Oh What a Day!

What a kind of monday.

Feeling excited also sleepy in this first day of the week. As Usual, I ride my beloved Red motorcycle off to work. It’s late already and I had to be in hurry.

When suddenly he lost its power and shut down in the middle of traffic jam.

Oh. my. God.

What a day!

I got a headache attack right at the time. Don’t have any strength left to push him to some workshop.

Oh, What a day!

Some people try their luck to fix it. But hey, he just won’t listen and stayed exactly as he is. Shut down completely. Still.

Oh, what a day!

So here I am, watched him hopelessly while hundreds of motorcycle right passed me.

It took an hour for me to gain strength, to completely have peace in heart and mind. And then push him to the nearest workshop which unfortunately was not as close as near.

So, What a day!



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