Everyone is My Teacher


This quote, I first recognize it from @climbingbird instagram. And it is very true. This is how I feel. That I learn from anywhere, anytime, and any teacher. Not just from teacher I met at school, but everyone surround me. Whether I met them in person, observe from a far, or just know them online in digital world. So, then I bow deeply in gratitude for all of my teachers.


How to Educate Young Learners to Love Our Nature

Nature is part of life that couldn’t be forgotten. Since we were born to this world, we already live with it. There should be balance between nature and modernization. Which, it seems, some of us might have been forgotten or perhaps, just ignore it.

I, myself, could not imagine how my life would be without natural things surround me. How my life would be, with only buildings, vehicle, machine, and else surrounds. I don’t even want to imagine it, because nature is part of me. Breathe fresh air, while looking at the clear sky, surrounds by the green trees, and feel the wind breeze is such a luxury. These kind of feeling which I want to past down to my great great great grandchild in the future.

So, the most important things to do now is, educate young learners about how to love and take care our nature. And how will I ever do that? Will they understand if I teach them? Well, I hardly believe that they will. The word ‘nature’ itself is not quite understandable for them. But, I do remember that they learn using their five senses. They see, hear, smell, touch, and taste it. They might not understand it yet, but they unconsciously construct knowledge about it inside their mind. Hopefully, later, they will love our nature and took care of it.

So, I think, I just need to expose them with natural things as much as possible. Let them engage with it during their everyday life. I did it, most of the time with my student during our play in outside. We observe the plant, watering the plant, look at the sky, the clouds, touch the sand, soil, feel the wind, and smell leaves or flower.

We also expose them with animals, lot kinds of animals. From the tiny caterpillars, pets,  snakes to baby crocodiles. What do you think they would react to all these animals? Scared, doesn’t want to get near of it even touch it? Nope, that is not the way they would react, not for my student. Although they was a bit afraid at first (which that is the time for me to encourage them to not be scared), at the end, they love it, and keep talking about it on the next day.

They explore the morphology by touch the skin, feel the texture of it, and observe the body parts. They also listen to our explanation about how they live, what they eat, and where could we find them. At the end of the day, lets hope that these memory and knowledge will last forever. That someday in the future, they will show more respect  and love to nature more than their former does.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children. So, it’s time for us to keep reminding ourselves to love and take care of our earth for our children’s sake.