Support Children With Cancer: Shave For Hope 2013

Now I really wanted to share about a very precious moment from last week. Why I said precious, because I did something that I would not dare to do it, not even dare to think about it before.

Which is, to be bald.

I mean, as a woman, hair is like a crown, right? Couldn’t imagine how I looks like without it. And it all change because of charity event called SHAVE FOR HOPE.

Suddenly, courage rushed all over me. I decided to be bald. Not because of fashion, but because of a reason. And the reason is, I want to be part of people who support children with cancer.

I mean, if you want to be bald, then bald for a reason. And how is being bald, had anything to do with it? Well, it did. For each bald, money will be donated straight to YPKAI who will use the money to help children with cancer in Indonesia. So, I just went straight to Shave for Hope website and register myself.

Shave for Hope is the first and biggest charity event done through hair-shaving act in Indonesia. Everyone who participated has one exact purpose, to help and support childhood cancer. It is hoped that this event will raise both peopleā€™s awareness as well as highly valued funds.

The idea of Shave for Hope comes from the fact that the incidence rate of childhood cancer in Indonesia keeps increasing, where at the same time the awareness of people towards cancer keeps on decreasing. Statistics show that every year, more than 4100 new cases of childhood cancer arise (credit: shave for hope website)

How wonderful isn’t it. The fact that we could do something to our society, to the children, who will became our future. Furthermore, in an easy way. Some people might think it is just a small contribution.

But you know what, something big, first came from something small. And sometimes, being a hero doesn’t mean to do something big, but doing something small that will bring a big change in others life.

For me, I really have to say thank you to Shave for Hope, and to all beloved children who fight against cancer. Because all of you, give me the courage to be bald. Just to remind myself that kids should be smiling not fighting cancer.

And that being bald, especially because of the treatment for cancer is something that should not be scared of or embarassed about.

Being bald, doesn’t mean that you are ugly or different from others.

Being bald, means that you are brave enough, more than the others.

Just look at us! We are proud to be bald, and we are still as pretty and handsome as we are before. And for your info, there are people that became even more pretty and more handsome with their bald head.

So, I join Shave for hope in Jakarta, Gandaria City to be exact. I came at noon with my mother which turns out to be interested being a shavee and register herself on the spot.

We wait almost for one hour until our turn while listening to Delon singing and also the Nelwans. Then when it was our turn, we still have to line up. And it was a really really really long line for sure.

Here are what we do since arrived on the spot and finish it all almost at 9 pm.

  1. Register
  2. Sign a permission letter
  3. Got number
  4. Wait for our turn
  5. Lining up
  6. Took a picture in the booth
  7. Took a “before shave” picture
  8. Waiting in line again (thanks God it is not as long as before, because I’m wearing veil, so I had to shave in a special tent)
  9. Being shave by Johnny Andrean Salon crew (thank you for being so gently and quite neat)
  10. Lining up, again
  11. Took “after shave” picture (not really works for me, since I’m wearing veil. There is no different, except maybe for my veil is not as neat as before)
  12. Lining up, again
  13. Get the certificate and goodie bag

Lining up to take “before shavee” pic.

Somehow, me and mom felt relieve and so happy that we did it. Not even a shred feeling of regret.

Well, actually we did regret. That we did not encourage other family members to join us. But hey, we still have next year. I definitely will do it again.

And now, I’m officially a social angel.

Kadang menjadi pahlawan bukan dari tindakan besar,

namun dari tindakan kecil

yang dapat membuat sebuah perubahan bagi orang lain.”

While on the way home, heal the world sung by Michael Jackson started to play in my handphone playlist.