Clean Up Day

June 26, 2015

It was the last day of school before my veeeery loooong holiday.

Since the kids already in their holiday, it was time for us to clean up all the mess left untouch during PC and Graduation * sumpah, kelas saya sudah seperti kapal pecah *

Aaah, it reminds me of my kids. During clean up, it is always fun. We sing, we dance, we move, we pretend, we cooperated to clean up together. But here I am, clean up almost all by myself * pfiiuh what a long day ahead. *

So then I sing to myself “what a wonderful world

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Clean up clean up
Everybody everywhere
Clean up clean up
Everybody do your share

But then, I realized, there was no one else here but me, myself, I * except my partner which busy with other things *

But then, I realized again, I do love to clean up. I am a neat freak. Besides, there is even a hadith about cleanliness and neatness.

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