Whoaaa, it’s been a long time for me for actually updating this blog of mine. At first, because I was busy preparing for end of term report * well, I’m a teacher, remember. * Later on, my time was occupied by my relatives who came from Purworkerto, including my grandmother who finally left behind here, in my house. And now, I was totally drained by the fact that I lost almost all important things in life.

OK, Here is the Breaking News I’m gonna talk about:

I have been robbed!

Saya kehilangan 2 Dompet berisi barang-barang yang amat sangat penting!!!

During my Trip from Purwokerto to Jakarta,

I lost my longchamp purse filled with powerbank, handphone charger, earphone, and 8 GB USB with a memorable keychain from Tokyo.

Not enough,

I also lost my favorite London Berry card holder with more than 20 cards inside * I felt like crying, even until now. * I don’t care about the money inside, I just want my cards back. My ID, my driving licence, my health insurance card, my credit cards, my ATM, my Flazz card, my NPWP, my Jamsostek card, my hospital card, my mom ATM, and almost all my member card. They were all Gone. Lost. Vanish.

So, can you imagine how much time and money will I spent to get all that cards back? Not to mention, it was a long holiday. Most of the office are closed.

Dear God,

Definitely should forget about the long happy holiday ahead.

For all of you who find them, pretty please, send it back to me. Mohon kembalikan kalau menemukan ya.. Just see the address in my KTP. * meskipun semua orang yang saya curhatin meremehkan keinginan saya ini, menganggap tidak ada lagi manusia baik di jaman sekarang ini. *

But hey, saya boleh kan terus berharap. Bismillah…




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