A Perfect Start in December


Welcome December,

As we all know, December identical with winter or rainy season. I love December. I really do. I love rain, I love the Christmas atmosphere at the mall, I love the holiday, I love the SALE when shopping, and I also love the idea that this is the last month of the year so I’ll be looking forward for the next year. I’m definitely excited to welcoming this December.

But God knows the best. I am starting this December on the bed. With cold, coughing, and fever. Then I thought, what a perfect combination for the perfect start in December. 2 days in bed and currently I am still tortured by the intense coughing. Dear God, please take away this sickness from me. The coughing is killing me. I can not open my mouth without a single coughing. Now, the mask is my best friends. hardly took it off from my face. Please…please… let me hug this December with the healthy me.

Doping apa aja udah diminum. Mulai dari obat flu, obat batuk, vitamin Imboost, ester C, enervon C, CDR, habatussauda, minyak zaitun, honeylemonshot, sampe bekal minum infused water (lemon and thyme) masih dijabanin sampe sekarang. Ngemil kencur pun mau tak mau dilakonin.

But, it is not getting better.

Gorengan yang maha enak itu dengan berat hati udah dihindari. Masakan pedas gurih yang bikin ngeces setiap kali ngeliatnya pun udah dijauhi.

But, it is not getting better.

Di urutin udah, dikerokin juga udah. dibalurin minyak angin mulai dari cap lang ampe kwan loong juga udah.

But, it is not getting better.

Pilihan terakhir adalah dokter. RS Premier Bintaro siap menanti jikalau batuk tak kunjung berhenti. Poor me.

Well, I just poured all things in heart and mind. Just rambling and babbling. Just kinda hate how I start this December. But hey, some said that “there is always a rainbow after the rain.” I guess, I’ll just have to wait for the rainbow to come. Maybe by the end of December? I’ll get my rewards. Just maybe. Stay positive, always.

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3 thoughts on “A Perfect Start in December

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