Exploring IKEA

IKEA. Been heard of that word millions time before. The only thing I know, back then, it was a store in Singapore with lots of cute and sophisticated furniture and anything related to interior design.

So when rumor has it, IKEA will open their store here, in BSD, Indonesia. I am super duper happy. I Guess all Indonesian as happy as I am. You can see by how crowded In there during weekends or holiday * I’ve been there and awfully full packed of people, not comfortable at all *


Nonetheless, here, IKEA not only serve as a store, but also a place to hang out, refreshing, window shopping, playing, also sight seeing. There’s even places that became an infamous spot * picture below * for taking selfie and OOTD * no exception for me and my cousins, hehe *

Anyway, if you like to design or decorated your own space or room, and you like a cute, simple, multi-function, and rare furniture, IKEA will be one of the right place to visit. Just make sure you prepared some money to shop there.


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