A Day in Egyptian Costume

That day was a day of International Multicultural Week in our school.

Our classroom choose Egypt. We decorated our classroom with Egypt things, such as the view, decoration, house miniature, food, carpet, costume, books, musical instrument and etc. We learned about this country for a week. We became egyptian for a week. We even cooked one of their food, learn to sing one of their song, learned to speak their languange, and performed one of their dance * but it’s all a little bit modified in a way so preschool children could easily understand *

So, here we are, on the day of our performance, we all wore the Egyptian costume. In fact, we all wore the ancient Egyptian costume. Since I wear hijab, I have to made my own costume.

What I need to made the costume are broken white satin fabric, lace, gold spandex fabric, and a gold crystal stone. For the headpiece, I borrowed it from parent. If you want to make it by yourself, you also can do it. Just buy the yellow or gold beads, transparent string, and some of circle shapes thin beads. You can find it in Toko Maju in Mayestik or Toko Charisma in Tanah Abang.

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