25 Unusual Unique Bracelet in My Must-have List

Some of you might already find out that I am so into bracelet * sorry for many post about bracelet, just can’t help it * It doesn’t mean that I don’t like other accessories, I do like all kinds of accessories, but bracelet fits me more.

There are so many beautiful bracelets out there. But these 25 bracelets are in my most wanted list because they are so unique. They are very stands out. Some might thought it’s weird. But some of them might be love by my little student 🙂

1. Car Bracelet

car braceletthe-original-car-bracelet

This bracelet are surely unique, one of a kind. Would love to try to wear it. And if I do, I’m sure everyone will pay their attention on me. Think that I’m weird or just unique. One thing for sure, my little student definitely will love it. They might pull one of the car to be played.

2. Xcontroller bracelet


This one is so cool. A gamer should have one of this thinking to give it to my bro I am not a true gamer, at least not as much as my brother, but really want this.

3. Nut bracelet

uuuHolbrooke-Noir-Gold-Double-Wrap-Bracelet  145046DIYHexNutBracelet049_zps958008d7

Isn’t it pretty. Nuts that always hidden in the deep of our house or maybe a warehouse can turn into such a beautiful bracelet.

4. Measuring Tape Bracelet

measuring-tape-bracelet DSC09540 tape measure bracelet pinktape-measure-bracelet1

Never even crossed my mind to make a bracelet out of measuring tape or metrics. If it crossed my mind back then, my mom measuring tape will not survive. I’ll probably snatched it away, cut it and made into one of these bracelet.


5. Lego Bracelet

10299904_885358728156856_1254942527_a 10472069_769556163096654_2036146692_n b4560e80b10c11e391f71261a0fce088_8ll il_340x270.468641572_rt4f

Oh my, I just made my own lego bracelet and I love it. It quite unique and funky. Every time I wore it, I feel like some people took a glance of my wrist. I guess they wondered where I get that from. This lego bracelet is definitely suited for legos lovers out there. Oh, I love those series of bracelet with star wars theme. reminds me of my little student, gabriel who reaaaaaaly love star wars.

6. Popsicle bracelet


This colorful bracelet made of popsickle stick. but we have to covered it or decorated with anything we like. I personally like it colorful just like the picture.

7. Zipper bracelet

rainbow-vintage-zipper-slide-bracelet kkkil_570xN.360703188_nv40

These are one of unique bracelet I can not get over with. Have one of the bracelet and wear it one day to school. Children are kept asking me, why there were zippers in my wrist.

8. Keyboard key bracelet

geek_braceletil_570xN.170120323 660fe0d1a67f0394e7bd69f8578c334d.image.400x400

I definitely would love to make one of this or maybe buy it. It’s like a statement that I am a geek. But love the idea, use the keys from the broken keyboards as bracelet rather than just throw it to the trash bin. It kinda cool too, for I am computer lover hehehe.

9. Bottle caps bracelet


Bottle caps? the edge is a little bit sharp don’t you think? It’s not safe for kids but safe for me. Love to have one started to collect some bottle caps from no onwards

10. Buttons bracelet

1111pearl-button-charm-bracelet-grey il_430xN.33638662

Buttons. I love buttons. Since my mom is my private tailor at least now so I befriends with buttons a lot. Attempted to make a bracelet with some of them, just a simple one. Now, I want those bracelet in the pics. So cute.

11. Bullets bracelet

bullet braceletvirginia-vivier-bullet-crystal-bracelet-400x339 bullet5_1 AAAAC44hCNYAAAAAATjomQ


Woooow. They are bullets. Some of them are silver bullets have it on your wrist then you don’t have to be afraid of vampires LOL

12. Resistor bracelet


Ahhh, even resistor can be a bracelet. What an idea. Its a perfect idea since the resistor itself have so many different colors and patterns.

13. Planet charms bracelet


It’s actually just a charm bracelet. But what unique about it is the charm itself. They are planets in our galaxy. Wear them, then you have the entire galaxy in your wrist. How cool is that sound.

14. Safety Pin bracelet

DIY-Gold-Sequins-Safety-Pin-Chain-Bracelet7Birch Bracelet

For me as hijabers, safety pins are very important things. It keeps my hijab/ veil stay on its place. So, having them as bracelet is kinds of good idea. they are pretty in our wrist and also can help us if we suddenly needs the pin throughout the day.

15. Motherboard PCB bracelet

Motherboard PCB Braceletxdiy-electronic-bracelet.jpeg.pagespeed.ic._q7RrzBQnk

Whaaat!!! Motherboard PCB and other electronic things from our computer? Very cool man, very cool…

16. Color pencil/ pencil/ crayon bracelet

???????????????????????????????unique-bracelet full_IMG_4726_-_Copy__2__1257875769 productimage-picture-pencil-bracelet-5272

Cutie bracelet. Colorful and unique. A litle bit hard to make it, but then what is online store for 🙂

17. Abacus bracelet

DIY Abacus Bracelet via Instructables[4]

Okay, this is perfect for me. Since I’m not really into mathematics. How I wish i had this bracelet during my elementary school. where I still learn how to count things. It will be a lot easier then.

18. LV bow bracelet


This is one of my wishlist and still a wish. I can not afford to buy this now. Even if I am, I don’t think I’ll use my money for it, yet. In love with the color and design. For once, looks like a belt or a pet tie. Imagine how it looks like in my wrist started dreaming

19. Steel bicycle chain bracelet


What should I say, A bicycle chain in my wrist. Manly, am I?

20. Make up kit bracelet

Rainbow makeup bracelet  cb5da7_6ce0d63a0c9445528e7439f492ede9b3.jpg_srz_260_290_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIMG_0861

This is what woman needs. It’s not ‘harmful’ to have one of this. It could be our savior, like a first aid kit during a date, maybe.

21. Pop Tab Bracelet

top can recycledpoptab_bracelet_1

recycle jewelry 035img_3768




Start right now, lets grab some drink, in a can off course and keep the pop tab shall we.

22. Newspaper bracelet


Ok, it is very unique. Just remember not to jump into the water while wearing this.

23. Piano keys bracelet


Cuteeee. I can imagine wearing this and also wearing a totebag with piano keys picture on it. If only I’m a pianist :p Oh, it reminds me of a dorama and also anime “Nodame Contabile”

24. Wood bracelet


Love it to the max. Very earthy and natural. Simple.

25. Personalized rice grain bracelet

SIlver-Diamond-Bracelet-CHARITY-920x864 2012-04-06 14.01.15

I want these bracelet. I wonder what word should be written on the rice grain that perfectly suits me hmmmmm….thinking