The Last Day of Peach Roomers

June 24, 2015

It was a happy but also gloomy day.

This is the last day of our school, before our long holiday and also the last day of Peach Roomers as a whole. Some of my kids will graduate tomorrow and move to K1 (elementary school). I have such a mixed feeling about it. I am so happy and look forward for the long holiday.

On the other hand, I felt sad because I won’t see my kids laughter for almost a month * their laughter and happy smile is my vitamins to get through the day * Not to mention, the graduates one will not be there, in Peach Room, by the time our holiday is over.


It was an exciting day.

Since it will be the first time we, Peach Roomers, played soccer with children’s dads. The dads are excited either do we. We played happily, running around and kicking the ball all around the mini soccer field.


It was a tiring and long day.

We had so many activities to do on that day. Since we played soccer in the morning and continue with practice for the Graduation Ceremony and Performance, conduct the last Parent Conference, and prepared for the Graduation (such as decorating etc.). We even break our fast on the hall while decorated and prepared things. I just leaved around 7 pm. The best part is, I was so sleepy since I could not bring myself to sleep the other night * must be because of the mixed feeling for saying goodbye with my kiddos *




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