Dear Mom,

Thursday, April 9, 2015…

mom birthday 2

This is the day where I always feel grateful and blessed. The day where you were born into this beautiful and challenging world. The day for me as a reminder that there won’t be me today if you were not born 58 years ago.

I am a proud daughter.

I really am.

Cos I have a privilege to call you MOM.

Met milad dear mom. 

A very happy birthday dear mom.

The strongest and bravest woman I’ve seen in my life. Leave her hometown and parents for high school. Buried her dreams deep in her heart. Married in her young age. Lost her beloved dad, husband, and son 3 years in a row. She doesn’t have time for grieving. She have to make sure the other 2 children finish their school and eat everyday. But still, you always put your best smile.

Until one night, I discovered that you keep your tears away from all of us and showed it only to Allah during your night prayers.

I definitely won’t be able to repay all of things you’ve done for me, for your children. For they were all could not measured by anything. 

“…and your Lord ordained that you worship only Him, and that you treat your parents with excellence…”

 [al-Isra’; 23]

I might be still far from treating you with excellence. So, the only thing I can do is prayer that you’ll always be happy from now onwards… in this life or in Jannah.

May Allah bless you all the way, Barakallahu…

There is this hadith saying,

“O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship?”

The Prophet said, “Your Mother.”

The man said, “Then who?”

The Prophet said, “Your Mother.”

The man said, “Then who?”

The Prophet said, “Your Mother.”

The man said, “Then who?”

The Prophet said, “Your Father.”

(Bukhari & Muslim)


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