga mengunjungi rumah lilik (om/tante) yang katanya berada di pegunungan, bahkan hampir di puncak gunung. Tepatnya di desa Tlaga Kecamatan Punggelan.

Ditambah iming-iming memetik salak, makan salak sepuasnya, memetik alpukat, dan memancing ikan untuk kemudian dimasak. Wah, saya sangat excited.

Maklum saja, saudara yang sudah pernah ke sana selalu menceritakan betapa indahnya pemandangan dan betapa ‘mengerikan’nya perjalanan ke sana. Ditambah lagi dengan cerita bahwa Punggelan termasuk daerah yang rawan longsor.

Benar saja. Jalan yang berkelok-kelok, naik dan turun, dan bisa dibilang hanya cukup untuk 1,5 ukuran mobil saja harus kami lalui. Mereka bilang jalannya menyeramkan. Saya bilang, jalannya cukup menantang. Mereka sungguh harus mencoba jalanan menuju pantai pegadungan gigi hiu, pikir saya.

Sepanjang jalan, saya disuguhi dengan hijaunya pepohonan, segarnya udara pegunungan,dan keindahan alam sepanjang mata memandang.

Sesampainya di rumah lilik saya, kami pun langsung disuguhi salak, keripik salak, pisang, ikan goreng, dan sebagainya. Ternyata semua iming-iming itu benar adanya, bahkan lebih.

Sungguh nikmat berada di pedesaan. Untuk sementara, saya lupa akan kesibukan dan kemacetan di ibukota.


Chicago Typewriter OST and BGM

After survived from a challenging week, I reward myself by watching ongoing kdrama. Currently obsessed with Chicago Typewriter which is very underrated, IMHO. This drama is superb. It definitely will be one of the best drama in my list. So, please bare with me. I’m going to rant a lot over this drama.
At first, I was curious about Im Soo Jung (@soojunglim_) who comeback to dramaland after 13 years off. She is so great in I’m Sorry I Love You also …Ing and many other movies. Yoo Ah In (@hongsick) also draws my attention since he always play a challenging character, meaningful if I may say. Just look at his previous work such as Sungkyungkwan ScandalFashion King, Jang Ok Jung. There is also Go Kyung Pyo (@kopular) which left good impression on me after Flower Boy Next Door and Reply 1988.

After I watch the first few episodes. I realized it is such a great drama, an unpredictable one.

The storyline. It is mostly about life of a writer but they deliver it in a very interesting way. The idea of using past (Korea in 1930) and present time as setting for their story is something that I rarely seen in kdrama world. Since ‘writer’ is the big theme of the drama, they spoiled me with many book reference, writer reference, beautiful book cafe, inspiring book quotes, and last but not least, amazing privat library of writers. Me, as a bookworm myself, could not ask for more. Books is everywhere.

The cast. I was amazed on how @hongsick perfectly portrayed the eccentric brassy filthy rich writer #hansejoo in the present time and a mysterious poised #seohwiyoung in the past as if they were two character portrayed by 2 different actor. Not to mention the deep, genuine, and cutest bromance with his literally ‘ghost’writer @kopular . The love line with @soojunglim_ which is more than just ‘cheesy’ romance. Add with an eccentric, funny, and random editor played by the #goblin secretary. All I can say, they are the best cast for this drama. .

The OST. Oh my, TVN always provides great OSTs, including this one. All OST and background music are perfectly connect to the story. So far, my favorites is Satellite by SaltNPaper also one from SG.Wannabe.

Last, I love how they include mystery, writer issues, publishing issues, politic issues, world problem, pop culture, fashion, and art in this drama without too dramatize or exaggerate.

So here are some of the OST:

1. SALTNPAPER – Satellite

2. CeeLo – Better Late Than Never [episode 1, during Han Se Joo book fansign in Chicago)

3. Celine Dion – Power of love [episode 1, the scene when the dog run to Jeon Seol instead of Se Joo]

4. Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing [episode 2, music for dancing scene of the trio in Carpe Diem]

5. Nam In Su – Impressive days [episode 2, the song that the trio sing while walking together]

6. Ruth Etting – All of me [episode 3, the record that Shin Hyul played)

7. Blooming Memories – Baek Ye Rin [episode 3]

8. The Platters – Only you [episode 4, when Bang Jin met Yoo Jin Oh]

9.  Park Dan Ma – Wind [Episode 5, Su Yeon sang in Carpe Diem]

10. Park Dan Ma – Wind [Episode 5, Im Soo Jung Version]

11. Writing Our Stories – SG. Wannabe [ending episode 5]

12. Broccoli, you too – Unless give damage to others [episode 7, Se Joo and his editor at the cafe]

13. Be My Light – Kevin Oh [episode 7]

14. Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream [episode 8, when Jeon Seol and Tae Min in the café]

15. Boni Pueri (Czech Boy Choir) – Come with me

16. Boni Pueri (Czech Boy Choir) – Time walk

17. Various Artist – Remember The Novel We Wrote That Day (inst.)

18. Various Artist – Time Travel (inst.)

19. Various Artist – Main title (inst.)

20. Various Artist – Aim the Gun (inst.)

21. Various Artist – Han Se Ju and Jeon Seol theme (inst.)

22. Various Artist – Ghostwriter Yoo Jin Oh (inst.)