Am I Minshinner (Min Ho and Shin Hye Shipper) ?

I’ve been listen to this song some times ago. But lately, this song pop up again in my mind. Can’t get the beat out of my head. But what surprises me is that the song connect me not only to the real video but also the video about Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho which made by their fan.

Some might be wondering  why I even know that their video is exist at the first place. Well, because I am a Minshinner. That what we called ourselves. Minshinner means we are shipping Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho from the heart. Shipping them means, prayed that they will be together as a couple in a real life.

Why Park Shin Hye and Lee  Min Ho?



Well, as we all know, about one year ago they played drama The Heirs as the lead. Once, there was rumor about them been dating during filming * only God knows whether its true or not, but deep down inside I really hope it’s true * Since then, many fans started shipping them and called themselves as Minshinner * And there is this amazing one ‘heaven’ for us in soompi forum called Minshin Thread. Now, they already closed thread 1, so we move on to thread 2 * incredible *

Truthfully, I have never ever shipping Korean actor and actress before. Not until I watch the heirs. Even though many people out there decline their good chemistry on the drama, but there also many that feel amazed by their good chemistry which lead them became Minshinner.

Minshinner often called crazy for being so over delulu or delusional because of lack of evidence about these two interaction offscreen * I do believe so * but that what makes me even more interest to became one. Despite of the lack of evidence, they keep growing * I guess * in numbers.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho, both are well known artist in Korea and Worldwide. They are Hallyu stars of their generation. They have a strong fan base and they had a quite similar journey in their each respected career. They both good looking and known for having a good heart * well, I pray that they are, since only God knows what inside someone’s heart * So, no wonder some fans want them to be together just because they look perfect fit for each other.

For me, I love being Minshinner because many of Minshinner have this kind of mature attitude. Minshinner respect both of them as ‘couple’ and as individuals. We support Shin Hye and Min Ho individual projects.
Minshinner understand that they absolutely have 300% rights to be with others they choose, but unless both of them come clean to the public with whom they had relationship, we will still shipping them to the heart and bone.
Minshinners shipping them and prayed not only for them to became a lovers but further than that, we shipping them to have a marriage and happy life together forever * it will be one hell long journey until it came true * And if only they didn’t marry each other in the future, we will keep support them and prays for their happiness forever and that will be the day our ship going down.
Minshinner also trying hard not to bash other fans or other shipper related to Min Ho or Shin Hye * we consciously realized that everyone have their own opinion and rights and free to speak it out loud, just like us *
And last but not least, I love how Minshinner have a lot of imagination, sense of humor, and creativity * for this, if you need prove, just drop by to the forum in soompi *
Drop by here:

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