Jungleland Adventure

Although it is called Jungle, it is not really a jungle, off course. Many often confuse between this jungleland in sentul and the other jungle in Bogor which is completely different. One is a theme park while the other is a water park.

Our adventure begins early in the morning. Me and my cousins joined my brother’s company gathering (thanks bro!) so it was absolutely free (happy me). At least, not until we arrived.

 It was full pack. We even parked in jungleland employees parking lot. So, we didn’t get the mandatory post in front of the jungleland’s globe because we entered through the employee’s gate. 

Inside, we were thrill, excited, and very aticipated. But, reality is almost always cruel than our hope. 

There were thousands peoples in bright blue clothes as far as we can see. My brother’s company gathering is not even close to the bluers. Much later on, we got information from the jungleland worker that there are also another company gathering. He made count and said, more than 9000 peoples in jungleland now.

Oh. my. God.

We are screwed.

All plans went through the air. Vanish. 

Many peoples only meant one thing though. A very long queque in each and every ride out there.

Did the fact made us backed off. Naaah. Whatever had to happen, so be it. 

We waited for almost one hour for each ride. And that made us afford only 6 rides from morning to afternoon. What an adventure it was.

Firstly, we rode an octopus. Not quite challenging, but quite okay.

Next, we met dinosaurs in a jurassic park vibe. Well, kind of. 

Okay, the ride make us giggling much since this is more appropriate for kids rather than us.

Next, we excitedly went to the ferris wheel.

The queque was unbelieveable so we skipped it first to ride the plane looks like. 

Off course, we had to wait, again for almost an hour. But, it was worth the wait. So freaking awesome ride.

Move forward, we wanted to play water related rides, high adrenalin rides, and off course a swing ride.

Much to our dissapointment, there were many rides did not operate. So, we decide to just capture the view around which was quite fun and stunning.

Lastly, right before we went home. We ride a water ship. The only kind of ride in Indonesia. As if we were in an ocean battlefield, we use water gun to shoot another ship. 

Love it, like pirates of carribean. As if I was Keira Knightley though.

Fortunately we went home after this. Because it made us all wet, literally. And just at the right time, rains started to pouring down, heavily.

Run run run run to the car. And that was how we ended our adventure in Jungleland.


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