DIY Skirt using Batik Danar Hadi

Told ya I had a crush with batik * ampe bosen kali ya dengernya * This particularly batik from Danar Hadi is awesomely beautiful and very comfort to wear. I love the colors, I love the fabric, I love the patterns. So much in love that I didn’t have a heart to cut the fabric into skirt or blouse or else. So I just  made DIY skirt using the batik by wrapped it along and tied it up.

Sukaaaa banget sama bahan batik ini. Warnanya soft tapi cukup cerah. Bahannya halus dan lemas. Sungguh ga tega banget buat dibikin baju atau rok. So, this is the way I wear it in my dear cousin wedding in Kuningan. I look perfectly fine, right? * muji diri sendiri  *

Simple batwing chiffon top in turquoise match well with the batik. Ditambah lagi sama paperlunch clutch gold from Manikan and gold flat shoes * since I had problems with high heels, so don’t wear any for that day * lengkaplah sudah OOTD resepsi malam itu.

Actually, warna-warna pastel lebih cocok sama silver, but I love gold, so who cares.


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