10 Local (Indonesia) Accessories Brand to Step Up Your Outfit Game

[credit: antyk butyk]

[credit: antyk butyk]

I love accessories, especially the unique one. They add more colors to our outfit. They became a center of attention if we wore a simple plain outfit they become more like statement of our outfit.

Although there are so many brands out there, I prefer brands from local. Let’s just say that I support local. They have unique design, good quality, with reasonable price.

Here are some of local brands that I adore. Especially for their necklaces, which are wearable for me as hijaber. If you are looking for local accessories brand to step up your outfit game, they are some of the best out there.

Massicot by Amanda Matsuri and Ramdhan Muhammad

What I love about Massicot is that each pendulum (stone) does not have the same visual and it always one of a kind. It is a statement. It doesn’t matter if you wear a plain shirt, T-shirt, or even dress, because a piece of massicot accessories will definitely step up your plain outfit.

Schonmoi by Vedca Maria Orissa

What I really love about their necklaces are almost all of them made of wood. So it can pretty much called as part of ecofashion or sustainable fashion. The design also very unique. They are a little bit retro or vintage. So when you wanted to add some nice touch of vintage or retro style to step up your outfit game, Schon is one of the best choice out there.

Antyk butyk

All I could say about antyk butyk is not boring at all. Their accessories design or material often amazed me. The slight of culture can be see in each of their piece. You can look edgy, unique, funky, elegant, vintage, and feminine with one of their accessories in your outfit.

Environmental jewelry by Ega & Julia (EJ)

A jewelry brand which all their jewelry carefully handcrafted using dry rice grain. Yes, rice, the same rice that we used to see everyday and ate every single day. Some piece of rice add to your outfit will definitely step up your outfit game. Especially if you are a nature lover or looking for a sustainable jewelry.

Eden by sight by Jessica Saputro and Handy Yonathan

They were known for their natural gemstone in each of their accessories. Each of them are unique because of their raw nature. The design is simple and the gemstone that they use are colorful and pretty which make us look elegant.


If you want to look as pretty as if you are going to attend some tea party, just put on one of their accessories and you’ll definitely be center of attention. They really can mix kinds of rope with beads, shapes resin, or tassel into a beautiful and unique piece.

From Tiny Islands

Just like their brand name, they do look tiny and simple. Made mostly of silver and gold plated is perfect to add a statement to your outfit. If you are looking for an elegant yet not to eye catching, they are probably the best.

Atelier Pedra by Emiria Larasati

For edgy, classic, and elegant looks to step up your outfit game, Atelier Pedra offers a a simple yet detail accessories made of gold, silver, and stone. I love how simple their design look like.

Klar by Talita Natalia

A brand which use acrylic as their main material. Looks edgy, structured, and solid. They really did justice for their philosophy which is ‘a silent statement.’

Moth Jewellery

Their accessories is beyond unique. Color pencils, literally, on your plain, simple, or effortlessly outfit will mostly gain any attention out there. Not to mention, their unique and creative design. You’ll definitely want to have one of their accessories after you see them.


Dry Rice Grain Necklace from Environmental Jewelry

Suka banget sama brand satu ini. Unik dan ramah lingkungan. Bagaimana tidak, perhiasan yang mereka tawarkan terbuat dari butiran beras kering. Yup, beras. Sama seperti beras yang setiap hari kita makan.

20161007_065204As someone who graduated from Biology major and love fashion, I really  have a soft spot in my heart for a sustainable fashion, ecofashion, or  fashion with nature-based.

When I encountered this brand from one of fashion week event in Jakarta, I just fall in love at first sight. Environmental Jewelry, that what was written there. A jewelry brand which all their jewelry carefully handcrafted using dry rice grain. Yup, rice, the same rice that we used to see everyday, ate every single day.

Unique. Timeless. Interesting.

My first impression of their jewelry at the first sight. While thinking how pretty it will be to wear the necklaces, bracelets, or even rings. Unfortunately not the earrings since I wear hijab.

And they are, very uniquely pretty to wear. Pretty much as a statement add to any simple outfit. Now, they are one of my favorites.

Unique Necklaces by Schonmoi

Jatuh cinta sama aksesoris atau perhiasan dari merk local bernama Schonmoi or schon. Produk yang mereka tawarkan sangat unik. Pertama, sebagian besar terbuat dari kayu. kedua, model dan bentuknya bisa dibilang vintage atau retro. Jadi, kalau memang ingin bergaya oldies, retro or vintage, Schonmoi ini bisa jadi pilihan utama.

I like jewelry. But as a woman wearing veil, I can not wear as much or all kind of jewelry I want. Most of the time, I add jewelry such as long necklace, rings or bracelet that have uniqueness.

One of them is necklaces from a brand called Schon or Schonmoi. They focuses on the products of home décor, jewelry, accesories, and other fashion products. What I really love about their necklaces are almost all of them made of wood. So it can pretty much called as part of ecofashion.

Next, the design are unique. A little bit retro or vintage. So when you wanted to add some vintage or retro style on your daily wear or style, Schonmoi is one of the best choices out there.


Menanti Indonesia Fashion Week 2016: Reflection of Culture

Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2016 sudah di depan mata. Setelah penantian panjang selama kurang lebih setahun, akhirnya event yang ditunggu datang juga. Mengingat IFW 2015 sangat membekas bagi saya pribadi, tidak salah jika saya mengharapkan IFW 2016 akan jauh lebih baik lagi dari tahun sebelumnya.

IFW 2016 yang bertajuk Reflection of Culture akan digelar tanggal 10-13 maret 2016 di Jakarta Convention Center. Tahun ini, IFW akan mengedepankan budaya dan tradisi lokal yang menjadi dasar serta referensi desain.

“Harapannya, pada akhirnya kita semua akan mampu mengukir identitas kita di dunia fashion dengan mencerminkan kebudayaan kita sendiri,” tutur Poppy Dharsono seperti yang dilansir oleh  tempo.

Sebagai pecinta local brand, IFW 2016 ini merupakan event yang tepat untuk memuaskan semua keingintahuan kita terhadap local brand yang berkualitas dan tentu saja membeli barang-barang produksi lokal tersebut. Dan dari pengalaman saya pribadi, dijamin barang-barang tersebut sangat memuaskan.

Semoga IFW 2016 berjalan lancar dan semoga saya mendapat kesempatan untuk menyaksikan fashion show atau sekadar bertemu dengan desainer favorit saya, lebih dari kesempatan yang saya dapatkan di IFW tahun lalu.

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