Discovering Food in Market Museum: Surprise Kitchen Vol. 2 At Lippo Mall Kemang

For you who don’t know about Market Museum. It is Thematic market for young entrepreneurs!

And here I am, in their event called Surprise Kitchen Vol.2 at Lippo Mall Kemang. I have never been to Kemang Village  also to Market & Museum. So, when my dear cousin * Dta * told me about it and asked me to go with her * in the end, we went with our family. My uncle, aunty, and my mom * I was like, whoaaaa, so excited.

My first impression of this event was like. Oh My God. I’m so dead. RIP DIET * although I’m not really on diet * Can you imagine, food and drinks everywhere. Not just ordinary one. A cute, unique, luscious, yummy food all over the place. Deep down in my heart, I kept praying, “Dear God, phewlisss… don’t let my tummy be greedy today.” But hey, I can keep on prayer, but the reality has been really harsh to me. God know how much I gain more weight that day.

So, we started by taking our picture * off course we are. The social media are waiting for our upload. hehehe * Pose here and there. And then off we go.. to Discovering food * this is my former little student slogan every time she want to tried eating new food or drinks during Snack Time *

And the journey of discovering food begun. The crowd is amazing. They all craving for food and drinks * we are included *

(Photo credit: marketmuseum instagram)

We made a round trip first and marks which one we’re gonna try. We were like, “Aah that is so cute. Aah this one looks yummy. I want that one. This one too. How about that one over there? Let’s see that. Here, here too. Ooowhh Me, want it want it. Definitely going to buy that.” By the time we finished our trip, we can not decided which one we are going to buy first * hahaha *. So, we went outside to see what’s on the food truck. Although it is really not helping since they all sell food too * another hahaha, poor us *

Finally we decided to taste the sweet ice cream roll from zibbibo. The making process and the outlook of the end product really catch our eyes. Mine was vanilla ice cream with strawberry and peach while Dta’s was chocolate ice cream with ovomaltine. Yummy to the bone. Ice cream is always the best!

Next, we grabbed some soft, sweet, and luscious pannacotta from the jeyoux bakes.

Refreshing thai tea and coffee tea from addictea.

Healthy plant based milk, the almond milk from au lait.

Lidi with double spicy and cheese flavor from lidi geli.

Crunchy and yummy yakitori.

V-cone shape with vanilla and chocolate ice cream filling from the one and only seoul cane ice cream from yi.kon.

Mie yamin fresh from Baim Wong * he, himself, literally serve us with the yamin * mie & you. And there Dta, standing next to Pevita Pearce with Baim Wong serve the Yamin for both of them * wow, what a sight. Dta is as pretty as Pevita, if you ask me *

Delicious nachos tutup merah with salsa and cheese sauce.

End it with kebab from the kebab wagen food truck. Yumm…

And the journey end…

We leaved with happy tummy. Thank you Market Museum for hosting such an event. Will be waiting for your next event.





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