Indonesia Fashion Week 2015: D-Day

So, as I post before, I will share about my experiences throughout Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. Amazingly, for this 4 days event, I came 3 days in a row, day 1 until day 3.

Indonesia Fashion Week, Day 1

I am pretty much not enjoy it. Not because of the event, but mostly because I went there with a friend after our long working hours.

Not to mention, the venue was quite far from our office (or may I say school, since I am a teacher). Even when we took a cab and the traffic are quite friendly (it was bad, but not as bad as other day other hours).

The front gate of the venue. (photo credit:

When we arrived, I was quite surprise, the venue is not as crowd as I imagined it would be. It indeed full of fashion people but exhibition hall and booth were quite spacious, which is good, so we can freely do a window shopping. I think it was due to the fact that it was a 1st day and already night time.

First thing to do was to find Hannie Hananto booth called Anemone to get our invitation for The Executive fashion show. Then we excitedly looked around.

Oh my gosh… speechless…

I was almost cry (too exagerated). Too many beautiful clothes, shoes, bag, jewellry, accesories, dress, abaya, veil, sandals and many more.

And most of them are LOCAL BRAND which means The Brands is Made In Indonesia. Can you imagine, the website did their justice by saying 700 more local brands joined this event.

The exhibition hall. Photo credit:

If you are a fashion lover, fashionista, fashion people, fashion blogger, or simply people who love to wear locals product then this is it. The most perfect event to attend.

You can spoils your eyes or even your closet at home with brands from newbie designer to very famous designer here in Indonesia. Just name it, Ivan Gunawan, Deden Siswanto, Poppy Darsono, Lulu Lutfilabibi, Dian Pelangi, Irna Mutiara and many more.

To add more, you can met themselves, THE Designer at their booth. Also you can just walk across lots of Fashion Blogger.

I, well, we could not take it any longer. We suddenly get dizzy (literally) after a few sightseeing, and trust me we just strolled for maybe an hour. Not because it was not to our liking, but it was because I couldn’t help myself, my heart, body, and soul to just grab them all and brought them all to my closet at home.

So, rather than stayed and strolled some more, we decided to go home and buried our desire deep inside. With a mission in mind, “I’ll BE BACK.”


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