Congrats! From Indonesia to Iceland


When is the bundle of joy set to arrive? * hehehehe *

Both of you are soon-to-be parent. I can imagine how happy both of you.

Even I, myself, was teary and loaded with happiness when you tell me about the good news. “I am pregnant,” you stated. What a pleasant surprise right before Eid.

It definitely not an easy task to bring up a child, especially for you, Dini. Not to mention, far away from your homeland where you spent almost half of your life and where all your relatives are.

But, I believe you can do it. Hafthor and his entire family * Well, they all are your family now, right ^^ * will be there for you.

There is nothing a mother cannot do it, especially for her child. I witnessed it with my own eyes from my mother and I am quite sure that you also saw it from your mom.

So, be happy and strong, always. Even though pregnancy and bring up a child will be energy consuming and mentally draining. Just remind yourself that it all worthwhile.

You do remember that child is a gift from Allah. A special gift not every people can have. And when Allah grants you and Hafthor parenthood, Allah also gives both of you an enormous responsibility.

Keep praying that both of you will be an amazing and remarkable parents.

So, the behind story of this congratulatory was an almost late night whatsapp before Eid * at least, it was almost late night here in Indonesia. *

She started by updating her life there in Iceland. Somehow, I am envy her. I am thinking that she could see aurora live with her own eyes, soon. Some things that have been in my wish list for only Allah know how long.

I remember she said, “so far so good.” Feeling homesick? Off course she is, who wouldn’t be. It is already amazing she could celebrate Eid, first time in her life, without her parents.
Also, without all kinds of delicious food served during Eid. Thanks God, there is ’mbah’ google, to help her cooks Indonesian food whenever she feel like it.

Minutes later, we kept whatsapp to each other, talking about anything without meaning * hehehe * until she gave some hints which lead me to some random guess that SHE IS PREGNANT! And yes, She is.

Dear Allah, Alhamdulillah… I am soon-to-be aunty. Thinking about it, Hmm… A kid will have her own kid * hehehe, just kidding :p *

So happy for you dear friend ^_^

Here, virtually, I send you pempek (fishcake), rendang, and all kinds of food you can hardly find in Iceland * grinn *


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