Dini and Hafthor Wedding

My dear bestfriend Dini,

and the love of her life, Hafthor.

When Allah wants two hearts to meet,

He will move both of them, not just one

And Allah did! To both of you.

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

One of my besties is gone through one of the happiest day of her life. She finally can call herself ‘wife’ How can I not happy for her. We’ve known each other since High School. We’ve been living life through the easy and hard one. Including our love story one. And God know how much we have been waiting for this kind of day to come * remember every single of our chit-chat about man and love *

dini&hafthor wedding (5)

Wedding party. Dini and Hafthor in Javanese traditional costume.

This morning, you look absolutely beautiful that I can’t even describe it much by words. You kept your nervousness inside, very well. And the happiness from within you is glowing outside. Somehow, my eyes got teary. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am happy for you, I truly am. I can guarantee you that these all are happy tears.

dini&hafthor wedding (4)

With the family of Biology (University of Indonesia), class of 2000.

From this day onwards, left behind all the sad memories * you know what kind of memories right? * Creates new memories full of joy and happiness. And, even though along the way you will face some struggles and hardships. The most beautiful thing about it, is that you are going through all those difficult times with the one you love the most, which is none other than Hafthor * so, make sure you’ll be good to her, Hafthor *

dini&hafthor wedding (22)

During Ijab Qabul.

I hope both of you have a happiest marriage life. Grow old together. Annoy each other each and every day. And fall for each other over and over again for the rest of your life. Finally, may your marriage leads both of you to Jannah. Aaamiin.

Don’t forget to update your new happy life there, in Iceland.


For Hafthor.

Remember the rules. Rule number 1, your wife is always right. Rule number 2, when you feel she is wrong, read rule number 1 again. Okey! * hehehehe *

dini&hafthor wedding (7)

Bridesmaids. Vei – Chika – Dini – Tri – Me

dini&hafthor wedding (25) dini&hafthor wedding (39) dini&hafthor wedding (14)


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