Almost All “If I Stay” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I may be too late to talk about the original motion picture soundtrack of a movie based on the book called “If I Stay.” But still, I couldn’t kept my finger off the keyboard to write about it. I’ve seen the trailer for maybe more than 10 times. And now, I am started to read the book only after I finally watch the movie. I’m going to leave the talk about the movie itself in another rambling post of mine. Right now, I’ll talk only about the soundtrack.

I am someone who not easy fall in love with all the song from movies. I rarely bought the CD because I usually like to hear only few songs from the OST. But, I guess this movie got me. I got really bad. I am crazy in love with the soundtrack of this movie. I mean, I literally love all the song. There is no single song that I left behind. I had it all in my playlist and been listening to it every time I had a chance. From the soundtrack, I could listen a wide range of genre of the music. Start from the very classic one until the rock one. Oh, not to forget, some of the music makes me feel like I live in the 70s * although I am not born yet in that era *

Not to mention, there are some songs from the ‘imaginary band’ from the movie who give life to the movie and the characters. Why I called it imaginary? because the band is not exist in reality, it came from the movie. They are Willematte Stone (which in the book called “Shooting Star”). * it kinda remind me of the band from anime BECK. They are imaginary band but their song is so great that many people really hope the band will exist in reality * Jamie Blackley (as the main vocalist of the band) really nailed all the song from the band.

Well, here are the song I could find from youtube. But I really recommend you all to buy the CD for it really worth every penny.

1. Cello Sonata No. 3 in A Major, Op. 69: Allegro ma non tanto (written by Ludwig Van Beethoven)

2. School’s Out – Alice Cooper

3. Who Needs You? – The Orwells  

4. Until We Get There – Lucius

5. I Want What You Have – Willamette Stone  

6. Never Coming Down – Willamette Stone  

7. I Never Wanted To Go – Willamette Stone

8. Today – Willamette Stone (cover of “Today” by Smashing Pumpkins)

9. Heart Like Yours – Willamette Stone  

10. Mind – Willamette Stone

11. Heal – Tom Odell  

12. All Of Me – Tanlines

13. Promise – Ben Howard

14. Halo – Ane Brun & Linnea Olsson

15. I Will Be There – Odessa

16. Morning – Beck

17. Karen Revisited – Sonic Youth

18. Suite No. 1 in G major for solo cello, BWV 1007: Prelude (written by J. S. Bach)

19. The Passenger – Iggy Pop

20. Outta This Place – Needles//Pins

21. Etude No. 8, Op. 31 – Carl Schröder

22. Sonata in B minor for solo cello, Op. 8 (written by Zoltán Kodály)  – Alisa Weilerstein

23. Keep On Movin – King Tuff

24. Anything I Do Is All Right – Happyness

25. Everybody’s Happy Nowadays – Buzzcocks

26. Brandenburg Concerto (Written by J.S. Bach)

27. Nuclear City – Estate

28. Reality – Boys Noize 

29. New Girl – The Long Winters 

30. “The Swan” from “The Carnival of the Animals” (Written by Camille Saint-Saëns)

31. Rollercoaster – Bleachers

32. Lady Jessica and Sam – Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions 

33. Sparklers – Rocky Votolato

34. Picture This –  Blondie

35. Cello Concerto in A minor, Op. 33 (Written by Camille Saint-Saëns)

36. Today – Smashing Pumpkins


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