One of The Greatest Man in The World: Rhoma Irama


One day, someone asked me about one of the greatest man in the world. Someone that became my idol, my inspiration, or my addiction. When I think of it, there would be more than one person came into my mind. But when I look it more deeply into my heart, one of them would be Rhoma Irama. Rhoma Irama is the one and only. He is a legend in music industrial, especially dangdut. He is the one who struggle, to make dangdut more popular, get more respect, and became a part of Indonesian music. The reason I choose him is because his performance in stage are very unique. The songs that he sing are very inspiring. Moreover, his relationship with others making me very respect and admiring him.


As an entertainer, Rhoma Irama is a very talented person. During his performance on stage, whether it is on air or off air, he always showing the best of him. Start from his wardrobe, movement, and off course his voice. Everytime I saw him on stage, his dress always unique, kinds of reminds me with the way that Elvis dressed up. With long dress, ‘cut bray’ long pants, and some accessories such as bracelet, tasbih, or scarf. His movement is also entertaining, because he dances the same movement with his band member and in the same time using his guitar as a part of his movement. This kind of movement became his trademarks. Then his voice, undoubtly, has his own character. With his deep voice and segmented words, he reach everyone heart, especially me.




Out of his life as musician, as a person, he have a good relationship with others. I could see that from the bond that unite Soneta Group for over than 40 years and also from his own family. Eventhough, his relationship with some other is not too good, but it’s okay, he is only a human and human do have some mistakes. I remember that one day, some of his band members told me that Rhoma is a very kind, firm, religious, and loyal person. He always thinks his band members as his own family. Not only the band members, but also the whole family of his band member. In the same time, his son said that Rhoma is very caring, motivating, and religious to all of his children.


For all the reason that I already mention, I think I would love him even more. I regard him as the greatest man in the world. I thank him for his hardship in dangdut music, not only in Indonesia but all over the world. Because of him, I see dangdut from different perspective and enjoy dangdut even more. Also because of him, me and my whole family * especially my dad, who is his die hard fan * became more close, for we all love him. I hope, in the future, he could make more song that would be his masterpiece and make dangdut more popular all around the world.

Rhoma Irama said these sentences before,

Music is not just for fun. There are responsibilities on it.

In front of people and in front of God.”

So, Bung Rhoma Irama, fighting!



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