[IFW 2015] “Aku dan Sophie: Colors of Summer” by Sophie Paris

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, Day 3.

I kinda hesitated, at first, to visit the Indonesia fashion Week 2015, for the 3rd time in a row. Not because it was not interesting enough, but more because I felt kinda exhausted. The weekdays were quite crazy. Somehow worked in that week felt much tougher than usual.

But then it hit me again, it is Sophie Paris and Irna La Perle Fashion Show that I will be attending. THE Sophie Paris and THE Irna La Perle which I adore so much. Plus, I already asked my aunty to join us (me and Mom) and she was so excited  (she had some of  sophie paris products at hand). So, I will feel guilty over her.

Then it decided. Let’s Go!

At the venue, we almost late. At least, we thought so. Thanks God, the show was kind of delayed. It means, we’re definitely safe. Inside the main stage, it was very full.

I think it is because there will be 2 show in a row. 1st is from Sophie Paris and 2nd is from Irna La Perle. So it was not a surprise. Not to mention, this is the first time, ever, Sophie Paris had their Fashion Show at Indonesia Fashion Week.

Then it’s all start…

The background picture and music made us felt like we were in Paris. It was summer in Paris, to be exact. Then, one by one, fresh, bright, young, and colorful outfit shown to the audience.


Okay, I can definitely wear this with my hijab. (Photo credit: as tagged)


This one is my aunty’s favorite. Decided to buy it. Definitely wearable for hijaber like us. (Photo credit: as tagged)

Then here comes the end of the show. I guess, after the show, some of the audience will jump aboard to their booth. Since they kindly share goodie bag with a catalog, beautiful flowery pouch, and a voucher inside.

Happy shopping!


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