Cheese In The Trap List of OST

As per usual, when I am hooked in a drama, it will shown in my passion to find all the OST or even all the song included in the drama. And obviously there is no exception for this pretty ‘infamous’ drama called Cheese In the Trap.

ost part 1ost part 2

It only just 4 episode on air, but dang the OST is already worth listen for. The background music (BGM) also addicting and refreshing. And the song, no words can describe, love all the song. This drama really trapped me through its everything, just like I stated in my previous post about this drama.

1. Twenty – Cheese in The Trap [OST Part 1 – Track 1]

2. Cosmos Hippie – Maybe I like You [OST Part 1 – Track 2] – (episode 2, when Seol printing her report)

3. Tearliner – Golden Coconut Club (Sentimental Scenery Mix) – Instrumental [OST Part 1 – Track 3] – (episode 2, when Bora dressed up and make over Seol for blind date)

4. Tearliner – Our Whispering (Sentimental Scenery Mix)- Instrumental [OST Part 1 – Track 4] – (episode 2, in the beginning)

5. Tearliner feat. Yozoh – I am Love  [OST Part 2 – Track 1] – (episode 1, when Seol met Jung and monologue that she isn’t ready to trust his answer, yet)

6. Tearliner – Einfuhlung  [OST Part 2 – Track 2] – (episode 1, ending)

7. Tearliner – Cat and Nap [OST Part 2 – Track 3] – Instrumental (episode 3, BGM when Seol met In Ho, while Jung watching from behind them)

8. Tearliner – Warm Winter Latte [OST Part 2 – Track 4] – Instrumental – (episode 3, BGM when Seol being the only one who came to the presentation meeting)

9. Tearliner – It’s Partly Cloudy Today [OST Part 2 – Track 5] – Instrumental

10. 10 cm – Love Forms a Drop (episode 1, BGM when Seol met Jung in coffee shop and Jung ignored her)

11. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro – Sympathy [fast forward to 8:16] (episode 1, when Seol running to Uni after Bora called her about their early class)

12. Zion T – No Make Up (episode 1, at Coffee Bay when Bora give Seol her saving)

13. Needle & Gem – Dawn (episode 1, at Coffee Bay when Yoo Jung buy americano for himself and strawberry shake for Seol, episode 4 when Jung asked Seol for a date)

14. Slow 6 – Aloha (episode 2, when Jung attended Prof. kang class and sat next to Seol)

15. 316 – Cappucino (episode 2, BGM when Seol try to set up Jung with Ah Young in Uni cafetaria)

16. Zee Avi -Madness (episode 2, BGM when Inho almost fight with Seol’s blind date)

17. POE (Band) – Prelude (episode 2, BGM when Jung met In Ho for Seol handphone)

18. No Respect for Beauty – I am A Shadow (episode 4, during flashback, BGM when Jung said he don’t want to see Nam Jo Yeon ever again after homeless incident with Seol)

19. Love X Stereo – Hide and Seek (original)

20. Vanilla Acoustic – xx (unreleased OST, when Jung follow behind Seol)

21. Kang Hyun Min feat. Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa – Such [OST Part 3] – (episode 2, ending)

22. People and People – No Sorrow Words [OST Part 3] – (episode 3, when Seol recalled what prof. kang said and when she called ‘sunbae’ after he give a coin to the vending machine for Seol)

23. Needle & Gem – Walls (episode 4, BGM when Seol met Jung on their first date)

24. Tearliner – xx [OST Part 3] – Instrumental (episode 4, BGM Seol starving after first date with Jung)

25. F(x) – 4 Walls (episode 4, in store where In Ha shopping)

26. Sunday2pm – 어떻게 (episode 4, in restaurant, Jung and Seol first date)

27. Tearliner – xx [OST Part 3 – Track 4] – Instrumental (episode 5, when Seol and Jung talked outside the hospital)

28. Tearliner – xx [OST Part 3 – Track 5] – Instrumental (episode 3, BGM when Seol’s presentation group member text her to cancel off their meeting)

29. Biggi Hilmars – Shortcut to Happiness (BGM opening)

30. Rocoberry – I’m Fine (episode 5, BGM in the beginning when Jung saved Seol from Falling and their quarrel under the rain)

31. Hyukoh – Comes and Goes (episode 5, BGM in the bar when Jung met Joo Yong)

32. No Respect For Beauty – Day of Departure (episode 5, BGM when Teacher Assistant Heo told Seol about Jung behind her Scholarship and her office job also during Seol confronted Jung about it)

33. The Solutions – (I Couldn’t be) Your One (episode 5, when Jung at the Gym)

34. Vanilla Acoustic – Our Time [OST Part 1 – Track 1] – (episode 3, when Jung following Seol from behind)

35. Tearliner feat. 5urprise – Delete You. Erase You [OST Part 1 – Track 2] – (episode 6, ending song)

36. Tearliner – Powder Sugar lowering [OST Part 2 – Track 3] – Instrumental

37. Tearliner – xxx  [OST Part 2 – Track 4] – Instrumental (episode 1, when EunTaek took the attendance list and run with it to help Seol reach the class on time)

38. Tearliner – Perception Today  [OST Part 2 – Track 5] – Instrumental (episode 5, when Jung and Seol under the rain)

39. Scentimental Scenery – First Kiss [OST Part 5] – Instrumental

40. Salt n Paper – Go (English Version) – [OST Part 5]

41. Salt n Paper – Go (Korean Version) – [OST Part 5]

42. Tearliner – The end is near [OST Part 5] – Instrumental

43. Tete – 그냥 좋은데 [OST Part 5]

44. Salt n Paper – One Heart (episode 9, when Jung part with Seol after Seol confront him about the text messages between him and Young Gon)

45. Bye Bye Badman – (episode 8, when Jung drunks in the bar and sniffling in Seol’s hair)

46. Min Chae – La la la (episode 8, when Seol ask for coffee in Seol’s uncle restaurant)

47. Sweden Laundry – A Little Bit More [OST Part 6] – (episode 9, when Seol thinking, can she even break up with Jung)

48. Monkeyz – Perhaps This is Love [OST Part 6] – (episode 11, when Seol excitedly met Jung who visit her in campus)

49. Tearliner – 밤의 편의점 [OST Part 6] – instrumental (episode 11, when Seol brought her mom and Jun to see his dad giving flyers for their restaurant)

50. Tearliner – 장화 속 무당벌레 [OST Part 6] – instrumental (episode 11, when Seol family asked Inho to join their family dinner)

51. O.O.O. – Gold Dust (episode 11, when Seol tutoring InHo in the library and Inho look so out of it)

52. No Respect For Beauty – Owls On the Ground (episode 12, flashback during Inho’s hand incident in Highschool)

53. Seoha – Cheese in The Trap female version [OST Part 7] – (episode 5, when Jung and Seol sleep in the hospital waiting for Bora’s dad)

54. Tearliner Feat. Taru – 살랑 어쩌면 사랑 (perhaps love) [OST Part 7] – (episode 2, when Seol met Jung during his graduation photoshoot and Jung took selfie of him with Seol)

55. Tearliner – Natural Curl [OST Part 7] – instrumental

56. Tearliner – Dream Inside of You [OST Part 7] – instrumental

57. eAeon – My Anniversary (episode 7, Seol monolog after the incident with the thief, scene where Jung out from police station)

58. Tearliner – 방황하는 파도 [OST Part 5] – Instrumental – (episode 9, during the flashbacks of Jung, Inha, Inho playing fireworks and episode 13, when jung offered money to Inho)

59. Tearliner feat. Kim Go Eun – Attraction (in many episode, when Jung backhug Seol, when they hug each other after the cool off phase aka JungSeol moment.)

60. Love X Stereo – Hide And Seek OST VERSION [OST Part 8] – (episode 14, ending)

61. Low-End Project – 첫만남 [OST Part 8] – Instrumental

62. Tearliner – 첫만남 [OST Part 8] – Instrumental

63. Sister’s Barbershop – Dancing Alone (episode 6, When Seol and Inho drinks at the Bar before Jung join in)


257 thoughts on “Cheese In The Trap List of OST

  1. Does anyone know the bgm played when Baek In ho and Hong Seol head towards home, and baek in ho asks seol to be like before, just for one month and that he will take care of his feelings after one month. (Episode 14, nearly around 28 minutes or something)


  2. anyone konws what is the name of the melody when jung in a flasback realise that he is in love with seol. It was when he was sick and seol take care of him 😀 please what is the name of the background music in that scene’


  3. What is the song that gets played in the background when seol and yoo jung meet near the lake and Yoo Jung tells her that he can’t part with her and Seol giggles shyly?


  4. If anyone knows what the piano piece that 백인호 (baekinho) plays before the duet (Je te veux) with 한설(hanseol) at the end of ep8. I would Love you. It has been bothering me since watching it.


  5. Does anyone know the background music played in cheese in the trap episode 9? It starts at 34:23.. It’s a scene where baek in ho and hong seol was walking together to go to school.


  6. PLEEEEEEAAAAASSEEEE help me find the song that inho plays at his concert. its towards the end of episode 16 at around about 50:00(?) inha and his old professor are there too..


  7. hello, can you help to tell me what guitar acoustic song in ep 13 played by bunch of guys, when In Ho has walked at park thinking abt his debt problem ? It was so teary T_T


  8. Hi,

    What song is played in ep 2 when Jung gets mad at Seol when she gets back from her blind date outside her house. I thought it is Tearliner/5urprise Erase you but it does not seem like it.



  9. does anyone know the name of the piano piece Baek In InHo and seol play together on ep 8? Seol first softly hums it then Inha plays it?


  10. Hello ; o ; Does anyone know the instrumental piano song that plays in ep 16 after Seol hands In Ho the document? It also plays in ep 11 when Seol, In Ho, Yoo Jung and the professor have lunch in the cafeteria.. I’m so desperate to find itttt T . T please help me


  11. Hi 🙂 by any chance, does anyone here know the title of the song that was played at the beginning of ep 12 where In Ho was offered to participate in a grand concours by his coach?


  12. Hello Everybody ! 😀
    Someone know what is this song when Yoo Jung invites Seol to eat ? Episode 2 ! 😀 Thanks ! 😀


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  14. hi guys, does anyone know the piano piece baek in ho played in the restaurant at ep 16? He played it before baek in ha praises him and asks for another happy tuned piano piece. I really wanna play it :> thank you


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  16. Hi! I’d like to know all the piano pieces that In Ho played!
    Especially the one where he asked Seol to suggest a song for him to play to show that he is a real pianist (earlier episodes), which is the same as the one he played in the storeroom for Seol when Seol was drinking at her uncle’s cafe after having a tiff with her boyf.
    Hope someone can help me with this!! Really wna know what’s the name of that piece.. Thanks for reading! 🙂


    • Same I came here to find see if anyone listed all of Baek Inho’s piano pieces cause I want to play them, if anyone finds them please comment them


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  18. Hi everyone and thanks for your hard work, please I want to know what Seol said in the OST attraction @ 3:32 it looks like she said something about sanpi , and thanks again.


  19. Does anyone know what the title of the song that was playing on Episode 15 when they were in the car talking about going on a vacation? It started when Hong Seol talked about the mountain or the ocean and ended when they got to the house.


  20. hi do you know the song baek inho played at that restaurant before baek inha shouted that her brother is a world-renowned pianist?


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