Learn to Drive

June 21, 2015IMG-20150621-WA0002


This day will remained in my memory for ever. The first day I really learn how to drive a car.

It was such a sunny day. When we (me and my brother) decided to take a driving lesson. But, instead of paying for some driving course, we ‘force’ our lovely cousin to teach us.

So, here we are, filling up our day in Ramadan while learn to drive. While waiting for break fasting (iftar) time to come * ngabuburit kalo kata orang mah. *

At first, I was so nervous. I mean, I had drive Cars before, but they all are only bom bom cars. Not to mention, I always crash to each other * well that is bom bom car all about * There was one time I drive a real car, but only move forward backward *maju mundur cantik kalo kata Syahrini mah *

So, it was really reasonable for me to be nervous * pembenaran * furthermore, my teacher, my master, my dear cousin is someone who really expert in this driving world * she has been driving since forever as far as I remember. *

Then, let it be. I found my courage and sat on the driver seat. She explained to me in really detail, especially the safety rule. Kind of unbelievable that she can teach us the way she was * 2 jempol buat Dta *

Not long after the theory, I started the engine and here we go. * aaah, smooth… For once at a time * I drive the cars slowly but sure, around the neighbourhood. Learn to have the ‘feeling’ while driving. Hmm… It felt good. Can not wait to drive the car on the street by myself.

Then, it was almost 5 pm. How time flies so fast. That we had to ended our lesson for today. I was very excited, very full of spirit for our next lesson * jangan kapok ya Dta *

We spent our fasting day with something worth it. We spent it to learn new things, gained more knowledge than we already had. And I hope, Allah will pour His bless upon us. Aamiin.

I believe, eventhough we did not spent the day with read Qur’an or recite some hadits, but we do learning. And learning something positive will definitely got Allah’s blessing. That is what I believe.

So, learn to drive?

Bring it on!


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