Shades of Peach

Welcoming Silangit, North Sumatera, with wide open arms.

Wearing square paris Linen for my hijab and linen pants. Colorful yet soft shirt by Dian Pelangi. With marie claire flat shoes fit in my feet. Simple and modest. All in shades of peach color.
Memulai perjalanan saya ke Danau Toba, Sumatera Utara dengan outfit yang simple dan modest. Plus nyaman dipakai. Outfit yang akan menemani saya menghabiskan 1 hari pertama mengeksplor keindahan silangit, muara, dan Danau Toba.

Cotton and Linen for Hijab Summer Outfit

That day was a hot kinda day. So I decide to wear an outfit that couldn’t make me suffer throughout the whole day. A hijab summer outfit, well kind of.

Cotton or linen,  pick between them was my first choice. Couldn’t choose in between so both were wore.

An oversize gingham patterns cotton shirt with different length between the back and front side. A simple linen pants. Both in pastel colors. Wore with chiffon scarf and all settle off to the shore.

Add a simple necklace from environmental jewellry and a thong from rubi than it is done.

Perfect for hot day into sea. Never been comfortable while exploring 3 islands in a day.

Nyaman banget pake yang namanya baju dari bahan katun atau linen. Apalagi buat hijaber kaya saya yang ingin mengeksplor 3 pulau dalam satu hari. Panas, berangin, dan sesekali terkena cipratan air laut.

My Kind of Daily Look with Linen

Linen fabric became my favorite since forever. Just see my post about for the love of linen. Lots of my clothes especially for daily looks made of Linen fabric. It just perfect for our tropical climate.

Kemeja oversize plus celana yang sama-sama dibuat dari bahan linen, sungguh nyaman dipakai sehari-hari. Bahan linennya sendiri saya dapatkan di Mayestik di Toko Fancy, which is saat itu sedang sale. Bahan yang biasanya 1 m dibanderol 110 ribu langsung turun harga menjadi 68 ribu. Awesome! Setelah dijahit, hasilnya sangat memuaskan. Tidak kalah dengan outfit linen dari rakuten, zara, or brand ternama lainnya.

Peplum Top and Batik Skirt for Graduation Day

It was graduation day for my kiddos who spent a year with me. They will continue their journey of learning in elementary program. What a sad and also happy day.

So the dresscode is Red and Black. I actually didn’t plan to wear this outfit. But then again, there I was, standing in a fabric store called Mumbai Textile and Hash right in Mayestik. What an unplanned situation. Finally bought 3 metres of diamond chiffon and 2 metres of batik print.

Voila! A peplum top with a batik skirts which I just literally wrapped it along my body became my outfit of the day. And there I was, get an Oscar for it. Hahaha, blaaaaah, just kidding.

Batik and Linen Top for a Wedding Party

Went to the wedding of my long lost friend, Sita in Grand Ballroom Kelapa Gading Club. reminiscence of my highschool era. We shared the same table for a year in Highschool (SMUN 70) and joined the same extended activity, TLUP * well, I’ve been dreamin’ to be one of Paskibraka Nasional back then. * We lost contact for years, so you may called her wedding as a reunion also. Congratulation Sita and Ditto. My prayer for both of you.

Untuk busana resepsi kali ini, saya sengaja mengambil tema agak tradisional. Blouse polos berbahan linen dipadukan dengan kain batik Danar Hadi yang dililit dan diikat di bagian depan. Kerudung yang terbuat dari bahan sifon ditambah aksesoris dengan shade gold menjadi sentuhan akhir tampilan kali ini.

It is easy, simple, effortless, and comfy outfit which will be my all time favorite. It is just the high heels is killing me * maklum jarang banget pakai high heels. * Untung sudah tersedia sahabat setia saya di mobil yaitu sandal andalan sejuta umat, sandal jepit! * jadi teringat betapa terkenal dan melambungnya popularitas sandal jepit swallow ketika tertangkap kamera sedang dipakai artis Korea. *

Comfortable with Linen

As Linen is one of my favorite fabric, I was getting more and more using this fabric for my everyday clothes. Love everything about Linen. Feels so comfortable with linen.

Suka sekali dengan bahan linen yang nyaman dipakai, baik untuk atasan maupun bawahan. Warnanya yang soft, dingin saat dipakai, dan efek-efek kusut yang tidak mengganggu penampilan * karena sifat linen memang seperti itu. *

Nude Color Outfit for Day 3 of Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

For the 3rd Day of IFW 2015, I am more than prepared.Well, there is no work for that day means no full packed day for the day. So I grabbed one of my favorite outfit from the closet and voila! here I am * not so bad, am I? *

What can I say. I’m so in love with nude color and batik off course * take a look at my older post which contain almost about batik * I also love my cerruti flowy skirt which homemade skirt * applause to my mom, my personal designer * Add gold button shirt made of twiscone fabric and paperlunch clutch gold from manikan. Then, put on pink turquoise color veil from batik keris as local statement.

Last but not least, to complete my day, I wear a super comfy Cybelle (brown) wedges from beajove * they really did justice for their tagline “comfort craft” * Trust me, I’ve been strolling around the main stage and exhibition hall in hours and not even single complain came from my feet. Make me wants some more.