Not So Fashionable Presence at Passion Fashion Show, Indonesia Fashion Week 2017

Finally, the Indonesia Fashion Week is here. Finally, we could present in one of the fashion show.


Excited, as we see the designer line up in the invitation. I mean, Susan Zhuang, Harry Ibrahim, Chossy Latu, and Dinara Abdullina from Kazakhstan are in the line up.
Curious, as there were also new young designer show their first collection in IFW.
Worried, if there will be a PD or another meeting at work that make us late for the show.
Last but not least,
Wondering, if our outfit will be fashionable enough to attend this show.

By the time we should leave to the venue, straight from the workplace, the feeling that remains only excitement and curiousity. Worries is long gone since there was no PD whatsoever. Wondering also vanish through the air since we actually don’t have choice to change into another outfit. So there we were, wearing our work outfit.

I was presentable enough but not so fashionable enough. I kind of laughed at myself by the time I looked at the mirror. I remember of a line in the invitation, “We request your fashionable presence at Passion feat…” Hahaha, fashionable presence.


ifw-2017-2 ifw-2017-3

Well, at least we were full of smile, felt comfortable, and confidence enough to come. There some said, confidence and smile is what makes you more beautiful. And our fashion, let’s just called it effortless fashion.

The show must go on. So did we. Take our own moment outside and inside the venue.

ifw-2017-4 ifw-2017-5


ifw-2017-10 ifw-2017-8 ifw-2017-9

And let the show begins.

Fashion Show: “Passion” Part 1, Passion Show: “Passion” In Between with Maria Calista, and Fashion Show: “Passion” Part 2.



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