Waiting For Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week is one of the event that I’ve been waiting for. Why? Because I love the main idea of this event which is to make Indonesia as one of the world’s center for fashion. Who knows maybe one day, Indonesia will be as Famous as France, Italy, America, or Japan in terms of fashion.

This event will features 2,522 outfits from 747 Indonesian and international brands (including from Japan, Korea, India, and Australia) and 32 fashion shows on two runways. Among Indonesia’s top designers showcasing their masterpieces are: Poppy Dharsono, Anne Avantie, Lenny Agustin, Bintang Mira, Itang Yunasz, and Ivan Gunawan.

This 4 days event will surely satisfied me. But, that can only happened if I attend the whole 4 days. Too bad, reality won’t let me. Got some works to do. Must collects some money to spent for this event. Well, at least, 2 days is on my plate. Hopefully enough to feed my passion in fashion.

Other than designer mention above, I actually eager to see some collections from Moslem Fashion designers, such as Hannie Hananto, Jenahara, Ria Miranda, Nuniek Mawardi, Missmarina, Vivi Zubedi, Rani Hatta, and my favorite one, Irna Mutiara.

Ria Miranda with her shabbychic style.


I wish to see their fashion show in 4 more days. But, I guess I have to be satisfied with only 2 shows from The Executive (Hannie HanantoJenahara Ria Miranda) and Irna Mutiara. Unfortunately I was late to get invitation for Moshaic by Itang Yunasz, Andalusia Belezza by Irna La Perle also L’officiel FASHION FIRST feat Ek Thongprasert, Lulu Lutfi Labibi, and etc. I guess, I just need to visit their booth to fullfill my eagerness.

Now, let’s count down to the D-Day. I’ll share my experience in this event right after it ended (hopefully the paperworks won’t be too pile up by the end of the week).


2 thoughts on “Waiting For Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

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