Hello Kitty Bracelet

This is one of my favorite bracelet. Look how cute it is. Three Kitty is on my wrist. I got this one accidentally on this amazing online shop called missbigjillacc Let just say that it was love at the first sight. Since I kinda like hello kitty * although can not say that I am the fanatic one *

I guess being a preschool teacher made me kinda in love with cute and childish thing. This hello kitty thing is one of them. Almost all the girls in the classroom love her. So, can you imagine how their reaction when they saw me, their teacher, wore this bracelet. They love it! Gather around me and kept throwing question about the Kitty bracelet.

“Miss, it is so cute.”

“Where you buy this miss?”

“Can I touch it?”

“Can I try it, please?”

Those were some question they asked me. What cute little students of mine.


One thought on “Hello Kitty Bracelet

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