A Walk to Discover in Singapore: Henderson Waves

Singapore! When I heard Singapore, shopping and Merlion came first at my mind. Most of people I know went to Singapore for shopping or discovered Universal Studios then taking mandatory picture with the famous Merlion.

Rarely I heard of them visit Singapore to enjoy their garden, parks or nature. So, when my cousin told us that we will do our morning run in the Southern Ridges, especially in the Henderson Waves, I was beyond thrill.

As we arrived late at night in Changi Airport, we only had few hours to sleep. And that made us woke up late in the morning. We went straight to the Mountbatten MRT station and took the train (Circle line) headed to Harbourfront station.

It was work day, so the train was full of Singaporean who were going to work or school. It was so quite in the train (remind me of how noisy it will be if it was in Indonesia) and very comfortable being inside of the train. I was impressed.

From the Harbourfront station, we planned to hike through Marang trail. But, after some thinking, we decided not to because of many reasons. So I took my phone out and reserved Uber to take us to Henderson road.

Not long after, a long and high stairs welcomed us, a stairway to heaven if I may call it. Well, I might be over exaggerated. At the end of the stairs, green scenery and a mountain trail were ahead of us, along the way to the Henderson Waves.

Finally, Henderson Waves right in front of our eyes. As we were getting ready to run along the waves, we took some snapshot here and there.

Henderson waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore which standing 36 meters above the Henderson road. It said as one of the best spots in Singapore to enjoy panoramic views of the city, harbour and the Southern Islands. And I couldn’t agree more.

It was so refreshing and relaxing. Fresh and nice air combined with beautiful scenery surely made us wanted to spend more time in here. Sadly, we had to force our self moved to another destination which is HarbourFront Centre and VivoCity also Coldplay Concert.

So, bye-bye waves. See you when I see you.




4 thoughts on “A Walk to Discover in Singapore: Henderson Waves

  1. Beberapa tahun lalu aku juga ke sini dan memang pemandangannya bagus ya dari atas! Apa lagi waktu itu cuma aku dan temenku yang ada disana, jadi bebas mau foto-foto. Cuma lumayan capek naik tangganya hehehe.

    Btw salam kenal, Mba 😀


    • Hi, Navia, Dulu masih sepi kali ya. Enak jadinya abisin waktu di sana. Sekarang mah dah rameeeee banget, apalagi makin siang. Thanks God, kami kesananya masih pagi dan weekday. Itu aja, rather than running, enjoying the view, or just walking around, most people are busy taking picture. Mao foto aja ampe pada antri. Efek instagram kayanya, pada mau ambil foto dengan berbagai angle biar kece.


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