Mr. Sunshine OST (Ongoing)

It is a much anticipated Korean drama for this year. As we all know, the writer (Kim Eun Sook) of this drama is very well known as a hit maker. All of her drama will have a high rating worldwide. Let me repeat, worldwide.

Just named it, Secret Garden, The Heirs, Descendant of the sun, and the latest one is Goblin. All of them have different plot, different setting, different genre etc. But all of them was high rating dramas and incredulously famous in Korea also abroad.

So, when the news about Mr. Sunshine came out, everybody is curious and really anticipating of the drama. Not to mention, the director also known for his great directing.

It was still in episode 2, but I really like it. Somehow, it reminds me of Chicago Typewriter which I love it to the bone. Same like Chicago Typewriter, the idea of a heroine with strong character is always great to watch. I have soft spot for this kind of dramas.

As expected, as a fully pre-produced drama, the cinematography and editing is a top notch. It was like watching some kind of movie instead of an episode of drama. The acting of the lead male is no doubt, off course amazing as always.

The only thing that bothers me is the story. I hardly understand the story since it related to Korean history. I need to watch it more than once to fully understand the story line. Not recommended for dram a lovers who only like a light and simple drama.

And what I like the most from most of her dramas is their original soundtrack (OST). Most of them are amazing song and instrumental music that really fit for the drama, for each and every scene.

I am still in love with the other 3 drama OST that I mention above. I definitely cannot wait to hear the 4th one from this new ‘masterpiece’ of her.

And, then there it is, a first OST from Park Hyo Shin’s voice which is a really great, powerful, and beautiful song. Oh my, I love his voice ever since he sings Snowflower as OST for winter sonata.

Now, let’s start with the OST list:

1. Park Hyo Shin – The Day




Ruler: Master of The Mask OST and BGM

Ruler: Master of the Mask or Emperor: Owner of the Mask is my latest watched drama. It is a drama I have been waiting for since a long time ago after both @wow_kimsohyun (as Han Ga Eun) and Yoo Seung Ho (as crown Prince Lee Sun) confirmed as the main leads.

Both were talented child actor/actress and consider young also successful in the Kdrama industry. In terms of acting, they are known as masters of melodrama who could portray emotional scene very well. Hence, both acting is not disappointing at all throughout the drama.

Their acting is a top notch. They don’t have to speak through words. Their eyes, facial expression, and gesture told us all. Not to mention, both visual are absolutely beautiful and handsome.

I also love almost all the supporting cast, be it a protagonist or antagonist. They have their own background story which unfortunately uncovered for only 20 episode drama. From a pitiful Lee Sun, a strong Hwa Goon, a hateful Dae Mok, a smart Woo Boo, a cool Chung Woon, funny Moo Ha, a badass Mae Chang, an irritating Tae Ho, a mysterious Gon, a cutie Kko Mool and many more.The story is kinda heavy, not typical lighthearted, romance, or melodrama that easy to digest as we watched. And this is not, a romance drama that circle on the 2 main leads only (like most of the drama nowadays).

This is a drama about the journey of a pure and innocent crown prince (Seja) to become a true king, a true ruler, a true emperor for his people. But, that is exactly what makes this drama interesting to watch and wait for. The angst is almost in every episodes that make me cringe at the end of it.

Eventhough many viewers comment about the plot hole or undeveloped character and many things, but it’s not enough to make me drop this drama halfway.

Despite of this drama controversy regarding the writing, the directing, also editing, I decide to enjoy the show till the end and support all of the cast and production team who have been working so hard for 7 month during 3 season. They all have done a seriously great job till the end.

After all, it is not an easy task to write, moreover, to write such a deep meaningful historical drama script for only 20 episode (as far as I watch this kind of historical drama, it always more than 20 episodes). And, trust me, the drama is amazing in the beginning, a little bit draggy in the middle, but it is getting better to the end with a satisfying ending.

The cinematography is beyond word, breathtakingly beautiful, especially if @wow_kimsohyun and  Yoo Seung Ho are in one frame, they are oozing with charming aura. So many scenes that look as beautiful as a painting, surreal. I can not even decide which I like best since it is too many.

The OST involve many artists and more than I expected. They were all good and ear catching and somehow connected to the emotion in each scene. Even the BGM and the sound effect are worth listening because they are very fit to every scene in the drama.  Kudos to the sound director and music director, which make me post the list here. My favorite are songs by Hwang Chi Yeol, K. Will, Hwan Hee, Kim Yeon Ji, and Suran.

Last, this is definitely one of my favorite historical drama, alongside The Moon that Embrace The Sun, Jewel in the palace, Jumong, and The Legend. This drama could have been more than all of those dramas. It have potential to be one. The story idea, the cast, the cinematography, the sound, the music, even the dialogues (lines) are consider high quality. If, just if, the story development is much better.

But hey, there is no perfect drama. A drama can not pleased every viewers. Furthermore, it is only 20 episode historical drama, which apparently is not enough. But one thing for sure. This drama definitely deserved awards.

1. Yang Yo Seob (BEAST) – Couldn’t cry because I’m a man (Ruler OST Part 1)

2. Yang Yo Seob (BEAST) – Couldn’t cry because I’m a man (inst.)

3. Bolbbalgan4 – You and me from the start (Ruler OST Part 2)

4. Bolbbalgan4 – You and me from the start (inst.)

5. Hwang Chi Yeol – Even A Little While (Ruler OST Part 3)

6. Hwang Chi Yeol – Even A Little While (inst.)

7. Kei (Lovelyz) – Star And Sun (Ruler OST Part 4)

8. Kei (Lovelyz) – Star And Sun (inst.)

9. Kim Yeon Ji – Between Seasons (Ruler OST Part 5)

10. Kim Yeon Ji – Between Seasons (inst.)

11. Kim Na Young – I’m OK (Ruler OST Part 6)

12. Kim Na Young – I’m OK (inst.)

13. Yang Yo Seob – Tree (Ruler OST Part 7)

14. Yang Yo Seob – Tree (inst.)

15. K. Will – The Person I Love (Ruler OST Part 8)

16. K. Will – The Person I Love (inst.)

17. Hwan Hee – Shine (Ruler OST Part 9)

18. Hwan Hee – Shine (inst.)

19. Seo Young Eun –  Flowing down my cheeks (Ruler OST Part 10)

20. Seo Young Eun –  Flowing down my cheeks (inst.)

21. Gavy NJ – Affection/ Love (Ruler  OST Part 11)

22. Gavy NJ – Affection/ Love (inst.)

23. Zia – Though I want you (Ruler OST Part 12)

24. Zia – Though I want you (inst.)

25. Kim Greem – One person (Ruler OST Part 13)

26. Kim Greem – One person (inst.)

27. L (INFINITE) – It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me•„ (Ruler OST Part 14)

28. L (INFINITE) – It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me•„ (inst.)

29. Suran – Water Orchid (Ruler OST Part 15)

30. Suran – Water Orchid (inst.)

31. Kim So Hyun – Can’t You Hear My Heart (Ruler OST Part 16)

32. Kim So Hyun – Can’t You Hear My Heart (inst.)

33. U Sung Eun – Hidden tears (Ruler Part 17)

34. U Sung Eun – Hidden tears (inst.)

35. Heo Young Saeng (SS301) –  Look at you (Ruler OST Part 18)

36. Heo Young Saeng (SS301) –  Look at you (inst.)


37. Han Ga Eun theme (Piano cover by Nickey Piano)

38. Princess’s sadness (piano cover by Nickey Piano)

39. Opening music

40. Be worried (BGM)

41. Sad (BGM)

42. V.A. – Monarch Main title (ins.)

43. V.A. – Anger Behind The Mask (inst.)

44. V.A. – Chaotic Tension (inst.)

45. V.A. – Battle for Blood (inst.)

46. V.A. – Toxic flower (inst.)

47. V.A. – Monarch Pizz Comic (inst.)

48. V.A. – Ga Eun Sonata (inst.)

49. V.A. – Destiny Waltz (inst.)

50. V.A. – Advance of the Monarch (inst.)

51. V.A. – Situation (inst.)

52. V.A. – Strong strike (inst.)

53. V.A. – The Beginning Of The Fate (inst.)

54. V.A. – Ramification (inst.)

55. V.A. – Decision (inst.)

56. V.A. – Bright mind (inst.)

57. V.A. – Rattle (inst.)

58. V.A. – Love of the Monarch (inst.)

59. V.A. – The space of secret (inst.)

60. V.A. – Longing (inst.)

61. V.A. – Conspiracy (inst.)


62. V.A. – Carrying out (inst.)

63. V.A. – Pain hearts (inst.)

64. V.A. – Kingdom’s gate (inst.)





Chicago Typewriter OST and BGM

After survived from a challenging week, I reward myself by watching ongoing kdrama. Currently obsessed with Chicago Typewriter which is very underrated, IMHO. This drama is superb. It definitely will be one of the best drama in my list. So, please bare with me. I’m going to rant a lot over this drama.
At first, I was curious about Im Soo Jung (@soojunglim_) who comeback to dramaland after 13 years off. She is so great in I’m Sorry I Love You also …Ing and many other movies. Yoo Ah In (@hongsick) also draws my attention since he always play a challenging character, meaningful if I may say. Just look at his previous work such as Sungkyungkwan ScandalFashion King, Jang Ok Jung. There is also Go Kyung Pyo (@kopular) which left good impression on me after Flower Boy Next Door and Reply 1988.

After I watch the first few episodes. I realized it is such a great drama, an unpredictable one.

The storyline. It is mostly about life of a writer but they deliver it in a very interesting way. The idea of using past (Korea in 1930) and present time as setting for their story is something that I rarely seen in kdrama world. Since ‘writer’ is the big theme of the drama, they spoiled me with many book reference, writer reference, beautiful book cafe, inspiring book quotes, and last but not least, amazing privat library of writers. Me, as a bookworm myself, could not ask for more. Books is everywhere.

The cast. I was amazed on how @hongsick perfectly portrayed the eccentric brassy filthy rich writer #hansejoo in the present time and a mysterious poised #seohwiyoung in the past as if they were two character portrayed by 2 different actor. Not to mention the deep, genuine, and cutest bromance with his literally ‘ghost’writer @kopular . The love line with @soojunglim_ which is more than just ‘cheesy’ romance. Add with an eccentric, funny, and random editor played by the #goblin secretary. All I can say, they are the best cast for this drama. .

The OST. Oh my, TVN always provides great OSTs, including this one. All OST and background music are perfectly connect to the story. So far, my favorites is Satellite by SaltNPaper also one from SG.Wannabe.

Last, I love how they include mystery, writer issues, publishing issues, politic issues, world problem, pop culture, fashion, and art in this drama without too dramatize or exaggerate.

So here are some of the OST:

1. SALTNPAPER – Satellite

2. CeeLo – Better Late Than Never [episode 1, during Han Se Joo book fansign in Chicago)

3. Celine Dion – Power of love [episode 1, the scene when the dog run to Jeon Seol instead of Se Joo]

4. Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing [episode 2, music for dancing scene of the trio in Carpe Diem]

5. Nam In Su – Impressive days [episode 2, the song that the trio sing while walking together]

6. Ruth Etting – All of me [episode 3, the record that Shin Hyul played)

7. Blooming Memories – Baek Ye Rin [episode 3]

8. The Platters – Only you [episode 4, when Bang Jin met Yoo Jin Oh]

9.  Park Dan Ma – Wind [Episode 5, Su Yeon sang in Carpe Diem]

10. Park Dan Ma – Wind [Episode 5, Im Soo Jung Version]

11. Writing Our Stories – SG. Wannabe [ending episode 5]

12. Broccoli, you too – Unless give damage to others [episode 7, Se Joo and his editor at the cafe]

13. Be My Light – Kevin Oh [episode 7]

14. Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream [episode 8, when Jeon Seol and Tae Min in the café]

15. Boni Pueri (Czech Boy Choir) – Come with me

16. Boni Pueri (Czech Boy Choir) – Time walk

17. Various Artist – Remember The Novel We Wrote That Day (inst.)

18. Various Artist – Time Travel (inst.)

19. Various Artist – Main title (inst.)

20. Various Artist – Aim the Gun (inst.)

21. Various Artist – Han Se Ju and Jeon Seol theme (inst.)

22. Various Artist – Ghostwriter Yoo Jin Oh (inst.)




The K2 Kdrama OST

After being hiatus from kdrama world (the last one was Doctors), I decided to take a peek of currently airing kdrama. Then I bumped into this one drama from TVN called The K2. As always, TVN made always made a great drama (eventhough the ending not always as we wanted to be). Named it, Cheese In The Trap, Reply series, Signal, Another Oh Hae Young, Let’s Fight Ghost, Dear My Friends, Cinderella and Four Knights, Oh My Ghost, Let’s Eat, Misaeng, Flower Boy next Door, and Queen In Hyun’s man.

I’ve been hearing about this drama even before the drama airing. I was kinda interested because I heard Ji Chang Wook will be in it, the genre is action, and the writer is the same as the Yong Pal’s. Furthermore it will be in TVN. So yes, I’m in.

the-k2-korean-drama-2016-posterI finally watched it when it already in episode 6. So far, I like it. It just a matter of preferences. Many viewer don’t like it because of Yoona’s (SNSD) acting. But for me, she is not bad for an Idol Actress. In fact, she is much better. She is improving a lot (trust me, I’ve watched all of her dramas back then) in terms of acting. So I’m gonna give her credit for her role as Anna.

k2As for other cast, they are great. Loving the action scene and an intense conversation between the cast. Also loving a shred of comedy from Anna’s bodyguard. The truth is, I like the story line, unpredictable. I don’t know who is the true culprit as I think that every one in the drama could be the one. Have to watched it till the end to know about it then. And I did. Love this drama to the bone. Great cast, great act, great action, great plot, and great ending.

Now, talking about kdrama always involve its original soundtrack (OST). Since it is TVN, I am fond of the OST. Most of OST from TVN’s dramas never dissapoint me. Including The K2 drama which I am currently watching, now. Awesome OST, if I may say.

1. Kim Bo Hyung (Spica) – Today [OST Part 1]

2. Kim Bo Hyung (Spica) – Today [OST Part 1 instrumental]

3. Yoo Sung Eun – Sometimes [OST Part 2]

4. Yoo Sung Eun – Sometimes [OST Part 2, instrumental]

5. Yoona – Amazing Grace [episode 6 at the church, OST Part 2]

6. Min Kyunghoon – Love you [OST Part 4]

7. Min Kyunghoon – Love you [OST Part 4, instrumental]

8. Fight Theme scene of ji Chang Wook

9. Kevin Oh – Baby Blue [episode 8 at the cafe when a girl wrote in her SNS to look for the ‘angel’]

10. Frankie Valli – Can’t take my eyes of you [episode 5, Ramen couple, when Anna enjoy her ramen prepared by Je Ha]

11. The K2 Ep 12 – My Angel

12. Park Kwang Sun – As time stop by [OST Part 5]

13. Yang Sun Mi – Wolf’s Song [Track 12, episode 9 when Jeha and Anna play catch on the beach]

14. Yang Sun Mi – Wolf’s Knight [Track 10, episode ]

15. Various Artist – The Witch and The Girl [Track 8, episode ]

16. Yang Sun Mi – Anemone (Female Version) [Track 20, episode 15 when Jeha leave Yoo Jin and Cloud 9]

17. Various Artist – Anemone (Male Version) [Track 7, episode ]

18. Kim Min Young – The Witch Advice [Track 15, episode ]

19. Yang Sun Mi – Mirror Mirror [Track 9, episode ]

20. Various Artist – Quando Corpus Morietur [Track 11, episode ]

21. Various Artist – Witching Hour [Track 14, episode ]

22. Various Artist – Der Rosenkavalier [Track 16, episode ]

23. Various Artist – Against The Odds [Track 17, episode ]

24. Various Artist – A Queen of Forest [Track 18, episode ]

25. Various Artist – Anna’s Appassionata [Track 19, episode ]

26. Yang Sun Mi – Serenade [Track 13, episode ]

27. various Artist – The K2 main theme [track 1, Jeha fighting scene ]


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Another Oh Hae Young List of OST and BGM

Another Oh Hae Young 1

Not long ago, I decided to give a break with TVN dramas because of one hell of rollercoaster and  a bit painful journey with their dramas, such as Reply 1988 and Cheese In The Trap. Actually, they are very good dramas, very very good indeed. It just somehow, along the way, there were so many things involved that make me think, “Aaah too bad, it could have been a great dramas ever.”

Anyway, I guess that just me being disappointed and hard to move on. Since I heard that Eric Mun comeback to kdramaland with Seo Hyun Jin, I really anticipate for it. I’ve known him since he is in Shinhwa and fell in love more when he play Super Rookie alongside Han Ga In. So, I can’t not really wait. But then, it will be in TVN. Darn! But, for the love of Eric, I decided to open my heart again for TVN * well, I always love TVN for their dramas and Music and Drama OST *

At first, Another Oh Hae Young or Another Miss Oh or Oh Hae Young Again is not quite known, especially when everyone in the galaxy still rooting for DOTS (descendant of The Sun). But me, I knew from the start that I will love this drama and it will be another good journey. I watch it because of the cast which I love for their acting in dramas. Let’s see, Kim Mi Kyung, my favorite actress which involved in many great dramas (The Heirs, Yong Pal, Can You Hear My Heart). Kim Ji Suk which I known from his role in Cheongdamdong Alice and Ye Ji Won from the latest Page Turner drama. As for the story, definitely refreshing, the whole family is entertaining. Not to mention, the idea that Eric is a sound producer, make it very interesting. The drama emphasize about sound a lot which a new knowledge and experience for drama viewers like me.

So, this drama currently airing and just reached episode 7 from the whole 18 episode. Pray that it will be a funny, romantic, and warm journey to the end. Just like the OST and BGM they had offered so far. A catchy, upbeat, warm, mellow song and music which now filling my playlist altogether with CITT OST, Goodbye Mr. Black OST, Beautiful Gong Shim OST, Coldplay, Adele and Shawn Mendez.

1. Wable – Little Miss Sunshine [OST Part 1]

2. Wable – Little Miss Sunshine [OST Part 1] – Instrumental

3. Ben – Just Like A Dream [OST Part 2]

4. Ben – Just Like A Dream [OST Part 2] – Instrumental

5. Seo Hyun Jin & Yu Seungwoo – What Is Love [OST Part 3]

6. Seo Hyun Jin & Yu Seungwoo – What Is Love [OST Part 3] – Instrumental

7. Roy Kim – Maybe I [OST Part 4]

8. Roy Kim – Maybe I [OST Part 4] – Instrumental

9. Jung Seung Hwan – If It Is You [OST Part 5]

10. Jung Seung Hwan – If It Is You [OST Part 5] – Instrumental

11. Sina & Pierre Faa – L’émerveillement (episode 4, Soo Kyung flashback of her time with her boyfriend)

12. Cheetah – Expectation (episode 2, at the club/bar when Do Kyung drink after P-OHY called him then he met J-OHY there)

13. Echae En Route – Uneasy Romance (episode 1 and episode 3, when Do Kyung met J-OHY in the street and when J-OHY saw P-OHY in the rain)

14. Kim Yoon A – One Fine Spring Day (episode 7, when J-OHY riding her bicycle while singing along the song from her earphone)

15. Lee Seok Hoon – I’ll be there [OST Part 6]

15. Lee Seok Hoon – I’ll be there [OST Part 6] – instrumental

16. The Black Skirts –  Till the end of time [OST Part 7]

17. The Black Skirts –  Till the end of time [OST Part 7] – instrumental

18. Shin Seung Hun – Sorry (episode 13, the song J-OHY and her friend listen in the car)

19. Wishtree Project – Sleepless Night (episode 14, when J-OHY read love letter from highschool in front of PDK)

20. GGotJamProject – Scattered [OST Part 8]

21. GGotJamProject – Scattered [OST Part 8] – instrumental

22. Various Artist – 나 심심하다 진짜… (inst. track no. 17)

23. Various Artist – 이사도라 펑키  (inst. track no. 16)

24. Various Artist – 설렘is (inst. track no. 14)

25. Various Artist – mistery (inst. track no. 13)

26. Various Artist – 난 내가 여전히… (inst. track no. 12)

27. Various Artist – HUL music (inst. track no. 11)

28. Various Artist – 헐~~  HUL word (inst. track no. 10)

29. Various Artist – 소풍 (inst. track no. 9) [Seo Hyun Jin & Yu Seungwoo – What Is Love jazzy instrumental version]

30. Various Artist – 오메~~ (inst. track no. 15)

Goodbye Mr. Black List of OST

After Descendants of The Sun (DOTS) ended, I practically move on to other dramas. Fortunately, there is this one drama I watch along with  the DOTS. Which none other than Goodbye Mr. Black. Eventhough the drama is quite off radar or I may say underrated, but somehow I was curious enough to make me continue watching it I watched it silently because everyone eyes, heart, and soul was in DOTS.

Furthermore, this drama is a comeback drama for Moon Chae Won, one of actress that I fond of after watched The Princess’s man, Good Doctor, and Innocent Man. Ah, it also have Song Jae Rim in it and Im Se Mi, so yeah, I like them too.


This drama is based on the original Manhwa/Webtoon called Goodbye Mr. Black.” by Hwang Mi Na which was first published in 1983. The comic is motivated by French author Alexandre Dumas’s novel “The Count of Monte Cristo“.

After saw their first few episodes, I kinda liked it although not as far as crazy about it or ‘baper’ in Indonesian Language. It got me hook, at least until now. And the OST, off course I like the OST. That is why I decided to write this post. Especially the OST Part 4 which I kept replayed in my playlist along with CITT OST and DOTS OST.

So, here are some of the OST that captured my heart * tsaaah *

1. Baek Ji Young – Goodbye [OST Part 1]

2. Baek Ji Young – Goodbye [OST Part 1] – instrumental

3. Bae Su Jung – Walking In Place [OST Part 3]

4. Bae Su Jung – Walking In Place [OST Part 3] – instrumental

5. Song Yu Bin – Perhaps This Is… [OST Part 3]

6. Song Yu Bin – Perhaps This Is… [OST Part 3] – instrumental

7. 2BIC – Bear [OST Part 4]

8. 2BIC – Bear [OST Part 4] – instrumental





Descendants of the Sun OST List


Another kdramas in my waiting list for 2016 is finally airing, Descendants of the Sun. Really curious of how it will be since the writer is the great Kim Eun Sook. Not to mention the lead cast is our Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

Both of them are my favorites. Love Song Hye Kyo since Autumn Tales era till now. While Song Joong Ki, well, first time I saw him was in Triple. And this is his new drama after serving his nation in Military. So, who is not gonna be excited to watch him again after 2 years, right.

One more thing, this drama shooting is already ended aka pre-produced, which is I believe, just like Cheese in The Trap, the cinematography and the editing or the scene showing will be just perfect since they have time to make it the best they can. Furthermore, from what I saw, we will be spoiled by many topless soldier scene, Oh dear…

After watching their first 2 episodes, I know I have been fallen in love. And fortunately, it aired during the time when I felt down because of the lack of JungSeol moment in Cheese In The Trap. Somehow, it lifted my kdramas spirit up.

But hey, it just been 2 episode, don’t know about the rest. But I like what I’ve seen so far. The drama kinda reminds me of “Tour of Duty” (a drama aired back in the eighties. beside about war, friendship, military, it also about love between a Liutenant and a doctor. What a memories).

Ah, I also like the OST, so here it is… another long list OST to add to my playlist.

1. Chen (EXO) and Punch – Everytime [OST Part 2] (episode 1, when Mo Yeon treated Shi Jin wound at the Hospital)

2. Chen (EXO) and Punch – Everytime [OST Part 2] – Instrumental

3. Yoon Mirae – Always [OST Part 1 – (episode 1, when Shi Jin left Mo Yeon in the rooftop)

4. Yoon Mirae – Always [OST Part 1] – Instrumental

5. Puff Daddy feat. faith Evans – I’ll Be Missing You (episode 1, when Shi Jin and Dae Young in the cafe with their stuffed doll)

6. Viktor Tsoi (rock band “Kino”) – Red and yellow Days (episode 2, when Shi Jin and Dae Young in some kind of bar)

7. Davichi – This Love [OST Part 3]

8. Davichi – This Love [OST Part 3] – Instrumental

9. Gummy – You Are My Everything (English version) [OST Part 4] 

10. Gummy – You Are My Everything (Korean version) – [OST Part 4]

11. Gummy – You Are My Everything – [OST Part 4] – Instrumental

12. Kim Na young ft. Mad Clown – Once Again [OST Part 5] (episode 6, when Myeong Joo is on a phone with Dae Young and Shi Jin on the bus)

13. Kim Na young ft. Mad Clown – Once Again [OST Part 5] – instrumental

14. K.Will – Talk Love [OST Part 6]

15. K.Will – Talk Love [OST Part 6] – instrumental

16. Lyn – With You [OST Part 7]

17. Lyn – With You [OST Part 7] – instrumental

18. SG. Wannabe – By My Side [OST Part 8]

18. SG. Wannabe – By My Side [OST Part 8] – instrumental

19. Epik High – Love Love Love (episode 4, when Myeong Joo confront Dae Young about the ‘rumor’)

20. WHAM! – last Christmas (episode 4, when Myeong Joo confront Dae Young about the ‘rumor’)

21. Виктор Цой – Печаль (episode 5, when Mo Yeon and Shi Jin at the restaurant)

22. Junsu ft. Song Joong Ki – How Can I Love You (unreleased OST, cut from the drama, episode 8, from Mo Yeon phone during broadcast before her confession)

23. Maroon 5 – Sugar (episode 13, at Subway Sandwich)

24. MC THE MAX – Wind Beneath Your Wings [OST Part 9] – (preview episode 14)

25. Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You (episode 15, at cafe when they both share their mutual feeling)

26. XIA Junsu [JYJ] – How Can I Love You  [OST Part 9]

26. XIA Junsu [JYJ] – How Can I Love You  [OST Part 9] – instrumental

27. Various Artists – Mission Part 2 [OST Vol 01 – Track 14] – instrumental – (episode 6, after Urk’s earthquake when the doctors embark to save victims and episode 2 at cafe when Shi Jin and Mo Yeon separate)

27. Various Artists –  I Love You [OST Vol 01 – Track 15] – instrumental

28. Various Artists –  Mission Part 1 [OST Vol 01 – Track 7] – instrumental – (episode 6, when Shi Jin met his father to take a picture and when Onew cried)

29. Various Artists –  Aroma [OST Vol 01 – Track 16] – instrumental

30. Various Artists –  The Lover [OST Vol 01 – Track 15] – instrumental

31. Various Artists –  My Everything [OST Vol 01 – Track 11] – instrumental

32. Various Artists –  Save The Day  [OST Vol 01 – Track 6] – instrumental – (episode 1, at the helicopter and landed in Afghanistan)

33. Various Artists –  Time Is Running Out [OST Vol 01 – Track 8] – instrumental

33. Various Artists –  Hidden Genius [OST Vol 01 – Track 9] – instrumental

33. Various Artists –  Endless War [OST Vol 01 – Track 10] – instrumental

33. Various Artists –  Heart Break [OST Vol 01 – Track 12] – instrumental

33. Various Artists –  Military Dignity [OST Vol 01 – Track 13] – instrumental

33. Various Artists –  War of Tomorrow [OST Vol 01 – Track 17] – instrumental

34. Various Artists –  No More War [OST Vol 02 – Track 6] – instrumental

35. Various Artists –  Always I Love You [OST Vol 02 – Track 7] – instrumental

36. Various Artists –  Fighter [OST Vol 02 – Track8] – instrumental

37. Various Artists –  Mission 2 Epic Tension [OST Vol 02 – Track 9] – instrumental

38. Various Artists –  Lonely Road [OST Vol 02 – Track 10] – instrumental

39. Various Artists –  Vital Fantasy [OST Vol 02 – Track 11] – instrumental

40. Various Artists –  Love You 2 [OST Vol 02 – Track 12] – instrumental

41. Various Artists –  Don’t Forget Me [OST Vol 02 – Track 13] – instrumental

42. Various Artists –  Time Is Running Out (Ver.2) [OST Vol 02 – Track 14] – instrumental

43. Various Artists –  Attention Mission Ver. [OST Vol 02 – Track 15] – instrumental

44. Various Artists –  Move Forward [OST Vol 02 – Track 16] – instrumental

45. Various Artists –  Freedom  [OST Vol 02 – Track 17] – instrumental

46. Various Artists –  Attention O.R.I [OST Vol 02 – Track 18] – instrumental

47. Korean Army Song – Mochin Sanain

48. Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb Dumb

Cheese In The Trap List of OST

As per usual, when I am hooked in a drama, it will shown in my passion to find all the OST or even all the song included in the drama. And obviously there is no exception for this pretty ‘infamous’ drama called Cheese In the Trap.

ost part 1ost part 2

It only just 4 episode on air, but dang the OST is already worth listen for. The background music (BGM) also addicting and refreshing. And the song, no words can describe, love all the song. This drama really trapped me through its everything, just like I stated in my previous post about this drama.

1. Twenty – Cheese in The Trap [OST Part 1 – Track 1]

2. Cosmos Hippie – Maybe I like You [OST Part 1 – Track 2] – (episode 2, when Seol printing her report)

3. Tearliner – Golden Coconut Club (Sentimental Scenery Mix) – Instrumental [OST Part 1 – Track 3] – (episode 2, when Bora dressed up and make over Seol for blind date)

4. Tearliner – Our Whispering (Sentimental Scenery Mix)- Instrumental [OST Part 1 – Track 4] – (episode 2, in the beginning)

5. Tearliner feat. Yozoh – I am Love  [OST Part 2 – Track 1] – (episode 1, when Seol met Jung and monologue that she isn’t ready to trust his answer, yet)

6. Tearliner – Einfuhlung  [OST Part 2 – Track 2] – (episode 1, ending)

7. Tearliner – Cat and Nap [OST Part 2 – Track 3] – Instrumental (episode 3, BGM when Seol met In Ho, while Jung watching from behind them)

8. Tearliner – Warm Winter Latte [OST Part 2 – Track 4] – Instrumental – (episode 3, BGM when Seol being the only one who came to the presentation meeting)

9. Tearliner – It’s Partly Cloudy Today [OST Part 2 – Track 5] – Instrumental

10. 10 cm – Love Forms a Drop (episode 1, BGM when Seol met Jung in coffee shop and Jung ignored her)

11. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro – Sympathy [fast forward to 8:16] (episode 1, when Seol running to Uni after Bora called her about their early class)

12. Zion T – No Make Up (episode 1, at Coffee Bay when Bora give Seol her saving)

13. Needle & Gem – Dawn (episode 1, at Coffee Bay when Yoo Jung buy americano for himself and strawberry shake for Seol, episode 4 when Jung asked Seol for a date)

14. Slow 6 – Aloha (episode 2, when Jung attended Prof. kang class and sat next to Seol)

15. 316 – Cappucino (episode 2, BGM when Seol try to set up Jung with Ah Young in Uni cafetaria)

16. Zee Avi -Madness (episode 2, BGM when Inho almost fight with Seol’s blind date)

17. POE (Band) – Prelude (episode 2, BGM when Jung met In Ho for Seol handphone)

18. No Respect for Beauty – I am A Shadow (episode 4, during flashback, BGM when Jung said he don’t want to see Nam Jo Yeon ever again after homeless incident with Seol)

19. Love X Stereo – Hide and Seek (original)

20. Vanilla Acoustic – xx (unreleased OST, when Jung follow behind Seol)

21. Kang Hyun Min feat. Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa – Such [OST Part 3] – (episode 2, ending)

22. People and People – No Sorrow Words [OST Part 3] – (episode 3, when Seol recalled what prof. kang said and when she called ‘sunbae’ after he give a coin to the vending machine for Seol)

23. Needle & Gem – Walls (episode 4, BGM when Seol met Jung on their first date)

24. Tearliner – xx [OST Part 3] – Instrumental (episode 4, BGM Seol starving after first date with Jung)

25. F(x) – 4 Walls (episode 4, in store where In Ha shopping)

26. Sunday2pm – 어떻게 (episode 4, in restaurant, Jung and Seol first date)

27. Tearliner – xx [OST Part 3 – Track 4] – Instrumental (episode 5, when Seol and Jung talked outside the hospital)

28. Tearliner – xx [OST Part 3 – Track 5] – Instrumental (episode 3, BGM when Seol’s presentation group member text her to cancel off their meeting)

29. Biggi Hilmars – Shortcut to Happiness (BGM opening)

30. Rocoberry – I’m Fine (episode 5, BGM in the beginning when Jung saved Seol from Falling and their quarrel under the rain)

31. Hyukoh – Comes and Goes (episode 5, BGM in the bar when Jung met Joo Yong)

32. No Respect For Beauty – Day of Departure (episode 5, BGM when Teacher Assistant Heo told Seol about Jung behind her Scholarship and her office job also during Seol confronted Jung about it)

33. The Solutions – (I Couldn’t be) Your One (episode 5, when Jung at the Gym)

34. Vanilla Acoustic – Our Time [OST Part 1 – Track 1] – (episode 3, when Jung following Seol from behind)

35. Tearliner feat. 5urprise – Delete You. Erase You [OST Part 1 – Track 2] – (episode 6, ending song)

36. Tearliner – Powder Sugar lowering [OST Part 2 – Track 3] – Instrumental

37. Tearliner – xxx  [OST Part 2 – Track 4] – Instrumental (episode 1, when EunTaek took the attendance list and run with it to help Seol reach the class on time)

38. Tearliner – Perception Today  [OST Part 2 – Track 5] – Instrumental (episode 5, when Jung and Seol under the rain)

39. Scentimental Scenery – First Kiss [OST Part 5] – Instrumental

40. Salt n Paper – Go (English Version) – [OST Part 5]

41. Salt n Paper – Go (Korean Version) – [OST Part 5]

42. Tearliner – The end is near [OST Part 5] – Instrumental

43. Tete – 그냥 좋은데 [OST Part 5]

44. Salt n Paper – One Heart (episode 9, when Jung part with Seol after Seol confront him about the text messages between him and Young Gon)

45. Bye Bye Badman – (episode 8, when Jung drunks in the bar and sniffling in Seol’s hair)

46. Min Chae – La la la (episode 8, when Seol ask for coffee in Seol’s uncle restaurant)

47. Sweden Laundry – A Little Bit More [OST Part 6] – (episode 9, when Seol thinking, can she even break up with Jung)

48. Monkeyz – Perhaps This is Love [OST Part 6] – (episode 11, when Seol excitedly met Jung who visit her in campus)

49. Tearliner – 밤의 편의점 [OST Part 6] – instrumental (episode 11, when Seol brought her mom and Jun to see his dad giving flyers for their restaurant)

50. Tearliner – 장화 속 무당벌레 [OST Part 6] – instrumental (episode 11, when Seol family asked Inho to join their family dinner)

51. O.O.O. – Gold Dust (episode 11, when Seol tutoring InHo in the library and Inho look so out of it)

52. No Respect For Beauty – Owls On the Ground (episode 12, flashback during Inho’s hand incident in Highschool)

53. Seoha – Cheese in The Trap female version [OST Part 7] – (episode 5, when Jung and Seol sleep in the hospital waiting for Bora’s dad)

54. Tearliner Feat. Taru – 살랑 어쩌면 사랑 (perhaps love) [OST Part 7] – (episode 2, when Seol met Jung during his graduation photoshoot and Jung took selfie of him with Seol)

55. Tearliner – Natural Curl [OST Part 7] – instrumental

56. Tearliner – Dream Inside of You [OST Part 7] – instrumental

57. eAeon – My Anniversary (episode 7, Seol monolog after the incident with the thief, scene where Jung out from police station)

58. Tearliner – 방황하는 파도 [OST Part 5] – Instrumental – (episode 9, during the flashbacks of Jung, Inha, Inho playing fireworks and episode 13, when jung offered money to Inho)

59. Tearliner feat. Kim Go Eun – Attraction (in many episode, when Jung backhug Seol, when they hug each other after the cool off phase aka JungSeol moment.)

60. Love X Stereo – Hide And Seek OST VERSION [OST Part 8] – (episode 14, ending)

61. Low-End Project – 첫만남 [OST Part 8] – Instrumental

62. Tearliner – 첫만남 [OST Part 8] – Instrumental

63. Sister’s Barbershop – Dancing Alone (episode 6, When Seol and Inho drinks at the Bar before Jung join in)

First Recommended Kdrama in 2016: Cheese in The Trap

Definitely in love with this drama called Cheese In The Trap. My newest addiction in 2016. Wondering a lot, giggling nonstop, and enjoying a lot the whole time watching. Even though it just only 4 episodes and still ongoing until the 16th episode, but it really hooked me. Fall in love with Hong Seol while swooning over Yoo Jung and In Ho.

CITT (4)Interesting story.

Well, what can you expect, this drama is based on Line webtoon, so I’m pretty sure that it will be quite funny, hilarious, cute, heartwarming and also a lit bit mysterious.

Based on the original webtoon with the same title by “Soon Ggi” which was published via “Naver Online” from 2010-July-07.

CITT (1)Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) isn’t the smartest or most privileged university student, but she is without a doubt hardworking and earnest. In contrast, Hong Seol’s senior, Yoo Jeong (Park Hae Jin), is a high achiever with the good looks, athleticism and grades to prove it — but he harbors a dark side. Even stranger, an unlikely alliance is forged between these two classmates from opposite sides of the track * from *

Perfect cast.

There is no doubt that the director and producer did their best to cast the actors and actresses. They were all like some kind of people who came out from the comic book. They are perfectly suit for the character, IMHO.

CITT (3)Especially for Hong Seol character. I just love how Kim Go Eun perfectly portrayed her. Her natural beauty, her quirkiness, her nervousness, her gesture, her voice, her cute monolog, her outfit, her smile, is just perfect for the role * I am officialy her fan since then. *

Beautiful Cinematography.

Since the drama has been filmed before it airs, I think the production staff put their maximal efforts to do the editing, to make the drama looks so beautiful in its own way.

I love how they show the scene of Yoo Jung and Seoul in the campus near the stairs when they stared to each other, or when Yoo Jung silently following Seoul from behind after she had a hard time during presentation. It just beautiful.

Refreshing and addicting OST.

Somehow, I love almost all music or Original Soundtrack from dramas airs on TVN. Somehow, they always offered different kinds of music. At first, I hardly know the singer since it pretty much not a worldwide idol out there. But that what make it so refreshing. It just 4 episode, and I already downloaded all the OST * hopefully can buy the CD soon. * Repeatedly listen to it just because the beat, the tune, the song are all perfect fit for the drama.

That College Campus Look.

Actually, watch this drama make me sob just a little. Thinking back on how I look during my college campus day. Oh my dear, I am not even look  a tiny bit like them all * can I turn back the time puhleeees *

CITT 6How can’t I be swoon over of Yoo Jung sophisticated style, somehow look simple, classic, and casual. In love with Hong Seol comfortable and warm outfit. Last but not least, sporty Eun taek and girly Bo Ra style will surely make your college day look brighter * at least brighter than I do before *

So, if you haven’t watch this drama, I suggest you start now. You can watch it here or here.

And when watching and reading webtoon is not enough, why don’t you join Cheese In The Trap family in soompi, I bet you’ll get fast update and many interesting fact about this Cheese In The trap drama, not to mention, you’ll find new friends who is as crazy as you are. At least it help you lessen the suffering of waiting next episode to come.

An Ongoing List of Korean Drama

I am a drama addict. Yes I am. Any kind of drama. Just named it. One of those dramas is Korean drama worldwide known as kdrama. Since I was a teenager, I spent some of my spare time to watch kdrama marathonly * if you know what I mean with marathon *

background kdrama

Suddenly, I was thinking. How many kdramas have I watch for all these time? So then, I recall deep inside my memory and go down the memory lane of kdrama. Long Time Ago, when Kpoper or kdrama is not hugely known as it is right now,  I remember my first kdrama is Autumn Tale followed by the amazing and unforgettable “Winter Sonata.”

So, let’s see how many drama have I watch all these years and still ongoing though;

  1. A Gentleman’s Dignity
  2. A Love To Kill
  3. A Man Called God
  4. All In
  5. Alone in Love
  6. Arang and the Magistrate
  7. Athena: Goddess of War
  8. Autumn Tale
  9. Awl
  10. Baby-faced Beauty
  11. Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
  12. Baker King, Kim Tak Goo
  13. Beethoven Virus
  14. Bicheonmu
  15. Big
  16. Birth of a Beauty
  17. Birth Secret
  18. Bodyguard
  19. Boys Before Flowers
  20. Bridal Mask
  21. Brilliant Legacy
  22. Bubblegum
  23. Cain and Abel
  24. Cheo Yong (Season 1)
  25. Cheo Yong (Season 2)
  26. Cheongdamdong Alice
  27. Cheese in The Trap
  28. Cheer Up, Sassy Go Go!
  29. Cinderella Man
  30. Cinderella’s Sister @ Cinderella’s Stepsister
  31. City Hall
  32. City Hunter
  33. City of Glass
  34. Coffee Prince
  35. Color of Woman
  36. Creating Destiny
  37. Crime Squad
  38. Dae Jang Geum
  39. Damo
  40. Dating Agency: Cyrano
  41. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
  42. Dream High (Season 1)
  43. East Of Eden
  44. Empress Ki
  45. Endless Love
  46. Faith @ The Great Doctor
  47. Fashion 70’s
  48. Fashion King
  49. Fated to Love You
  50. Feast of the Gods
  51. Fermentation Family
  52. Flames of Desire
  53. Flower Boy Next Door
  54. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
  55. Friends 2002
  56. Full House
  57. Full House Take 2
  58. Ghost @ Phantom
  59. Glass Mask
  60. Glass Slippers
  61. Glory Jane @ Man of Honor
  62. God of War
  63. Goddess of Marriage
  64. Goong
  65. Goong S – Prince Hoo
  66. Gourmet
  67. Great Inheritance
  68. Greatest Marriage
  69. Healer
  70. Heard It Through the Grapevine
  71. Heartstrings
  72. Heart to Heart
  73. Hello! Miss
  74. Hidden Identity
  75. High Society
  76. HIT (Homicide Investigation Team)
  77. Hong Gil Dong
  78. Hotel King
  79. Hwang Jin Yi
  80. Hyde, Jekyll and I
  81. I Love You, Don’t Cry
  82. I Miss You @ Missing You
  83. I Order For You
  84. I Remember You
  85. Iljimae
  86. Incarnation of Money
  87. Innocent Man
  88. Ireland
  89. IRIS
  90. IRIS 2
  91. Ja Myung Go
  92. Jang Ok Jung
  93. Joseon Gunman
  94. Jumong – Prince of The Legend
  95. KangChi, The Beginning
  96. Kill Me, Heal Me
  97. Kimcheed Radish Cubes
  98. Last
  99. Lee Soon Shin is the Best
  100. Let’s Go To The Beach
  101. Level 7 Civil Servant
  102. Lie to Me
  103. Lobbyist
  104. Love Again
  105. Love Rain
  106. Love You
  107. Loveholic
  108. Lovers in Paris
  109. Love Story in Harvard
  110. Ma Boy
  111. Mary Stayed Out All Night
  112. Mask
  113. Masked Prosecutor
  114. May Queen
  115. Me Too, Flower!
  116. Misaeng
  117. Mischievous Kiss
  118. Miss Ripley
  119. Miss Korea
  120. Missing Noir M
  121. Money’s Warfare
  122. Monstar
  123. My Daughter Seo Yeong
  124. My Fair Lady (2003)
  125. My Girl
  126. My Girlfriend is Gumiho
  127. My Love Patzzi
  128. My Love Eun Dong
  129. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
  130. My Princess
  131. Nine Tailed Fox
  132. Oh My Ghost
  133. Oh My Venus
  134. On Air
  135. One Fine Day
  136. One Mom and Three Dads
  137. One Percent of Anything
  138. Only You
  139. Operation Proposal
  140. Panda and Hedgehog
  141. Partner
  142. Pasta
  143. Personal Taste
  144. Pink Lipstick
  145. Pinocchio
  146. Powerful Opponents
  147. Prince’s First Love
  148. Princess Lulu
  149. Prosecutor Princess
  150. Protect the Boss
  151. Punch (2003)
  152. Queen Inhyun’s Man
  153. Queen of Reversals
  154. Queen Seon Duk
  155. Remember You
  156. Rooftop Prince
  157. Romance Town
  158. Reply 1988
  159. Sad Love Song
  160. Salaryman
  161. Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School
  162. Scent of a Woman
  163. Scholar Who Walks the Night
  164. School 2013
  165. School 2015: Who Are You?
  166. Secret / Secret Love
  167. Secret Garden
  168. She is Nineteen
  169. Smile Again
  170. Sorry I Love You
  171. Spring Waltz
  172. Splash Splash Love
  173. Stairway to Heaven
  174. Style
  175. Successful Story of a Bright Girl
  176. Summer Scent
  177. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  178. Super Rookie
  179. Surplus Princess
  180. Sweet Spy
  181. Take Care of the Young Lady
  182. Take Care of Us, Captain
  183. The Devil
  184. The Equator Man
  185. The Girl Who Can See Smells
  186. The Greatest Love
  187. The Heirs
  188. The King 2hearts
  189. The King of Dramas
  190. The Kingdom of The Winds
  191. The Master’s Sun
  192. The Moon That Embraces the Sun
  193. The Musical
  194. The Night Watchman
  195. The Painter of the Wind
  196. The Princess’ Man
  197. The Return of Iljimae
  198. The Story of the First King’s Four Gods
  199. The Suspicious Housekeeper
  200. The Thorn Birds
  201. The Time We Were Not In Love
  202. Time Between Dog and Wolf
  203. Time Slip Dr. Jin
  204. To the Beautiful You
  205. Tomorrow Cantabile
  206. Tree of Heaven
  207. Triple
  208. Warrior Baek Dong Soo
  209. We Are Dating Now
  210. Wedding
  211. What Happened in Bali
  212. When a Man Falls in Love
  213. When a Man is in Love
  214. When Spring Comes
  215. Which Star Are You From?
  216. While You Were Sleeping
  217. Who Are You? (MBC)
  218. Who Are You? (tvN)
  219. Why Did You Come to My House ?
  220. Will it Snow for Christmas?
  221. Winter Sonata
  222. Witch Amusement
  223. Wonderful Life
  224. Yong Pal
  225. You’re Beautiful

Two hundred and twenty five dramas! Oh my, what a quite long list. I am not sure if I missed some of it though, since I have limited memory. One thing for sure, this list so gonna be longer in the near future.

New Addiction: Yong Pal, The Gang Doctor Drama and OST

Here come my newest addiction. After immerse into the story of Na Bong Sun and Chef Kang in the amazing drama called Oh My Ghostess (also known as Oh My Ghost), finally I can move on to another drama. Thanks God, Yong Pal is coming to the rescue.

Yong Pal is a Korean drama about a doctor named Kim Tae Hyun (played by the handsome and tall Joo Won) who is a very skillful surgeon. At day, he works in Hospital while at night he did a house call for gangster. And the sole reason is because he desperately need money to pay the loan shark and also to pay for her sister dialysis (she is very sick). * but I think, this Yong pal really love to be a doctor from the bottom of his heart. because no matter the reason is, no matter the patients status is, he will definitely help them. And he don’t care with other’s opinion about him. *

He then meets Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee)  a ‘princess’ who is in deep sleep in the hospital. * more like she is a sleeping beauty waiting for his prince which none other than Yong Pal * And that is where all the story began…

I really really love this drama * the prove is I following this currently airing drama. Usually, I am the type who will wait until the drama ends then watch it. But for Yong Pal, I patiently wait for the next episode to be aired. * The action, the intense, and the emotion portrayed by the actors are amazing. The Original Soundtrack, oh the OST is dragged me more into this drama.

Here is the list of the OST so far:

1. The One – To My Love ( OST Part 1)

2. James Brown – I feel Good (episode 3, when Yong Pal do the make over for his looks)

2. Yong Jun Hyung and Heo Ga Yoon – Nightmare (OST Part 2)

3. Westlife – Angel (episode 7, when Tae Hyun play a song from his phone for Yeo Jin)

4. Jung In – Actually, I’m Scared (OST Part 3)

5. Baek Ah Yeon – So We Are (OST Part 4)

6. K. Will – Coming To Me (OST Part 5)

7. Park Hye Soo – Remember Me Only (OST Part 6)


Who Are You – School 2015 Energizing Original Soundtrack (OST & BGM)

This is one of kdrama that has been on my list. Why? Because I like Kim So Hyun acting since I watch her first drama * this noona is really your fan, hehe * Although I’m not that young anymore, but I guess there is nothing wrong for me to follow this drama. In fact, I really need to watch this kind of drama so I gain more knowledge about how youngster live their life nowadays. I am very sure it is very different from mine back then.

The first 3 episode is satisfying, at least for me. And the soundtrack, really catch my ears attention. Will try to compile all the OST here. I trully hope that all the OST will be as energizing as the drama plot and the cast.

1. Tiger JK Feat. Jinshil of Mad Soul Child – Reset (OST Part 1)

2. Tiger JK Feat. Jinshil of Mad Soul Child – Reset (Instrumental)

3. Baechigi Feat. Punch – Fly With The Wind (OST Part 2)

4. Mark Ronson Feat. Buno Mars – Uptown Funk (episode 2, Gong Tae Kwang and Cha Song Joo in restaurant)

6. Bruno Mars – Young Girls (episode 3, mom’s meeting at Coffee bay)

7. One Direction – Night Changes (episode 5, Eun Byul’s mom and Class President’s mom at Coffee Bay)

8. Yoon Mi Rae – I’ll listen To What You Have To Say (OST Part 3)

9. Taylor Swift – Style (episode 6, Eun Bi and her mom went shopping)

10. Tori Kelly – Nobody Love (episode 6, Cha Song Joo treats Yi An, Eun Byul, Shin Ji, and So Young in Coffee Bay)

11. Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World (episode 1, moms meeting at Coffee Bay)

12.  George Ezra – Budapest

13. Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink – Worth It (episode 7; Yi An, Tae Kwang and Gi Tae as a Group in Coffee Bay)

14. Trey Songz – Slow Motion (episode 7; Min Joon, Shin Ji, and Song Joo talk about their english assignment)

15. Byul – Remember (OST Part 4)

16. Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth – See You Again (episode 9, when Yi An met Eun Byul’s Mom)

17. N.Flying – Awesome (episode 9, Cha Song Joo audition)

18. Younha – Pray (OST Part 5)

19. Clean Bandit ft. Rae Morris – Up Again (episode 9, ehen teacher talk to Min Joon’s mom at Coffee Bay)

 20. Maroon 5 – Sugar (episode 10, when Song Joo met So Young at coffee Bay)

21. Nick Jonas – Chains (episode 10, when Song Joo met So Young at coffee Bay)

22. Jonghyun and Taemin (SHINEE) – That Name ( OST Part 6)

23. Wendy (Red Velvet) & Yook Ji Dam – Return (OST Part 7) 

24. Yook Sungjae Ft. Kim So Hyun – Love Song

25. AOA – Like a Cat (episode 14, Eun Byul & Yi Ahn at Coffee Bay)

26. Yook Sungjae [BTOB] Feat. Park Hye Soo – Love Song (OST Part 8)

27. Yoon Mi Rae – I’ll listen To What You Have To Say (instrumental)

28. Wendy (Red Velvet) & Yook Ji Dam – Return (instrumental) 

29. Yook Sungjae [BTOB] Feat. Park Hye Soo – Love Song (Instrumental)

30. Younha – Pray (Instrumental)

31. Jonghyun and Taemin (SHINEE) – That Name (Instrumental)

32. Baechigi Feat. Punch – Fly With The Wind (Instrumental)

33. Various Artist – Who R U  (Instrumental)

34. Various Artist – 0 Gyoshi (Instrumental)


Am I Minshinner (Min Ho and Shin Hye Shipper) ?

I’ve been listen to this song some times ago. But lately, this song pop up again in my mind. Can’t get the beat out of my head. But what surprises me is that the song connect me not only to the real video but also the video about Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho which made by their fan.

Some might be wondering  why I even know that their video is exist at the first place. Well, because I am a Minshinner. That what we called ourselves. Minshinner means we are shipping Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho from the heart. Shipping them means, prayed that they will be together as a couple in a real life.

Why Park Shin Hye and Lee  Min Ho?



Well, as we all know, about one year ago they played drama The Heirs as the lead. Once, there was rumor about them been dating during filming * only God knows whether its true or not, but deep down inside I really hope it’s true * Since then, many fans started shipping them and called themselves as Minshinner * And there is this amazing one ‘heaven’ for us in soompi forum called Minshin Thread. Now, they already closed thread 1, so we move on to thread 2 * incredible *

Truthfully, I have never ever shipping Korean actor and actress before. Not until I watch the heirs. Even though many people out there decline their good chemistry on the drama, but there also many that feel amazed by their good chemistry which lead them became Minshinner.

Minshinner often called crazy for being so over delulu or delusional because of lack of evidence about these two interaction offscreen * I do believe so * but that what makes me even more interest to became one. Despite of the lack of evidence, they keep growing * I guess * in numbers.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho, both are well known artist in Korea and Worldwide. They are Hallyu stars of their generation. They have a strong fan base and they had a quite similar journey in their each respected career. They both good looking and known for having a good heart * well, I pray that they are, since only God knows what inside someone’s heart * So, no wonder some fans want them to be together just because they look perfect fit for each other.

For me, I love being Minshinner because many of Minshinner have this kind of mature attitude. Minshinner respect both of them as ‘couple’ and as individuals. We support Shin Hye and Min Ho individual projects.
Minshinner understand that they absolutely have 300% rights to be with others they choose, but unless both of them come clean to the public with whom they had relationship, we will still shipping them to the heart and bone.
Minshinners shipping them and prayed not only for them to became a lovers but further than that, we shipping them to have a marriage and happy life together forever * it will be one hell long journey until it came true * And if only they didn’t marry each other in the future, we will keep support them and prays for their happiness forever and that will be the day our ship going down.
Minshinner also trying hard not to bash other fans or other shipper related to Min Ho or Shin Hye * we consciously realized that everyone have their own opinion and rights and free to speak it out loud, just like us *
And last but not least, I love how Minshinner have a lot of imagination, sense of humor, and creativity * for this, if you need prove, just drop by to the forum in soompi *
Drop by here:

Lee Min Ho’s New Mini Album: Song For You

Who in the world doesn’t know this one particular guy. The man himself, Lee Min Ho, Male God of Asia * trust me, I’m not the one give him this title. It just show how famous he is in Asia. *


Me, myself not really into him. Like him but not as much as hardcore fans. When the whole world around me get crazy over him, I just don’t. Don’t know exactly why. I do watched some of his drama, such as Boys over Flower, Personal Taste, and City Hunter but not making me dare to call myself his fans. Some of my friends think I’m weird those days, for not fanning him.

But that was before “The Heirs” I am Park Shin Hye fan in terms of I love her acting despite the fact that I am noona to her. She is just too cute, have an angelic face, and great in doing aegyo or crying scene. So, when I watch The Heirs, which Min Ho was in there, to be his male lead exactly, I was being drown by his acting through all episodes. I was being one of his fan nowadays. And now, whenever I talk about him in front of my friends, they just like “what? just just realize now, after all those years we’ve been talking about him IN FRONT of you and YOU not interested. Pleaseeee” with all their gaze dagger at me.

So, here I am, writing about him and his new Mini Album. He might not be the best singer out there, but he definitely one of the best entertainer. And his deep and hoarse voice really help him in singing. His singing skill maybe average * compared to other singer or actor be singer * but he definitely nailed it, in terms of bringing the soul and emotion into his song.

After listening to his song, such as Painful Love. I guess, his voice finally captured my heart * tsaah, melted * So when his new mini album finally released, I was so excited to hear what kind of song and how he will represent the song. Well, I’m surprised, it turns out very good. he really nailed the pop rock type of song. I love the beat, the music, the melody, the lyric, and off course the voice. My most favorite will be Burning Up * keep replaying it in my phone *



So here it is, his brand new Mini album titled Song For You

  1. Song For You
  2. Paradise in Love
  3. Stalker
  4. Travel
  5. Burning Up

BzjhScgCYAAsIXO.jpg large BzkxMITCUAAq5D0.jpg large BzmDRH9CEAArzwI Bzn3priCQAAvsCo Bzo3BveCEAEHgmj.jpg large Bzo23w5CQAAFaIh.jpg large Bzo2851CEAAN8_j.jpg large BzoW0S9CQAASQX5.jpg large Bztg7dqCIAEf7iS


Song for You

The Lyric

In my eyes that are blacker than the night sky
My path was getting farther away
My heart was filled up all the way with the world, oh my dream

Your eyes shined closer and clearer when I was tired
You are my sunshine, like a strange ray of light
Shine on my heart that is hidden

As I follow the stars, follow the path
Because you’re there, because you came to me
I am living one more day

You shine on me, you fill me up
Only you are my everything in this world

I will sing
A song for you

Words are not enough
I just look into your eyes, in my love

For you


Paradise In Love

The Lyric

Darling, close your eyes, let’s leave together for a bit
Darling, can you feel this sweet love song?

Darling, lean on me, won’t you come with me?
Darling, think about it, oh paradise in love

Water flowing on soft sand, you and I at that place
Can you hear the wind spells for love?
Your eyes and smile are as clear as the sky

Darling, open your eyes and look at me
Oh paradise in love

Water flowing on soft sand, you and I at that place
Can you hear the wind spells for love?
Your eyes are as clear as the sky
Our kiss is as deep as the ocean

Darling, I love you, my love, you’re as beautiful as the sunset
Let’s make love, oh paradise in love



The Lyric

Good Night
Words that comforted me
At that last moment, your smile felt deeper to me

Let’s leave, let’s leave farther away
Waiting for you is good for me

You want me now, it’s time now
I love you, I need you, tonight
Before the night is over, before it’s too late
Tell me you love me again
Hold tight to my hand and tell me you always waited for me

I’m the only one
I’m the only one for you

Don’t tell me to give up on you
It’s meaningless to me
It’s alright, you’re prettier like that

The reason you left me
Yes, so I can forget it
I can be better, better than that other person

You want me now, it’s time now
I love you, I need you, tonight
Before the night is over, before it’s too late
Tell me you love me again
Hold tight to my hand and tell me you always waited for me

I love You, I need you



The Lyric

No words can express how I feel
We’re looking at the same place
We’ve thought the same things from the start
Everything is in your eyes

Hold my hand tight right now
The sky looks good
With you, I’ll Travel Travel Travel (Travel Travel Travel)

You and me, just like this, all right, the dazzling sunlight
This happy moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel
You and I, forever, all right, the shining moonlight
This endless moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel

I’m confident Uh-ho Yeah

No one can take your place
We both have similar feelings
We thought similar things from the start
I see everything in you

Hold my hand tight right now
The sky looks good
With you, I’ll Travel Travel Travel

You and me, just like this, all right, the dazzling sunlight
This happy moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel
You and I, forever, all right, the shining moonlight
This endless moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel

Throw away your worries and get up to love
It’s a new beginning

Our love is all right, the sunlight shines on you
This happy moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel
You and I, forever, all right, the shining moonlight
This endless moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel

I’m confident Uh-ho

Travel Travel Travel


Burning Up

The Lyric

Forget about the lover who left you
Tears don’t suit you
Erase the bad memories
Only look at me, hold me and feel me

When he says it’s for you, it’s all a lie
Don’t listen to anything but what I tell you
When he says he loves you, that you’re the only one, it’s a lie

On at this moment
Come into my heart
I wanna feel your love
There’s no need for tears for you and me
Come on get closer
Make tonight hot

Listen, you’re the only one for me, you’re always my love
So I can burn up your painful scars from your break up
I’m burning up now

Throw away your past lover
Lingering feelings don’t suit you
Wash away his traces
Now fill up your heart with me

When he says it’s for you, it’s all a lie
Don’t listen to anything but what I tell you
When he says he loves you, that you’re the only one, it’s a lie

On at this moment
Come into my heart
I wanna feel your love
There’s no need for tears for you and me
Come on get closer
Make tonight hot

Listen, you’re the only one for me, you’re always my love
So I can burn up your painful scars from your break up
I’m burning up now

Baby girl, close your eyes
And when you open them again
You and I, just us two, forever

On at this moment
Come into my heart
I wanna feel your love
There’s no need for tears for you and me
Come on get closer
Make tonight hot

Listen, you’re the only one for me, you’re always my love
So I can burn up your painful scars from your break up
I’m burning up now

I’m burning up now



All pics are not mine, credits as tagged or written in the pics

Lyrics from:


From Joseon Gunman to The Night Watchman

Here I am, finally typing again. Not a story, not a picture but another kdrama soundtrack. Well, I did a little bit addicted to kdrama and kpop. Trust me, just a little bit refused to admit  Of all kdrama that I currently watch, there are this 2 drama that got me hooked after a loooong suffering trying to move on from The Heirs * what can I say, the heirs have been imprinted in my heart * which are Joseon Gunman and The Night Watchman.

As far as I remember, I’m not really into sageuk genre ‘thing’ * let’s push aside the fact that I love The Legend, the book of three Han, Damo, Hwang Jin Yi, Jewel from the Palace, The moon that embrace the sun, and etc :p *

So, I’m quite surprise, that I follows these 2 drama, even before the episodes are completed. Just for your info, I usually wait until the drama ends then started to watch it * just couldn’t handle the hardly breath couldn’t sleep cos of waiting for the next episode, experience it while watching Flower boy next door, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Cheongdamdong Alice, and The Heirs. *

Usually, if I follows them with the status of “ongoing kdrama”, that means I love every part of them including their OST. Now, let me get this straight, here I am, with all these lovely OST from Joseon Gunman to The Night Watchman. So far, most favorite are Ali (Flower through the rock) and EDEN (a new hope).



1. Kim Tae Woo — Because It’s You

2. Kim Tae Woo — Because It’s You (instrumental)

3. EDEN — A New Hope

3. EDEN — A New Hope (Instrumental)



Joseon Gunman OST


1. Bubble Sister — Aching

2. ALi – Flower Through The Rock

3. ALi – Flower Through The Rock (inst.)

4. Misty — Though It Hurts, It’s You

5. Lim Chang Jung – Try To Wait

6. Lim Chang Jung – Try To Wait (inst.)

7. Ivy — Do You Know My Heart?

8. Jo Jang Hyuk — Infinite Love

9. Jo Jang Hyuk — Infinite Love (inst.)

10. The Ray — The same as tears

11. The Ray — The same as tears (Inst.)






I’m Sorry, I Love You (MiSa)

A Drama that really breaks my heart.

Judul: I’m Sorry, I Love You (MiSa)
Anime: I’m Sorry, I Love You (MiSa)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragis
Jumlah Episode: 16
Channel: KBS2
Rilis: 9 November 2004 – 28 desember 2004
Sutradara: Lee Hyung Min
Screenwriter: Lee Kyung Hee
• Cha Moo Hyuk (So Ji Sub)
• Song Eun Chae (Im Su Jung)
• Choi Yuna (Jung Kyung Ho)
• Kang Min joo (Seo Ji Young)
• Oh Deul Hee/ Ibu Yuna dan Moo Hyuk (Lee Hye Young)


Cha Moo Hyuk adalah anak korea yang diadopsi oleh keluarga Australia. Sejak itu, ia besar dan tinggal di Australia. Namun sayang, Moo Hyuk mengalami penganiayaan oleh orang tuanya dan kemudian hidup sebagai gelandangan. Moo Hyuk selalu percaya bahwa suatu hari ia akan bertemu dengan ibunya, ibu yang dipercayainya hidup di Korea dalam keadaan tidak mampu sehingga terpaksa membiarkan dirinya di adopsi. Bahkan ia berjanji suatu hari akan kembali ke Korea dan membahagiakan Ibunya.

Suatu hari, nasib mempertemukannya dengan seorang gadis dari Korea bernama Eun Chae. Eun Chae bekerja sebagai coordinator untuk Choi Yuna, penyanyi terkenal di Korea, yang diam-diam dicintainya sedari kecil. Pertemuan keduanya ini, ternyata hanya sebuah awal dari sebuah kisah di antara mereka. Pertemuan inilah yang nantinya memengaruhi kehidupan EunChae. Bukan hanya Eun Chae, tetapi juga kehidupan Yuna dan keluarganya.  Karena dalam perjalanannya, terungkap bahwa Keluarga Yuna adalah keluarga kandung Moo Hyuk.

Cerita semakin menarik ketika Moo Hyuk divonis dokter bahwa hidupnya paling lama tinggal 3 bulan lagi. Mengetahui hal ini, Moo Hyuk berusaha mencari Ibu Kandungnya. Namun kenyataan yang ditemuinya, membuat kerinduannya berubah menjadi amarah dan dendam. Disinilah kehadiran Eun Chae menjadi berarti, karena dia berhasil mengubah hatinya.

“Moo Hyuk: Eun Chae, maafkan aku, tetapi bersama denganmu membuat aku merasa Tuhan tidak adil padaku. Dan membuat aku tidak rela menerima takdirku. Ketika melihatmu, aku menjadi ingin hidup lebih lama. Padahal, hidupku sudah tidak lama lagi.”

“Moo Hyuk: Kepala batu, Mianhanda…. Saranghanda…


Kdrama ini salah satu kdrama yang tidak pernah bosan saya menontonnya. Bahkan, mama saya yang jarang sekali menonton drama korea dari episode pertama sampai episode terakhir, rela menemani saya melahap habis drama ini. Beliau pun masih mengingat ceritanya hingga hari ini. Drama ini juga yang membuat saya semakin jatuh hati dengan akting So Ji Sub setelah drama ini, saya jadi berburu kdrama yang dia perankan.

Ceritanya yang unik, pemeran yang tepat, dan akhir cerita yang tragis namun tidak mudah ditebak, membuat saya semakin menyukai drama yang satu ini. Ceritanya, So Ji Sub berperan ganda, menjadi dua orang dengan nama yang berbeda, tetapi sebenarnya sama. Tidak hanya sampai di situ, kisah hidupnya yang bisa dibilang tidak bahagia dan juga kerinduannya terhadap sosok seorang Ibu kandung sekaligus kebenciannya teradap ibunya tersebut, serta penyakit yang dideritanya, membuat para penonton terlebih lagi saya tidak mudah untuk melupakannya.

Ditambah lagi, ada sosok adik kembar yang menderita keterbelakangan mental dan keponakan laki-laki yang lucu nan pintar. Rasanya baru kali ini saya melihat drama korea yang banyak tokohnya dengan cerita yang tidak membosankan dan melebar kemana-mana. Ditambah ending-nya yang sediiiiiiiiiiiiiih banget, plus OST yang sesuai banget dengan cerita di dalam drama. Bisa dibilang, drama ini menawarkan paket lengkap. Satu kata untuk drama ini: Total!!!

Drama ini juga dibuat versi animenya. Bagi saya yang memang menyukai drama ini, tentu saja versi animenya juga menarik perhatian saya.



Winter Sonata


Judul: Winter Sonata (2002)
Anime: Winter Sonata (2009)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Jumlah Episode: 20
Channel: KBS2
Rilis: 14 Januari 2002 – 19 Maret 2002
Sutradara: Yun Seok Ho, Lee Hyung Min

Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee, Yoon Eun Kyung, Oh Soo Yun
• Kang Joon sang/Lee Min hyung (Bae Yong Jun)
• Jung Yu jin (Choi Ji Woo)
• Kim Sang hyuk (Park Yong Ha [RIP])
• Oh Che lin (Park Sol Mi)
• Kang Mi hee alias Ibunya Joon sang (Song Ok Sook)

Joon Sang pindah ke SMA baru demi mencari ayah kandungnya. Di SMA tersebut, ia bertemu dengan Yu Jin dan Sang Hyuk. Yu Jin dan Sang Hyuk adalah teman sedari kecil, meskipun Sang Hyuk ingin menjadi lebih dari sekadar teman, Yu Jin hanya menganggap dia sebagai saudara. Ketika mereka melakukan perjalanan, Joon Sang sempat menyelamatkan Yu Jin dari kecelakaan. Sejak saat itu, hubungan mereka menjadi lebih dekat. Namun, keadaan dan nasib tidak mengizinkan cinta mereka untuk bersatu. Di malam ketika mereka janji untuk bertemu, Joon Sang mengalami kecelakaan dan dikabarkan meninggal. Sejak itu, ia menghilang dari kehidupan Yu Jin. Sepuluh tahun kemudian, nasib mempertemukan kembali Yu Jin dengan seseorang yang mirip dengan Joon sang yang bernama Min Hyung (beda di gaya rambut sama wardrobe aja sih, tapi saya suka Bae Yong Jun sebagai Min Hyung). Sejak itu, Yu jin, yang masih sangat mencintai Joon Sang, mulai berharap bahwa Min Hyung adalah Joon Sang.

Bagi saya, winter sonata menjadi kdrama pertama yang membuat saya jatuh cinta terhadap musik dan lagu-lagu korea. Bisa dibilang, sejak nonton drama ini, saya jadi mulai deh ‘hunting’ lagu-lagu korea. Setelah saya dapet OST Winter Sonata, OST drama ini resmi jadi ‘teman seperjalanan’ saya keliling beberapa tempat di Jawa. Bahkan, saya inget banget, pas saya di Bromo, saya beli syal (secara di bromo, dini hari pula, dinginnya broooo) terus saya pake layaknya Bae Yong Jun make syal di Winter Sonata sekalian saya dengarkan OST Winter Sonata disepanjang perjalanan saya ke puncak Bromo (Malu juga kalo saya inget sekarang).

Tapppppi, bukan hanya OST yang membuat saya tidak bisa melupakan drama ini, melainkan juga Sosok Bae Yong Jun itu sendiri dan juga jalan ceritanya. Saya rasa karisma Bae Yong Jun di drama ini masih terbawa hingga sekarang. Contohnya saja, saya pernah membaca sebuah artikel mengenai Bae Yong Jun di mana ceritanya Bae Yong Jun ketemuan sama Kim Hyun Joong (SS501, Boys Before Flower) di suatu kafe entah di Korea atau di Jepang (lupa mode on). Nah, Di kafe itu, coba tebak, siapa yang dikerumuni dan dimintai foto bareng juga tanda tangan. Tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah Yong-sama alias Bae Yong Jun, sementara Kim Hyun Joong merasa terheran-heran. Bayangin deh, Kim Hyun Joong yang notabene idola anak zaman sekarang, yang cakep itu, yang suaranya juga ga jelek-jelek amat. Ck ck ck ck, kalah pamor sama Yong-sama. Segitu besarnya ya pesona Bae Yong Jun.

Anyway, sangking terkenalnya Winter Sonata, pada akhirnya dibuat versi manhwa (komik korea) dan anime (kartun jepang). Kerennya lagi, pengisi suara anime-nya adalah pemain aslinya. Dan ending ceritanya pun dibuat happy ending banget. Seperti yang kita tahu (yang udah nonton), ending versi kdrama agak menggantung, seperti belum selesai. So, kalo pengen nonton yang happy ending banget, coba deh liat versi anime, dijamin tidak akan rugi deh (yah, kecuali fakta bahwa Yong-sama sudah lebih tua dari pada ketika dia main versi dramanya)



The Heirs’s Stuff (Not Review)

Who doesn’t know The Heirs, Kim Tan, Cha Eun Sang, and also Choi Young Do. I guess, almost all people know it * except for those who really dislike korean drama. * When we talk about the Heirs, there are so many things comes up to mind. From the infamous kiss, the clothing, the soundtracks, the famous lines and don’t forget the accessories. The heirs’s stuff become famous following the drama. Lots of fans are crazily want to have the same stuff with the characters in the drama.

Let’s starts with some of my favorites:


Panda Pendant Necklace

Wishbone Necklace

Roumang Hug Doll ($81,95)

Star-printed backpack
Accessorize Pop Tweed Rucksack (£35)

Eun Sang Il Bisonte Backpack

Jansport Canvas Backpack breaktown

IL BISONTE Leather Crossbody Bag APZA209 ($438)

Jerome dreyfuss Momo leather mini shoulder bag (£325)

Louis Quatorze Bag (578,000 Won)

Beanpole Brwon Herrit Small Tota Bag BE3CA2919C ($498)

Nanamica Cycling Pack (27,300 Yen)

Louis Quatorze Pink medium Woman Wallet ($250)

Hooked by Korean Drama “The Heirs” Original Soundtrack

the heirs ost

So, after I watched The Heirs episode 12. Can not help myself to stop heard the OST. Actually it’s been replaying in my head. I’ve been hooked, definitely. Whether I listen to it from my hand phone or not. Crazy. I may say that this drama OST is one of the best. I mean, all the OST so far is amazing and really fit to the storyline. Some drama, not just kdrama, only couple of their OST could catch the viewer and listener heart. But this drama OST really captured lots of people who watched and listen to its OST. I probably in my fangirl mode, kdrama lover mode.

As far as I remember, the last time I am being like this is when I watched Queen In Hyun’s Man and it’s already long before. And for your info, I’m not so into Lee Min Ho * am I weird?, cos I believe there were lots of people who really fall into his charms. *

So, when I first watch this drama, I am not in my fangirl mode at all. All I expected is to watch a drama full of eye candy and lighthearted high school life * turned out to be wrong. It is a very thoughtful and deeper drama * just as a way to relax my brain and mind from everyday routine.

But, after watched from one episode to another, damn, I gradually turn back into my fangirl mode. And the OST, keep replaying them in phone. And after finished watching the drama, I am officially became MinShin shipper (MinShin = Min Ho & Shin Hye).

1. Changmin (2AM) – Moment

2. Various Artist – Moment (instrumental)

3. Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu – Love Is…

4. Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu – Love Is… (Acoustic)

5. Various Artist – Love Is… (instrumental)

6. Various Artist – Love Is… (Comic ver.)

7. Park Jang Hyun – Two People

8. Esna – Bite My Lower Lip

9. KEN (VIXX) – In The Name of Love (Korean Version)

10. KEN (VIXX) – In The Name of Love (English Version)

11. 2Young – Serendipity

12. Lee Hong Ki – I’m Saying

13. Various Artists –  I’m Saying (Piano Version)

14. Various Artist – I’m Saying  (Instrumental)

15. Big Baby Driver – What We Used To Be

16. Big Baby Driver – Here For You

17. Big Baby Driver – Some Other Day

18. Moon Myung Jin – Crying Again

19. Jadan Lee – Definitely You (episode 11, at Jeguk broadcast studio)

20. Park Shin Hye – Story

21. Backstreet Boys – Inconsolable (episode 11, at Hyo Shin car)

22. Trans Fixion – I Will See You

23. Choi Jin Hyuk – Don’t look back (Won and Hyun Joo break up, episode 20)

24. Avril Lavigne – 17 (episode 13, at mangosix)

25. Cold Cherry – Growing Pains 2

26. Various Artist – Growing Pains 2 (instrumental)

27. Lena Park – My Wish (Only with my Heart)

28. Lee Min Ho – Painful Love (Love Hurts)

29. Joe Brooks – Superman (episode 5, at mangosix)

30. Jesse Barrera & Melissa Polinar – I Don’t Care (episode 9, at mangosix)

31. Atomic Kitten – Cradle (episode 1, at mangosix)

32. Tamia – Officially missing you (episode 13, at mangosix)

33. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (episode 12, Rachel’s mom fashion show)

34. David Cook – Take me as I am (episode 8, at mangosix)

35. David Guetta Feat. Sia – Titanium (episode 15, ata Bona and Chan Young Make Up party)

36. Sleeping at Last – Turning Page (episode 16, Tan-Eun date/ couple shoes)  

37. Jason Mraz feat. james Morrison – Details in the Fabrics (episode 17, at cafe where Won met his future fiancee)

38. Sarah McLachlan – Do what you have to do (episode 18, at Restaurant where Won met Eun Sang)

39. Various Artists – Potents Of War

40. Various Artists – Dream Catcher

41. Various Artists – Weight Of The Crown

42. Various Artists – Logical Love

43. Various Artists – Heritor

44. Various Artists – Aim At The Crown

45. Various Artists – Dream of One Summer Night (한여름 밤에 꿈)

46. Various Artists – 별을 세는 아이

47. Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why I Didn’t Come (at Restaurant when Tan’s Mom, Eun Sang & Tan met, episode 14)

48. Green Day – Stray Heart (Tan surfing, episode 1)

49. Swing till you drop – When you’re smiling (Tan meet Won in the ranch, episode 3)

50. Nickelback – Because of You (Young Do’s car after pick up Rachel from Airport, episode 4)

51. Rachael Yamagata – You Won’t Let Me (When Kim Won give wishbone necklace to Hyun Joo, episode 5)

52. Bruno Mars – Treasure (at Rachel’s Mom store, episode 9)

53. Background music before Young Do Let Eun Sang go into the swimming pool (episode 11)

54. ZE:A – Spectacular (episode 8, when Young Do annoyed Myung Soo by saying There are better song. What is this! LOL)

55. Lobo – I’d Love You to Want Me (Episode 19, when Chan Young’s dad met Esther Lee in a café)

56. Karla Bonoff – The Water is Wide (Episode 19, when Chan Young’s dad met Esther Lee in a café)



Alright by Aziatix


This is my song of the week. Me and family is having a hard time to collect fund for our new house. Sometimes, we felt that it is impossible to get such amount of money in a month. But we keep our faith in God, that there wil be a way if we show some effort, that everything will be alright.

The song that encourage me to be positive. The song that comforts me that everything will be alright… alright… and I believe it will be.

So keep rewind this song in my head while actually singing it.

All stress aside, it’s my time to shine
I did my 9 to 5, I’m glad that I’m alive
Step into the club, I roll through like I’m the man
Because I am, with the master plan, haters looking at me like damn

Wanna kick dirt up on my name, crush my life and all it’s dreams
Yet I feel so fresh, so clean when I step into the scene
Through the smiles and frowns, ups and downs, high and lows going all day and all night
Perfect timing, man it’s so right, my moment is here, I’ll be alright

Feels like there’s something trying to tell me, everything is gonna’ be alright, alright, alright
But I can’t help but look over my shoulders, just to know it’s gonna’ be alright, alright, alright
I always feel like, somebody’s watching me
(And I have no privacy)
I always feel like, somebody’s watching me
(Tell me is it just a dream)

The stars are out I’m a take my place
Because I have way more then what it takes
And all the people behind wanna’ see me break
But from all my mistakes, I’m feeling great
Never will I call it quits, start scratching my head and be known for the one who flakes
Do the do the 2 step I got moves to make
I’m alright, alright, I’m straight
But I’m a have to keep it real cause’ some things will never change
The same thought that be playing in my brain

Feels like there’s something trying to tell me, everything is gonna’ be alright, alright, alright
But I can’t help but look over my shoulders, just to know it’s gonna’ be alright, alright, alright
I always feel like, somebody’s watching me
(And I have no privacy)
I always feel like, somebody’s watching me
(Tell me is it just a dream)

Put your hands up
A little higher, higher
Put your hands up
Put em up, put em up, way up in the sky

Feels like there’s something trying to tell me, everything is gonna’ be alright, alright, alright
But I can’t help but look over my shoulders, just to know it’s gonna’ be alright, alright, alright
I always feel like, somebody’s watching me
(And I have no privacy)
I always feel like, somebody’s watching me
(Tell me is it just a dream)

lyrics from urbanlyrics

Korean Fever

background kdrama

Nowadays, Korean fever have influence people all over the world, including my own country, Indonesia. For me, Korean culture already touched my interest since I was teenager.

But that day, the fever was not as big as now. As I recall, back then, I even hardly found friends who I can share about it. So, my interest back then, only kept for myself.

Although it’s understandable. I’ve grown up surrounded by Indonesian Culture and American culture with a little touch of Japanese Culture.

Especially for music and fashion, I was so into American and Japanese. Mostly, I listen and watch American music and dramas, also anime (Japanese cartoon). Even the book I mostly read was Japanese comic known as manga.

As from my own country culture, I was infected by the music, Dangdut, and the traditional dance, such as Jaipong. Although all these was my late father doing.

He gave us freedom to enjoy other cultures, but he always made us remember our own culture. He ‘forced’ us to watched lenong, wayang, or even dangdut performances.

In return, he bought me cassettes or video of my favorite artist, such as, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi etc. He ‘pushed’ me to learn Jaipong dance, which I thanked him for pushing me for doing it.

He occasionally took us to places related to Indonesian culture, for instance, to the Museum, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, gallery or Taman Ismail Marzuki, and sooo many more, that I couldn’t even remember.

But, I guess, his efforts is not wasted. I am, right now, not forget my own culture, and even more proud of it.

Ok, back to Korean fever. Now, everywhere, everytime, I could hear about Korean. Whether its music, fashion, dramas, movies, make up, accessories, artist, even its own country.

Truthfully, I am so happy, since now I have many friends who I can share about it. And I think it is quite good, Since they also came from Asia continent. And now, we have more choices, not only America or Europe.

For me, I rather have positive attitude towards these new trends. I mean, we could learn something positive from it. If Korean can do it, why can’t we? Maybe one day, I could read someone writing about Indonesian fever. It is not something impossible, right.

Anyway, If I like Korean culture, it doesn’t mean I’m so into Korean that I am no longer Indonesian. I may have a crush with Korean culture that sometimes reflected in my everyday life, but inside my heart, I am still, definitely, Indonesian.

And still hoping for Indonesia to be much better than other country, someday. So, since right now, Korean fever is all around the world, why don’t we get infected and join the fun.

Start by listen to their music (click here to listen) and watch their awesome dramas (click here to find the drama you want), then join one of the forum (click here to join), and I’m pretty sure you’ll end up being infected soon.