AYO Sehat Indonesiaku: Menjadi Bagian dari Rekor MURI Peserta Yoga Terbanyak

Kali ini, saya dan keluarga berkesempatan mengikuti kegiatan yang diprakarsai oleh AXA Mandiri. Dengan tema AYO Sehat Indonesiaku! AXA mengampanyekan gaya hidup sehat dikalangan masyarakat Indonesia. Salah satunya dengan cara berolahraga senam Yoga.

Tahun 2015 ini, Yoga serentak dilakukan di 3 kota, yaitu Jakarta (di pelataran Monas), Yogyakarta (di pelataran Candi Prambanan) dan di Bali (Tanah Lot). Kegiatan ini akan memecahkan Rekor MURI dengan peserta yoga terbanyak. Dan kami sekeluarga menjadi bagian dari Pemecahan Rekor MURI tersebut.

Tadinya sempat ragu-ragu untuk ikut mengingat saya pernah mendengar adanya Fatwa Haram yang dikeluarkan Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) terhadap Yoga. Tetapi, setelah saya tanya mbah gugel, ternyata saya ketemukan fakta ini:

Pada Tahun 2009:

Forum Ijtima Ulama Komisi III Fatwa Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) se-Indonesia III mengeluarkan fatwa yang terbagi dua mengenai yoga seperti halnya rokok. Hanya yoga yang mengandung meditasi, murni ritual, dan spiritual agama lain yang hukumnya haram bagi umat Islam.

“Fatwa tersebut dibutuhkan agar umat Islam tidak mencampuradukkan yang hak dengan yang batil,” kata Ketua MUI Pusat Ma’ruf Amin di Padangpanjang, Minggu (25/1). Namun, MUI juga mengeluarkan Fatwa bahwa yoga yang murni olahraga pernapasan untuk kepentingan kesehatan hukumnya mubah (boleh).

Menurut dia, landasan hukum atas fatwa MUI itu adalah Al Quran dalam surat Muhammad ayat 33 yang mengamanatkan orang Islam agar menaati Allah SWT dan Rasul, serta jangan merusak (pahala) amal-amal yang telah diperbuat. Ayat yang mengisyaratkan larangan mencampurkanadukkan yang hak dengan yang batil terdapat dalam Surat Al Baqarah ayat 42.

(sumber: nasional.kompas.com)

Pada Tahun 2014:

Bagi mereka yang muslim, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) mengingatkan soal fatwa yoga yang dikeluarkan pada 2009 lalu.

“Ini hasil ijtima ulama komisi fatwa se-Indonesia di Padang panjang Sumatera Barat 2009,” kata Sekretaris Komisi Fatwa MUI Asrorun Niam, Rabu (24/12/2014).

Menurut Niam, ada sejumlah keputusan terkait yoga yang ditelurkan dalam ijtima ulama itu, yakni:

1. Yoga yang murni ritual dan spiritual agama lain, hukum melakukannya bagi orang Islam adalah haram.
2. Yoga yang mengandung meditasi dan mantra atau spiritual dan ritual ajaran agama lain hukumnya haram, sebagai langkah preventif (sadd al-dzari’ah).
3. Yoga yang murni olahraga pernafasan untuk kepentingan kesehatan hukumnya mubah (boleh).

“Olahraga dianjurkan, tapi Umat Islam harus memegang kaidah agama,” tutup dia.

(sumber: news.detik.com)

So, karena saya dan keluarga senam yoga dengan niat MURNI hanya ingin berolahraga, maka saya tarik kesimpulan kalau Yoga dibolehkan alias TIDAK HARAM. Lalu, didaftarkanlah kami semua sama Dta.

Jujur, ini adalah kali pertama saya mengikuti senam Yoga yang sebenarnya. Beberapa kali pernah mengikuti secara otodidak saja, berbekal video dari Youtube atau sekadar gambar-gambar pose yoga.

Jadi, saya excited sekali untuk acara ini. Berangkat Jam 5 pagi dari Bintaro sampai di lokasi jam 6. Saya pikir sudah telat, ternyata masih sepi. Langsung saja kami registrasi dan mencari posisi paling yahud. Tapi tidak dibarisan paling depan mengingat saya masih peyoga amatiran.

yoga axa mandiri (8)yoga axa mandiri (9) yoga axa mandiri (12)Lucunya, sebelum mulai, para MC memberi kesempatan untuk berselfie, “1 2 3 selfieeee” ribuan peserta di 3 kota pun serentak taking selfie. Puas ber- selfie dan -wefie ria, Ronald sebagai MC pun mengingatkan untuk bersiap-siap.

And the Yoga begins!

We did many yoga poses, but only few that I remember the name of, such as down dog, tree, side plank, cobra, tortoise and apa lagi ya.

Kalau mau lihat videonya ada di bawah ini:

For the yoga poses, here are some of, I think.

At the end, we feel refreshed. Bagaimana tidak, kami ber yoga ria selama 1 jam tanpa henti. Secara pribadi, saya jatuh cinta sama olahraga ini.

Secara gerakannya dilakukan perlahan-lahan dan lebih seperti stretching, namun keringat dan rasa lelahnya bisa dibilang hampir sama seperti kita habis lari atau aerobik. So, I indeed love it!


Discovering Food in Market Museum: Surprise Kitchen Vol. 2 At Lippo Mall Kemang

For you who don’t know about Market Museum. It is Thematic market for young entrepreneurs!

And here I am, in their event called Surprise Kitchen Vol.2 at Lippo Mall Kemang. I have never been to Kemang Village  also to Market & Museum. So, when my dear cousin * Dta * told me about it and asked me to go with her * in the end, we went with our family. My uncle, aunty, and my mom * I was like, whoaaaa, so excited.

My first impression of this event was like. Oh My God. I’m so dead. RIP DIET * although I’m not really on diet * Can you imagine, food and drinks everywhere. Not just ordinary one. A cute, unique, luscious, yummy food all over the place. Deep down in my heart, I kept praying, “Dear God, phewlisss… don’t let my tummy be greedy today.” But hey, I can keep on prayer, but the reality has been really harsh to me. God know how much I gain more weight that day.

So, we started by taking our picture * off course we are. The social media are waiting for our upload. hehehe * Pose here and there. And then off we go.. to Discovering food * this is my former little student slogan every time she want to tried eating new food or drinks during Snack Time *

And the journey of discovering food begun. The crowd is amazing. They all craving for food and drinks * we are included *

(Photo credit: marketmuseum instagram)

We made a round trip first and marks which one we’re gonna try. We were like, “Aah that is so cute. Aah this one looks yummy. I want that one. This one too. How about that one over there? Let’s see that. Here, here too. Ooowhh Me, want it want it. Definitely going to buy that.” By the time we finished our trip, we can not decided which one we are going to buy first * hahaha *. So, we went outside to see what’s on the food truck. Although it is really not helping since they all sell food too * another hahaha, poor us *

Finally we decided to taste the sweet ice cream roll from zibbibo. The making process and the outlook of the end product really catch our eyes. Mine was vanilla ice cream with strawberry and peach while Dta’s was chocolate ice cream with ovomaltine. Yummy to the bone. Ice cream is always the best!

Next, we grabbed some soft, sweet, and luscious pannacotta from the jeyoux bakes.

Refreshing thai tea and coffee tea from addictea.

Healthy plant based milk, the almond milk from au lait.

Lidi with double spicy and cheese flavor from lidi geli.

Crunchy and yummy yakitori.

V-cone shape with vanilla and chocolate ice cream filling from the one and only seoul cane ice cream from yi.kon.

Mie yamin fresh from Baim Wong * he, himself, literally serve us with the yamin * mie & you. And there Dta, standing next to Pevita Pearce with Baim Wong serve the Yamin for both of them * wow, what a sight. Dta is as pretty as Pevita, if you ask me *

Delicious nachos tutup merah with salsa and cheese sauce.

End it with kebab from the kebab wagen food truck. Yumm…

And the journey end…

We leaved with happy tummy. Thank you Market Museum for hosting such an event. Will be waiting for your next event.




Indonesia Fashion Week 2015: D-Day

So, as I post before, I will share about my experiences throughout Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. Amazingly, for this 4 days event, I came 3 days in a row, day 1 until day 3.

Indonesia Fashion Week, Day 1

I am pretty much not enjoy it. Not because of the event, but mostly because I went there with a friend after our long working hours.

Not to mention, the venue was quite far from our office (or may I say school, since I am a teacher). Even when we took a cab and the traffic are quite friendly (it was bad, but not as bad as other day other hours).

The front gate of the venue. (photo credit: http://berita.maiwanews.com).

When we arrived, I was quite surprise, the venue is not as crowd as I imagined it would be. It indeed full of fashion people but exhibition hall and booth were quite spacious, which is good, so we can freely do a window shopping. I think it was due to the fact that it was a 1st day and already night time.

First thing to do was to find Hannie Hananto booth called Anemone to get our invitation for The Executive fashion show. Then we excitedly looked around.

Oh my gosh… speechless…

I was almost cry (too exagerated). Too many beautiful clothes, shoes, bag, jewellry, accesories, dress, abaya, veil, sandals and many more.

And most of them are LOCAL BRAND which means The Brands is Made In Indonesia. Can you imagine, the website did their justice by saying 700 more local brands joined this event.

The exhibition hall. Photo credit: http://www.satuharapan.com)

If you are a fashion lover, fashionista, fashion people, fashion blogger, or simply people who love to wear locals product then this is it. The most perfect event to attend.

You can spoils your eyes or even your closet at home with brands from newbie designer to very famous designer here in Indonesia. Just name it, Ivan Gunawan, Deden Siswanto, Poppy Darsono, Lulu Lutfilabibi, Dian Pelangi, Irna Mutiara and many more.

To add more, you can met themselves, THE Designer at their booth. Also you can just walk across lots of Fashion Blogger.

I, well, we could not take it any longer. We suddenly get dizzy (literally) after a few sightseeing, and trust me we just strolled for maybe an hour. Not because it was not to our liking, but it was because I couldn’t help myself, my heart, body, and soul to just grab them all and brought them all to my closet at home.

So, rather than stayed and strolled some more, we decided to go home and buried our desire deep inside. With a mission in mind, “I’ll BE BACK.”

Waiting For Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week is one of the event that I’ve been waiting for. Why? Because I love the main idea of this event which is to make Indonesia as one of the world’s center for fashion. Who knows maybe one day, Indonesia will be as Famous as France, Italy, America, or Japan in terms of fashion.

This event will features 2,522 outfits from 747 Indonesian and international brands (including from Japan, Korea, India, and Australia) and 32 fashion shows on two runways. Among Indonesia’s top designers showcasing their masterpieces are: Poppy Dharsono, Anne Avantie, Lenny Agustin, Bintang Mira, Itang Yunasz, and Ivan Gunawan.

This 4 days event will surely satisfied me. But, that can only happened if I attend the whole 4 days. Too bad, reality won’t let me. Got some works to do. Must collects some money to spent for this event. Well, at least, 2 days is on my plate. Hopefully enough to feed my passion in fashion.

Other than designer mention above, I actually eager to see some collections from Moslem Fashion designers, such as Hannie Hananto, Jenahara, Ria Miranda, Nuniek Mawardi, Missmarina, Vivi Zubedi, Rani Hatta, and my favorite one, Irna Mutiara.

Ria Miranda with her shabbychic style.


I wish to see their fashion show in 4 more days. But, I guess I have to be satisfied with only 2 shows from The Executive (Hannie HanantoJenahara Ria Miranda) and Irna Mutiara. Unfortunately I was late to get invitation for Moshaic by Itang Yunasz, Andalusia Belezza by Irna La Perle also L’officiel FASHION FIRST feat Ek Thongprasert, Lulu Lutfi Labibi, and etc. I guess, I just need to visit their booth to fullfill my eagerness.

Now, let’s count down to the D-Day. I’ll share my experience in this event right after it ended (hopefully the paperworks won’t be too pile up by the end of the week).

HighScope 5k Fun Run

Just a little throwback. Since I love some challenge. I was kind of excited when a friend asked me to join this highscope fun run.

At first, I was think, 5k? hm… could I get through the finish line. Well, I’m not as strong as I was. But hey, what is to be afraid of. Even my doctor told me to do some sports at least thrice a week, which I rarely done it.

Here is the route.

So, there we were, planned to run along the way. I convinced my cousin, Dhila, to join me.

Ok, dengan bermodalkan semangat 45. Saya yang pede bakal kuat lari 5k, secara setiap hari salah satu kerjaannya adalah berlari bersama balita, ternyata….

1 km pertama, saya dan dhila berlari dengan penuh semangat namun tidak terlalu cepat. Menuju km 2, napas mulai terengah-engah tapi semangat masih membara.

Sampai saya liat Dhila memperlambat larinya, ngos-ngosan, dan mulai memucat wajahnya. Ckckckckc, anak jaman sekarang, fisiknya tidak sekuat anak jaman dulu (FYI, dhila masih SMP). Wajah memutih, bibir mulai membiru, dan napas memburu.

Menuju km 3, kami putuskan untuk berhenti berlari daripada anak orang pingsan. Kamipun berjalan perlahan mengatur napas. Menuju km 4, kami tambah kecepatan kaki kami walaupun intinya masih jalan juga.

Menuju km 5, Semangat kembali membara, Dhila pun sudah jauh membaik, maka perlahan-lahan tapi  pasti, mulailah kami berlari menuju garis finish.

Finally, we did it! yeay!

And here she was, catches her breath after struggled for almost an hour. Well, at least she can smile now.