Goodbye Peach Roomers, Hello Grey Roomers


Every ending is just another beginning.

Yes, the quote is very true. I am no longer a teacher for Peach Roomers, but the Grey Roomers instead. It is an ending between me and the Peach Room children, but just a beginning with Grey Room children.

In one side, I felt deeply sad. Leaving kiddos that have been with me for a whole year. They are part of me which will never be forgotten. They are my comfort zone until now.

In another side, I felt so excited. Working with new partner, getting to know new children, getting trust from new parents, and also being in the completely new and different atmosphere. I am happy. I really do. Moreover, I felt challenged.

Now, I kept the memories deep in my heart and mind, eager to make lots of new ones.

quote goodbye, hello

So now, let me bravely said to myself,

Goodbye Peach Roomers, Hello Grey Roomers…


One thought on “Goodbye Peach Roomers, Hello Grey Roomers

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