A Very Rare and Unforgettable Moment with Cheryl Polk, PhD. (President of HighScope Educational Research Foundation, USA)

20160816-cheryl polk (2)These past two days (August 15-16, 2016) was quite days for us, Highscope teacher in Sekolah Highscope Indonesia, TB. Simatupang. Why is it so? Because we have been visited by the one and only, Cheryl Polk, PhD. or as we called her Dr. Polk also Marianne. Dr. Polk is the President of Highscope Educational Research Foundation in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. While Marianne is one of the Director in the foundation.

Dr. Polk has a long record of success in translating research knowledge about the first five years of life into programs that address the continuum of young children’s needs, from high-quality childcare to mental health consultation and treatment. Most recently she served as the executive director of the Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund where her dual expertise in early childhood development and philanthropy advanced the creation of groundbreaking intervention programs for children exposed to community and interpersonal trauma. Dr. Polk was president of the board of directors of Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families and has been a board member of that organization for more than 10 years. [source: highscope.org]

We were so nervous but excited at the same time. Well, who won’t. It might be a chance once in a lifetime, to meet such a great and amazing person, even though I only knew her from the internet.

On the first day, I didn’t get a chance to meet them during our school hours. But after school, I had a chance to Meet and Greet with Marianne, Ibu Antarina SF. Amir, some owner of Sekolah Highscope in Indonesia, parents also some of colleagues from Preschool to Highschool level. What a very rare chance to be in there, especially for a preschool teacher like me.

On the second day, unpredictable of me, Dr. Polk, Marianne and also our ECEP team principal took a glimpse of our classroom, Grey Room.

Surprise. Nervous. Excited. Speechless. Worried.

All were my feeling at that time. Even though it only for a very short time. I really appreciated of her being in our classroom. Being in the same room and breathe the same air as her, lastly being in one frame with her, with them. How lucky I am.

Thank you for your visit. Hopefully, me and my partner will become as great as you, well, almost as great as you. Well, at least, being a great preschool teacher more than today.


Goodbye Peach Roomers, Hello Grey Roomers


Every ending is just another beginning.

Yes, the quote is very true. I am no longer a teacher for Peach Roomers, but the Grey Roomers instead. It is an ending between me and the Peach Room children, but just a beginning with Grey Room children.

In one side, I felt deeply sad. Leaving kiddos that have been with me for a whole year. They are part of me which will never be forgotten. They are my comfort zone until now.

In another side, I felt so excited. Working with new partner, getting to know new children, getting trust from new parents, and also being in the completely new and different atmosphere. I am happy. I really do. Moreover, I felt challenged.

Now, I kept the memories deep in my heart and mind, eager to make lots of new ones.

quote goodbye, hello

So now, let me bravely said to myself,

Goodbye Peach Roomers, Hello Grey Roomers…

Clean Up Day

June 26, 2015

It was the last day of school before my veeeery loooong holiday.

Since the kids already in their holiday, it was time for us to clean up all the mess left untouch during PC and Graduation * sumpah, kelas saya sudah seperti kapal pecah *

Aaah, it reminds me of my kids. During clean up, it is always fun. We sing, we dance, we move, we pretend, we cooperated to clean up together. But here I am, clean up almost all by myself * pfiiuh what a long day ahead. *

So then I sing to myself “what a wonderful world

Continue with:

Clean up clean up
Everybody everywhere
Clean up clean up
Everybody do your share

But then, I realized, there was no one else here but me, myself, I * except my partner which busy with other things *

But then, I realized again, I do love to clean up. I am a neat freak. Besides, there is even a hadith about cleanliness and neatness.

Kebersihan itu sebagian dari Iman

The Last Day of Peach Roomers

June 24, 2015

It was a happy but also gloomy day.

This is the last day of our school, before our long holiday and also the last day of Peach Roomers as a whole. Some of my kids will graduate tomorrow and move to K1 (elementary school). I have such a mixed feeling about it. I am so happy and look forward for the long holiday.

On the other hand, I felt sad because I won’t see my kids laughter for almost a month * their laughter and happy smile is my vitamins to get through the day * Not to mention, the graduates one will not be there, in Peach Room, by the time our holiday is over.


It was an exciting day.

Since it will be the first time we, Peach Roomers, played soccer with children’s dads. The dads are excited either do we. We played happily, running around and kicking the ball all around the mini soccer field.


It was a tiring and long day.

We had so many activities to do on that day. Since we played soccer in the morning and continue with practice for the Graduation Ceremony and Performance, conduct the last Parent Conference, and prepared for the Graduation (such as decorating etc.). We even break our fast on the hall while decorated and prepared things. I just leaved around 7 pm. The best part is, I was so sleepy since I could not bring myself to sleep the other night * must be because of the mixed feeling for saying goodbye with my kiddos *



An Accidentally Cut on The Lips

June 18, 2015

First day of Ramadhan, I was like, Oh My God, it is hurts, my lips are definitely hurt. I got into an accident and it split my lip open. It was swollen, dry also tends to crack and resplit frequently each and every time I move my mouth. And how am I going to shut my mouth out if it is the only way for me to make a living?

Seems impossible.

No, it is definitely impossible.

And now, while I’m fasting, I am fighting the urge to drinks lots of water just to keep it moist. And it is so frustrating. But, thinking that we are in Ramadan, I tend to be more patient to get through this.

Wondering how, I got into the accident. Here what happened not so far back then. Well, it was yesterday, actually.
Lips, oh my dear lips…

That day, was a beautiful and happy day just like any other day. I spent almost half of day with my lovely little children.

We were playing happily during Work Time, when suddenly; some kids were bouncing up and down on the chair and almost fell down and hurt each other. At first, I remind them to play safely * but I guess they were too excited * but then they kept doing what they were doing.

When one of them almost fell down and bump to each other, I was running as fast as I can tried to keep them save. And they did save. Unfortunately, a kid keep bouncing * even though I already catch him from falling * and “duaaaggh” bump his head to my lips.

I was shocked, because the collision was quite hard. Afraid that it will hurt his head * still, children will be my first priority * although I was crying inside * darn its hurt *

Later, some kids told me, “miss, you are bleeding.” Aaah, I can taste my own blood in my mouth. Okey, I got my upper lip cut and there is a big wound left in there. The kid who was collide with me looks a little bit afraid. He hid his face on the table. I was quite angry that time, not because I was hurt, but because they could be hurt.

I tried to solve the problems with them. We talked about the accident and how to play safely. The kid accidentally collides with me, still doesn’t want to look at me * I think, he was afraid that I would get angry at him. *

Then, I told him that I wasn’t angry at him. I reminded him to play safely and then assured him that my lips were fine. It could be healed in no time. He nodded and suddenly looks at me with his two bright eyes. He looks sorry for me, but he was not afraid anymore.

When I asked him to wash his hand (because it almost Snack Time), he told me, “sorry miss melly.” I just smiled at him and totally forgot about the cut on my lips. I don’t even had chance to get a treatment on it. But hey, as long as the kids is fine, then fine by me then. * just don’t let this happen again next time, please T_T *