Dry Rice Grain Necklace from Environmental Jewelry

Suka banget sama brand satu ini. Unik dan ramah lingkungan. Bagaimana tidak, perhiasan yang mereka tawarkan terbuat dari butiran beras kering. Yup, beras. Sama seperti beras yang setiap hari kita makan.

20161007_065204As someone who graduated from Biology major and love fashion, I really  have a soft spot in my heart for a sustainable fashion, ecofashion, or  fashion with nature-based.

When I encountered this brand from one of fashion week event in Jakarta, I just fall in love at first sight. Environmental Jewelry, that what was written there. A jewelry brand which all their jewelry carefully handcrafted using dry rice grain. Yup, rice, the same rice that we used to see everyday, ate every single day.

Unique. Timeless. Interesting.

My first impression of their jewelry at the first sight. While thinking how pretty it will be to wear the necklaces, bracelets, or even rings. Unfortunately not the earrings since I wear hijab.

And they are, very uniquely pretty to wear. Pretty much as a statement add to any simple outfit. Now, they are one of my favorites.

Unique Necklaces by Schonmoi

Jatuh cinta sama aksesoris atau perhiasan dari merk local bernama Schonmoi or schon. Produk yang mereka tawarkan sangat unik. Pertama, sebagian besar terbuat dari kayu. kedua, model dan bentuknya bisa dibilang vintage atau retro. Jadi, kalau memang ingin bergaya oldies, retro or vintage, Schonmoi ini bisa jadi pilihan utama.

I like jewelry. But as a woman wearing veil, I can not wear as much or all kind of jewelry I want. Most of the time, I add jewelry such as long necklace, rings or bracelet that have uniqueness.

One of them is necklaces from a brand called Schon or Schonmoi. They focuses on the products of home décor, jewelry, accesories, and other fashion products. What I really love about their necklaces are almost all of them made of wood. So it can pretty much called as part of ecofashion.

Next, the design are unique. A little bit retro or vintage. So when you wanted to add some vintage or retro style on your daily wear or style, Schonmoi is one of the best choices out there.


I Heart Fleur from Massicot

I heart Fleur.

What is Fleur? Fleur A is the name of the necklace pendulum that I wore that day. Fleur is a feminine given name also in French, English and other languages. It means “flower” in French. It is a beautiful and unique pendulum I got from Massicot. Massicot is a jewerly brand from Indonesia which founded by Amanda Matsuri and Ramdhan Muhammad. What I love about Massicot is that each pendulum (stone) does not have the same visual. And it always one of a kind.

I hardly get one of their stones, cause it always sold out in a couple of minutes. Their exclusive design, their unique name, their packaging and their hospitality to the customer made Massicot a must have item.

So, that day. my outfit felt like Indonesia lover. With the scarf from Dian Pelangi (a fashion designer from Indonesia), Batik skirt (definitely from Indonesia), and Necklace from Massicot (also from Indonesia). Owh, how much I ‘,m proud to be Indonesian ^^