Freedom for Orangutans

There was saying that “we can see the greatness of a country by seeing how they treated their animals.” If that is so, then what happen with my country? My country is great in every way. It is. But in this kinds of animal things or even nature, we still need to improve, A LOT.

One of concerns that’s been playing in my mind is orangutan. I used to learn about them during my college day. We did some activity and also observation on how they lived in their habitat, which is Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park. The view of them living happily in their habitat with their families was an unforgettable experiences.

A century ago there were probably more than 230,000 orangutans in total, but the Bornean orangutan is now estimated to number about 41,000 (Endangered) and the Sumatran about 7,500 (Critically Endangered). How sad.

So now, the question is, “WHAT CAN WE DO?”

Are we going to sat down and just watch them extinct over the time? 

Are we going to adopt them and bring them home as a PET?

Are we going to shut our eyes and ear to every news about them?

For me, the answer is a BIG NO!

As a start, by doing a little thing, such as attended Sound For Orangutan organized by COP (Center for Orangutan Protection (COP) and donate to support their rehabilitation center. The center starts to built in September. It located in Labanan, North Kalimantan and has 7.900 hectares of forest.

Sound for Orangutan adalah konser amal dan edukasi tentang orangutan yang digelar oleh Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) setiap satu tahun sekali. 100% Dana yang dihasilkan dari Sound for Orangutan akan dikelola oleh COP untuk kepentingan orangutan yang menjadi korban kekejaman dan kejahatan.

Sound for Orangutan adalah kombinasi yang unik, antara musik, pameran, dan juga penyadartahuan tentang orangutan dan habitatnya.

What is COP aka centre for Orangutan Protection? COP was formed in 2007 by Hardi Baktiantoro, specifically to tackle the cause of the deforestation and the deaths of tens of thousands of orangutans. COP is the only all-Indonesian group of  its kind to take on these issues. 

Centre for Orangutan Protection
WTC II Lt. 18 Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29 Jakarta 12920


Centre for Orangutan Protection



Kita, Prau, dan Koran Suara Pembaruan

This is a very super late post.

Masih ada hubungannya sama perjalanan kami, kita, ke Gunung Prau. Walaupun sudah di post dalam cerita “Momen in Prau” rasanya tak lengkap kalau melewatkan yang satu ini. Salah satu rekan pendaki aseek pendaki yang namanya Mega calon fotografer dan asli petualang ulung meluangkan waktunya untuk menulis artikel mengenai perjalanan kami di koran Suara Pembaruan * klik di sini buat lebih jelasnya *

And there we are, finally on the newspaper. Ihiiiy… * keren juga si Mega ini, pandai merangkai kata dan mengabadikan sebuah peristiwa, sebuah perjalanan bersama.* Setidaknya, perjalanan kami itu, akan terekam selamanya * lebay * tidak sekadar ada di dalam salah satu ruang yang tersimpan rapi dalam ingatan kita, tapi juga dalam lembaran koran Suara Pembaruan.

Semoga tulisan Mega, menginspirasi pembaca untuk mendaki Gunung Prau dan merasakan sendiri keindahan gunung Prau, permadani bertahtakan bunga Daisy.

25 Gundam (TV) Series Engraved in My Memory

As I promise. Some of you might wonder why I am not include Gundam in my anime list. It is simply because I had them special in my heart. Too many gundam series that I watched that had left me a different kinds of impression. Too hard for me to choose only just one.

unicorn banshee

I love gundam. Suka banget sama Gundam. Mulai dari serial TV, OVA, Movie, OST sampai ke robot Gundam plastik itu sendiri. I was captive by Gundam since my brother asked me to watch Gundam Seed series with him. Since then, I definitely hooked by it. Start to dig in my brother collection of Gundam series, movie, ova and watched some of them. I even help him to assemble Gundam that he bought from Mangga 2 at that time. What an unforgettable experience. I guess I have to thank him for bring me into the world of Gundam Planet.

For those of you who don’t know what gundam is better surf about them. Here is one of my favorite site to feed my curiousity and interest about Gundam, Basically, Gundam is a metaseries of Japanese anime created by Sunrise studios that features giant robots (or “mecha”) called “Gundam”.

For me, Gundam is still the best anime in terms of mecha. In fact, Mobile Suit Gundam is said to have pioneered the real robot era of mecha anime. And I believe it too. As you can see, Gundam first appeared in 1979 * long before I born into this world * and still continued until now. How long it has been? Wow! just Wow!

Nah, bagi yang belum pernah nonton Gundam, coba deh nonton 25 Gundam anime pilihan saya. Siapa tahu you’ll be captivated as much as I am. For details review, browse Nanti saya coba translate ke bahasa * nanti ya, kapan-kapan :p *

Oh btw, the OST also very awesome, almost all the OST.

1. Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)

mobile suit gundam

2. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (1985)

zeta gundam

3. Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (1986)

gundam zz

4. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (1993)

Drama Box DIECUT

5. Gundam Build Fighters Try (2014)

Gundam Build Fighters Try

6. Gundam Build Fighters (2013)

gundam build fighter

7. Mobile Suit gundam-san (2014)


8. Gundam: G no Reconguista (2014)

gundam g reconguista

9. Mobile Suit Gundam Age (2011)

gundam age

10. SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors (2010)

gundam brave battle warriors

11. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007)

gundam oo

12. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season (2008)

gundam oo second season

13. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (2004)

gundam seed destiny

14. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (2002)

gundam seed

15. Mobile Fighter G Gundam (1994)

mobile fighter g gundam

16. Gundam Wing (1995)

gundam wing

17. Mobile New Century Gundam X (1996)

after war gundam x

18. Turn A Gundam (1999)

turn A gundam

19. SD Gundam Force (2004)


20. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition I: The Broken World (2006)


21. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition II: Respective Swords  (2006)


22. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition III: The Hell Fire of Destiny (2006)


23. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition IV: The Cost of Freedom (2007)

2187-gundamdestspeced_large special ed 4

24. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Final Plus: The Chosen Future (2005)

final plus

25. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED : The Empty Battlefield (2004)


Lee Min Ho’s New Mini Album: Song For You

Who in the world doesn’t know this one particular guy. The man himself, Lee Min Ho, Male God of Asia * trust me, I’m not the one give him this title. It just show how famous he is in Asia. *


Me, myself not really into him. Like him but not as much as hardcore fans. When the whole world around me get crazy over him, I just don’t. Don’t know exactly why. I do watched some of his drama, such as Boys over Flower, Personal Taste, and City Hunter but not making me dare to call myself his fans. Some of my friends think I’m weird those days, for not fanning him.

But that was before “The Heirs” I am Park Shin Hye fan in terms of I love her acting despite the fact that I am noona to her. She is just too cute, have an angelic face, and great in doing aegyo or crying scene. So, when I watch The Heirs, which Min Ho was in there, to be his male lead exactly, I was being drown by his acting through all episodes. I was being one of his fan nowadays. And now, whenever I talk about him in front of my friends, they just like “what? just just realize now, after all those years we’ve been talking about him IN FRONT of you and YOU not interested. Pleaseeee” with all their gaze dagger at me.

So, here I am, writing about him and his new Mini Album. He might not be the best singer out there, but he definitely one of the best entertainer. And his deep and hoarse voice really help him in singing. His singing skill maybe average * compared to other singer or actor be singer * but he definitely nailed it, in terms of bringing the soul and emotion into his song.

After listening to his song, such as Painful Love. I guess, his voice finally captured my heart * tsaah, melted * So when his new mini album finally released, I was so excited to hear what kind of song and how he will represent the song. Well, I’m surprised, it turns out very good. he really nailed the pop rock type of song. I love the beat, the music, the melody, the lyric, and off course the voice. My most favorite will be Burning Up * keep replaying it in my phone *



So here it is, his brand new Mini album titled Song For You

  1. Song For You
  2. Paradise in Love
  3. Stalker
  4. Travel
  5. Burning Up

BzjhScgCYAAsIXO.jpg large BzkxMITCUAAq5D0.jpg large BzmDRH9CEAArzwI Bzn3priCQAAvsCo Bzo3BveCEAEHgmj.jpg large Bzo23w5CQAAFaIh.jpg large Bzo2851CEAAN8_j.jpg large BzoW0S9CQAASQX5.jpg large Bztg7dqCIAEf7iS


Song for You

The Lyric

In my eyes that are blacker than the night sky
My path was getting farther away
My heart was filled up all the way with the world, oh my dream

Your eyes shined closer and clearer when I was tired
You are my sunshine, like a strange ray of light
Shine on my heart that is hidden

As I follow the stars, follow the path
Because you’re there, because you came to me
I am living one more day

You shine on me, you fill me up
Only you are my everything in this world

I will sing
A song for you

Words are not enough
I just look into your eyes, in my love

For you


Paradise In Love

The Lyric

Darling, close your eyes, let’s leave together for a bit
Darling, can you feel this sweet love song?

Darling, lean on me, won’t you come with me?
Darling, think about it, oh paradise in love

Water flowing on soft sand, you and I at that place
Can you hear the wind spells for love?
Your eyes and smile are as clear as the sky

Darling, open your eyes and look at me
Oh paradise in love

Water flowing on soft sand, you and I at that place
Can you hear the wind spells for love?
Your eyes are as clear as the sky
Our kiss is as deep as the ocean

Darling, I love you, my love, you’re as beautiful as the sunset
Let’s make love, oh paradise in love



The Lyric

Good Night
Words that comforted me
At that last moment, your smile felt deeper to me

Let’s leave, let’s leave farther away
Waiting for you is good for me

You want me now, it’s time now
I love you, I need you, tonight
Before the night is over, before it’s too late
Tell me you love me again
Hold tight to my hand and tell me you always waited for me

I’m the only one
I’m the only one for you

Don’t tell me to give up on you
It’s meaningless to me
It’s alright, you’re prettier like that

The reason you left me
Yes, so I can forget it
I can be better, better than that other person

You want me now, it’s time now
I love you, I need you, tonight
Before the night is over, before it’s too late
Tell me you love me again
Hold tight to my hand and tell me you always waited for me

I love You, I need you



The Lyric

No words can express how I feel
We’re looking at the same place
We’ve thought the same things from the start
Everything is in your eyes

Hold my hand tight right now
The sky looks good
With you, I’ll Travel Travel Travel (Travel Travel Travel)

You and me, just like this, all right, the dazzling sunlight
This happy moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel
You and I, forever, all right, the shining moonlight
This endless moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel

I’m confident Uh-ho Yeah

No one can take your place
We both have similar feelings
We thought similar things from the start
I see everything in you

Hold my hand tight right now
The sky looks good
With you, I’ll Travel Travel Travel

You and me, just like this, all right, the dazzling sunlight
This happy moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel
You and I, forever, all right, the shining moonlight
This endless moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel

Throw away your worries and get up to love
It’s a new beginning

Our love is all right, the sunlight shines on you
This happy moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel
You and I, forever, all right, the shining moonlight
This endless moment, toward your heart, I’ll travel travel travel

I’m confident Uh-ho

Travel Travel Travel


Burning Up

The Lyric

Forget about the lover who left you
Tears don’t suit you
Erase the bad memories
Only look at me, hold me and feel me

When he says it’s for you, it’s all a lie
Don’t listen to anything but what I tell you
When he says he loves you, that you’re the only one, it’s a lie

On at this moment
Come into my heart
I wanna feel your love
There’s no need for tears for you and me
Come on get closer
Make tonight hot

Listen, you’re the only one for me, you’re always my love
So I can burn up your painful scars from your break up
I’m burning up now

Throw away your past lover
Lingering feelings don’t suit you
Wash away his traces
Now fill up your heart with me

When he says it’s for you, it’s all a lie
Don’t listen to anything but what I tell you
When he says he loves you, that you’re the only one, it’s a lie

On at this moment
Come into my heart
I wanna feel your love
There’s no need for tears for you and me
Come on get closer
Make tonight hot

Listen, you’re the only one for me, you’re always my love
So I can burn up your painful scars from your break up
I’m burning up now

Baby girl, close your eyes
And when you open them again
You and I, just us two, forever

On at this moment
Come into my heart
I wanna feel your love
There’s no need for tears for you and me
Come on get closer
Make tonight hot

Listen, you’re the only one for me, you’re always my love
So I can burn up your painful scars from your break up
I’m burning up now

I’m burning up now



All pics are not mine, credits as tagged or written in the pics

Lyrics from:


25 Korean Drama Made Me Cry a River

I do love drama * been saying that repeatedly in lots of my other post * in case you still don’t know. And I had to admit that kdrama had a big part of why I love drama. they are really good to turned my emotion up and down, just like experiencing rollercoaster. Sometimes, it made me tired, emotionally.

Especially when it comes to tragis or sad drama. Which they are expert on that * after i watched so many drama from other country, I guess Korean people still the best in portraying sad or tragic scene * The tragic here means, one of the lead end up dead, both lead were dead, or second lead which I hardly ship more than the lead is dead * forgive me for adding this term of tragic on my own since sometimes I cheer for the second lead more. Sometimes, I said :p * In the end, It was NOT a happy ending nor the one that keep us wondering whether it was a happy or sad ending.

So, here are 25 kdrama that made me cry a river * suddenly, Justin Timberlake song was playing in my mind * Get yourself prepared with whole bunch of tissue when you decided to watched them. But, let me remind you, Spoiler Alert for those who dislike spoilers.

1. I’m Sorry, I love you (2004)

So Ji Sub as Cha Moo Hyuk
Im Soo Jung as Song Eun Chae
Jung Kyung Ho as Choi Yune
Seo Ji Young as Kang Min Joo

For heaven’s sake, hands down for this drama with 16 episodes. THIS is the one and only, the most SAD and TRAGIC drama I’ve ever watched. Not only in the whole kdramaland, but in the whole dramaland.  It was sad, emotionally tiring, depressing, that it made my heart and head hurts so much * lebaaay * I cry a river through all episodes. Adding more, is the original soundtrack, very touching and sad too.

It’s about a man who thrown away from his family to another country, separated with his twin, being left out by his love life, took bullet for the woman he love, had the bullet stuck in his head, hate by his real mother * because his mother didn’t know he is her son * spent his life for revenge, envy with his so called brother, and feeling guilty for the new love he found that he decided to leave her because he didn’t want her to be sad. In the end, he died alone in Australia and donate his heart for his so called brother * huaaaa T_T *

What is even more sad is, the woman he love, followed him. She suicide in his grave. She wrote some letter before she suicide,

“Even when I was living, he was lonely. So, I couldn’t leave him alone like that. Just this once in my life, I’m thinking of myself and living for myself. I’ll accept any punishment that comes. Song Eun Chae.”

  • where is the tissue, please….  * after I watched this drama, life is never be the same * lebaaay *

Pertama kali nonton drama ini, bener2 nyesek di hati. Sampe sekarang belom ada yang bisa gantiin drama ini sebagai drama ter sedih dan tertragis sepanjang masa at least for me 4 thumbs up for both of the lead.

2. Stairway to heaven (2004)

Kwon Sang Woo as Cha Song-ju
Choi Ji Woo as Han Jung-suh
Kim Tae Hee as Han Yu-ri
Shin Hyun Joon as Han Tae-hwa

Baek Sung Hyun as young Cha Song-ju
Park Shin Hye as young Han Jung-suh/Kim Ji-su
Lee Wan as young Han Tae-hwa/Han Chul-su
Park Ji Mi as young Han Yuri

A 20 episode drama full of sadness. Since childhood until they grown ups. The female lead is very suffered. I fell in love with Park Shin Hye in this drama eventhough she is only appeared as a child female lead * since then, I am officially following all of her drama * If you looking for a drama with cinderella them * with step mother and evil sister * unforgotten first love, accident, amnesia, and involved a cancer inside.

This is definitely the perfect one. Just when all the storms finally wash out and we think they finally get together happily ever after then here comes cancer that wake us all from the happy ending dream. She died and he is living his lonely life. What a cruel life indeed.

3. Endless Love or An Autumn Tale (2000)

Song Seung Hun as Yun Joon Suh
Song Hye Kyo as Yun/Choi Eun Suh
Won Bin as Han Tae Suh
Han Na Na as Shin Yu Mi
Han Chae Young as Choi/Yun Shin Ae
Choi Woo Hyuk as young Joon Suh
Moon Geun Young as young Eun Suh

In Indonesia, I guess only a few people who love kdrama who still don’t know this one. It was one of the first drama invaded our country back then. Booming if I must say. This is the starter or what we called Korean fever in Indonesia. Even I was collected any kind of merchandise about Won Bin * back then long time ago *

The story is kind of cliche typical korean drama. 4 lead whose life tangled together. Unforgotten first love. Unrequited love for the second lead. A suffering life of the female lead. Last but not least, a fatal disease of the female lead, which is in this case is Leukemia * like her life is not miserable enough * Cry bucket of tears back then * because it was my first time watched kdrama and I haven’t met MISA (I’m Sorry I love you).

How can it not be sad or tragic if I may say. Eun Suh died because of her sickness. Then in the end, Joon Suh was hit by a truck. Only God know if they reunited in heaven or not. In this drama also, first time I ship the second lead more than the first lead. I just love Won Bin here :p

4. Bad Love (2008)

Kwon Sang Woo as Kang Yong Ki
Lee Yo Won as Na In Jung
Kim Sung Soo as Lee Soo Hwan
Kim Ga Yun as Kang Joo Ran

A 20 episode of tears for Yong Ki portrayed by Sang Woo.

5. Damo (2003)

Ha Ji Won as Chae-Ok
Kim Min Joon as Jang Sung-Baek
Lee Seo Jin as Commander Hwangbo

A 14 episodes of amazing skills of Ha Ji Won as a damo. At first, I felt sad because I thought Chae Ok will have a tragic love with Sung-baek. I thought they love each other. Well, they indeed love each other until they discover that they are long lost siblings. While they status is opposite to each other. Damo tried to rescue his brother * he is a rebel while damo is a detective * but it was just too late. He died.

6. Hwang Jin Yi (2006)

Ha Ji Won as Hwang Jin Yi/ Myung Wol
Shim Eun Kyung as young Hwang Jin Yi
Kim Jae Won as Kim Jung Han
Wang Bit Na as Bu Yong
Ryu Tae Joon as Baek Kye Soo
Jang Geun Suk as Kim Eun Ho

A 24 episodes of beautiful clothes, dance, and music and of course sadness. I cried for Jin Yi everytime. Poor her, for not being able live happily with the one she loves. Eun Ho, her first love is dead just before they ran away together. Then she fell in love again with Jung Han, but then lost her baby due a complicated situation between them. And there in the end, she let him go and live alone as a Gisaeng. * Huhuhuhu * Jin Yi, why can’t you be happier.

7. The Story of the First King’s Four Gods / Legend (2007)

Bae Yong Jun as Damdeok / Hwanwoong
Yoo Seung Ho as young Damdeok
Lee Ji Ah as Sujini / Seoh
Shim Eun Kyung as young Sujini
Moon So Ri as Seo Ki Ha / Kajin
Park Eun Bin as teen Ki Ha
Park Sung Woong as Jumuchi
Lee Philip as Cheoro
Lee Hyun Woo as young Cheoro

I always love Bae Yong Jun as an actor since Winter Sonata. So, 24 episodes of this drama definitely catch my attention. Actually it is not ‘that’ tragic. it just, so sad to see the leads love life. In first few episode, we will see how sad it is when he had to killed his own wife. His crying make my heart ache. Later, his love life with Sujini, make my heart cry out loud. In the end, the not end up together  *I’m not sure what happened to damdeok *

8. Empress Ki (2013)

Ha Ji Won as Ki Seung Nyang / Empress Ki
Hyun Seung Min as Seung Nyang (young)
Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo / King Choong Hye
Ahn Do Gyu as Wang Yoo (young)
Ji Chang Wook as Ta Hwan / Emperor Huizong of Yuan

A 51 episodes worth watching and heart wrenching. here, the second lead finally got the heart of the first female lead * yeaayyy * Eventhough it end up tragically. Here, I feel you, Ta Hwan. How you really want Seung Nyang to love you back, even until the end of your life. Which she did love him back, but it was just too late. T_T

9. Fashion King (2012)

Yoo Ah In as Kang Young Gul
Seo Young Joo as Young Gul (Young)
Shin Se Kyung as Lee Ga Young
Kim Sae Ron as Ga Young (young)
Lee Je Hoon as Jung Jae Hyuk
Kwon Yu Ri as Choi Anna

A 20 episodes of not so tragic or sad drama actually. But it end up with Young Gul death anyway, so I consider it as tragic. Not to mention, his death is… hmm… I can’t find a word to describe it. it just that, it really is a bad way to end this drama. He was happily enjoying himself in the pool * or spa * then “bang” someone killed him, shot him to death.

10. Sad Love Song (2005)

Kwon Sang Woo as Suh Joon Young / Choi Joon Kyu
Yoo Seung Ho as young Suh Joon Young and then as his son
Kim Hee Sun as Park Hae In
Kim So Eun as young Hae In
Yun Jung Hoon as Lee Gun Woo
Kim Yeon Joo as Cha Hwa Jung
Go Ah Sung as young Cha Hwa Jung

Even the title already give a vibe of sad or tragic if I may say. then there were 20 episodes to convey the title. this time, Sang Woo will be the one who die * remember stairway to heaven? * his love story with Kim Hee Sun is so complicated that it make our heart drown in pain * lebay *

11. Ja Myung Go (2009)

Jung Ryu Won as Princess Ja Myung
Lee Young Yoo as Lee Young Yoo as Ja Myung
Park Min Young as Princess Ra Hee
Jin Ji Hee as Ra Hee (child)
Jung Kyung Ho as Prince Hodong
Kang Soo Han as Hodong (child)
Yeo Jin Goo as Hodong (adolescent)

A 39 episode of intrigue in politics and love. Ja Myung, who is branded the princess of destruction, escapes death with the help of her mother and grows up among the common folk. She and Prince Hodong who is the rival of her nation fall in love but fate has it that they cannot be together * they are rival for God sake* Ja Myung, who fight to save her nation and had misunderstanding about his feeling toward her, finally pierces her sword towards Hodong. I cry a river in the end seing both of them died together.

12. Kangchi, The Beginning (2013)

Lee Seung Ki as Choi Kang Chi
Jung Joon Won as Kang Chi (child)
Bae Suzy as Dam Yeo Wool
Jo Min Ah as Yeo Wool (child)
Choi Jin Hyuk as Gu Wol Ryung (Kang Chi’s father)
Yoon Se Ah as Ja Hong Myung / middle age Yoon Seo Hwa (Kang Chi’s mother)
Lee Yeon Hee as Yoon Seo Hwa

Another 24 episodes not so called tragic. But I do enjoyed watched every scene of Kang Chi’s parents * hoping that this drama is about them, but it is just a hope. Not happen in real though * Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa love story is tragic. They meant for each other but they came from a different world and that what make them separated. I cry hard for Wol Ryung, when he learned that the woman he love betrayed him. I cry for Seo Hwa when I finally realized that she did love him deep down inside her heart. When she died, I felt like aaahh… noo… don’t leave Wol Ryung… Both of you deserve live happily ever after.

13. Jang Ok Jung (2013)

Kim Tae Hee as Jang Ok Jung / Lady Jang Hee Bin
Kang Min Ah as Jang Ok Jung (young)
Yoo Ah In as Lee Soon / King Suk Jong
Chae Sang Woo as Lee Soon (young)
Hong Soo Hyun as Queen In Hyun
Jae Hee as Hyun Chi Soo
Baek Seung Hwan as Hyun Chi Soo (young)

A 24 episodes * will update soon :p*

14. The Devil (2007)

Joo Ji Hoon as Oh Seung Ha
Uhm Tae Woong as Kang Oh Soo
Shin Min Ah as Seo Hae In

I enjoyed watching 20 episodes full of shin Min Ah and all the mystical things involved. Touched by her love story with Seung Ha. Heartbroken by his death.

15. What happened in Bali (2004)

Ha Ji Won as Lee Soo-jung
Jo In Sung as Jung Jae-min
So Ji Sub as Kang In-wook
Park Ye Jin as Choi Young-joo

It is 20 episodes of drama. Very very tragic. And it was happened here, in Indonesia, in Bali to be precise * For your info, Indonesia is not Bali but bali is part of Indonesia * Why I so called very very tragic. Because the 3 leads are end up dead. Jae Min had a misunderstanding with Soo Jung, jealousy and hatred filled him that trigger him to killed Soo jung and In Wook together. When he heard Soo Jung last word, that she love him. I think he regret for what he did, so he decided to killed himself in the beach. So, this is the second time I watched So Ji Sub, end up dead.

16. 49 days (2011)

Lee Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung
Jo Min Ah as Yi Kyung (young)
Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun
Kim Yoo Bin as Ji Hyun (young)
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang
Bae Soo Bin as Kang Min Ho
Jung Il Woo as scheduler / Song Yi Soo
Seo Ji Hye as Shin In Jung

A 20 episodes of mixed feeling. There were funny, romantic, sad, happy, anger inside this drama. It was so sad to see Ji Hyun and scheduler leave out this world and people they love. It was so sad to see Yi kyung and Han Kang, stand up in front of their grave by the end of the drama. it will be a really nice ending if in later years, they’ll end up together.

17. Glass Shoes or Glass Slippers (2002)

Kim Hyun Joo as Kim Yun Hee / Lee Sun Woo
Kim Ji Ho as Kim Tae Hee
So Ji Sub as Park Chul Woong
Han Jae Suk as Jang Jae Hyuk
Kim Min Sun as Woo Seung Hee

A 40 episodes of sad scene. So Ji Sub is really the master of sad story. Here, he end up dead again just before his wedding, just before he finally have his happiness. After 40 episode of his longing for the woman he love, he end up dead. can you at least be happy ending for once  * Well he did, in his other dramas. I just being overreacted *

18. Tree of Heaven (2006)

Lee Wan as Yoon-suh
Park Shin Hye as Hana
Asami Reina as Maya
Uchida Asahi as Fujiwara Ryu

This is a collaboration drama between Korea and Japan. A 10 episodes of tear jerkers if I may say. As I told you, I started following Park shin Hye since Stairway to heaven. Here, I think she is at her best of crying scene. Hana had fall in love with her step-brother (Yoon Suh). They fall for each other, but as a tragic drama not allowed to have happy ending, so did their fate. Yoon Suh dead in the end, but his death brings life to Hana.

19. A love to Kill (2005)

Bi as Kang Bok Gu
Shin Min Ah as Cha Eun Seok
Kim Sa Rang as Han Da Jung
Lee Ki Woo as Kim Joon Sung

A 16 episodes of love started with revenge and hatred. Bi as Eun Seok Bodyguard plan to take a revenge for his brother by making Eun Seok life miserable. But as drama do, they fall in love to each other despite any obstacles lies down in front of them. In the end, Bok Gu is dead.

20. A Thousand days promises (2011)

Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung
Soo Ae as Lee Seo Yeon
Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min
Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Ki

How can I not feel sad with this 20 episodes of drama. When the story itself revolved around losing memory. How sad it will be, when we losing memory of someone we love. How pained it is for the one that being forgotten. And Kim Rae Won, he just very good portraying Ji Hyung who will always love her unconditionally and willingly despite her memory loss.

21. Sang Doo, let’s Go to School (2003)

Bi as Cha Sang-doo
Gong Hyo Jin as Chae Eun-hwan
Lee Dong Gun as Kang Min-suk
Hong Soo Hyun as Han Se-ra

A 16 episodes will update soon :p

22. The Snow Queen (2007)

Hyun Bin as Han Tae Woong / Han Deuk Gu
Sung Yu Ri as Kim Bo Ra
Im Ju Hwan as Suh Gun Woo
Yoo In Young as Lee Seung Ri
Kim Tae Hyun as Choi Choong Shik

A 16 episodes * will update soon :p* but the end is, she died.

23. Money’s Warfare (2007)

Park Shin Yang as Geum Na Ra
Park Jin Hee as Seo Joo Kyung
Shin Dong Wook as Ha Woo Sung
Kim Jung Hwa as Lee Cha Yeon

A 16 episode Geum Na Ra hard life. He is living his life in a hard way by being a privat money lender. Which off course, will have so many enemies right in front of his nose. So when he finally settle down and wants to get marry. Someone killed him, stabbed him right before his wedding. I cry out for the bride who standing and waiting for him.

24. East of Eden (2009)

Song Seung Hun as Lee Dong Chul
Yun Jung Hoon as Lee Dong Wook
Park Hae Jin as Shin Myung Hun
Lee Da Hae as Min Hye Rin
Lee Yeon Hee as Gook Young Ran / Grace
Han Ji Hye as Kim Ji Hyun
Dennis Oh as Mike

A 56 episode * will update soon :p*

25. Bad Guy (2010)

Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook
Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child)
Han Ga In as Moon Jae In
Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung
Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child)
Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra
Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen)

A 17 episodes plot revenge. I got the feeling that it will became tragic when I read the synopsis. Because, revenge most likely always end up with someone death. And here we are, watch Gun Wook plan his revenge, fall in love, then really end up dead.

The 3rd Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale

Ini merupakan salah satu event yang sudah saya tunggu-tunggu. Berbekal surfing di dunia maya, I finally found info about it.

Been waiting for almost a month. Been bookmarking their website and stalked their instagram just to get the latest update.

And here I am, the day finally came when I can feed my sight with so many beautiful and impresive art based on ceramics.

Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale atau disingkat JCCB ini adalah event tahunan yang diadakan untuk ketiga kalinya di Jakarta. Bertempat di Galeri Nasional yang berada tepat di depan stasiun Gambir.

Untuk menuju lokasi galeri ini terbilang cukup mudah. Saya pribadi menggunakan transportasi umum. Tentunya setelah saya bertanya kepada mbah google maps.

Saya memulai perjalanan dengan naik motor hingga ke stasiun Sudimara. Dari Sudimara naik kereta api jurusan Parung Panjang – Tanah Abang. Lalu lanjut naik bajaj seharga 25 ribu rupiah.

Excited sekali untuk naik bajaj, setelah sekian lama, sampai-sampai tidak menawar lagi. Dan, sampailah kami di Galeri Nasional.

Sampai disana, rasanya familiar ya. Ternyata eh ternyata, saya pernah kesini saat jaman SMA dahulu kala. Waktu itu saya dan beberapa teman mewakili sekolah SMUN 70 Jakarta untuk mengikuti semacam seminar yang pembicaranya waktu itu adalah Ibu Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

Sesampainya di galnas, kami langsung menuju TKP. Ah, betapa senangnya saya, galeri tampak sepi. Mungkin karena hari selasa itu hari kerja plus kami datang sekitar jam 11 an.

Kenapa senang? Jadi kami bisa menikmati setiap hasil karya seni dengan santai dan tenang, tanpa berdesakan atau banyak yang menyela sekadar untuk take a selfie.

Sungguh tidak sabar ingin segera masuk ke dalam. Tapi, kita harus mengisi buku tamu terlebih dahulu dan menitipkan tas atau jaket. Agak kaget karena kami tidak ada persiapan membawa tas kecil untuk menaruh hp, kamera, dan dompet.

Tapi, ketika sudah masuk, kami sadar kenapa harus dititip. Selain mencegah pencurian, yang paling penting adalah, supaya kita bebas bergerak tanpa takut menyentuh atau menyenggol barang yang dipamerkan.

Ingat, semuanya terbuat dari keramik alias barang pecah belah. Pecah berarti mengganti. Hiiiy sereeem, berapa coba harga sebuah karya seni. Kalau barang pecah belah di mall saja mahal apalagi disini.

Begitu masuk, kami di sambut oleh tulisan JAVA yang terbuat dari kotak-kotak berisi patung logam berbentuk kepala dan tumpukan kepala yang terbuat dari tanah liat. What an art from Dadang Christanto.

Lanjut ke dalam galeri. Mata saya terpana dengan hasil karya Yoichiro Kamei. Ia terkenal melalui karya instalasi keramik yang terstruktur secara rapi. Tipikal jepang. Detail dan presisi. Keren abis.

“Lattice receptacle” yang terbuat dari porcelain.

Puas melihat dari dekat bagaimana kubus-kubus itu menyatu menjadi karya yang sangat indah. Kami menjelajah lebih ke dalam.

Below is the one from Arghya Dhyaksa Nindita. This is very popular spot for taking selfie. I have to wait quite long time just to get my turn.

Yang menarik adalah karyanya yang unik. Coba saja baca tulisan yang ada disana. “Get whale soon. Notice me senpaii. Placard. Merokok membunuhmu. Born to be.  Obat wc. Bugil tapi sopan. Crows zero.”

Another famous spot for taking selfie is this one from Geoffrey Tjakra. So many beautiful ocarina arranged into circle shape.

Tergoda untuk mencoba meniup ocarina-nya, tetapi pasti tidak boleh. Sayang sekali kami tidak sempat ikut workshop yang bersama sang Geoffrey.

Oiya, di galeri ini juga ada orang yang selalu menjaga dan mengingatkan kita untuk berhati-hati. Jika kebetulan pergi sendiri, mereka juga bisa dimintai tolong untuk menjadi tukang foto dadakan. Kalau saya sih, untungnya membawa fotografer pribadi alias mama tercinta.

jccb3 (39)Karya di bawah ini, gabungan antara art and technology. Tangan saya sungguh gatal untuk memencet tombol-tombol itu sekadar untuk mendengar alunan suara dari sendok yang menyentuh cangkir keramik.

Interesting. Can you believe that the one who made this installation is a young man from Indonesia. I’m so proud, man!

Beberapa karya yang lain.

Nah, kalo yang ini, sungguh menyentuh saya. Entah kenapa. Art yang dibalut teknologi. Flood of tears dan Untitled #13

jccb3 (23)Before my teary eyes turns into completely cried eyes, I better move away and enjoy another piece of arts.

Jak-Japan Matsuri 2014


Akhirnya, saya berkesempatan juga menyambangi event jepang yang cukup terkenal ini, Jak-Japan Matsuri 2014. Setelah 5 kali event ini diadakan, baru di yang ke-6 ini saya bisa hadir. Senang dan excited bukan main rasanya. Maklum, saya ini salah satu pecinta Jepang. Bukan berarti saya tidak cinta Indonesia loh. Indonesia still number one.

Apa sih JJM alias Jak-Japan Matsuri? bagi kalian yang belum tahu, JJM itu diawali pada tahun 2008 bertepatan dengan diselenggarakannya event peringatan 50 tahun hubungan diplomatik Indonesia-Jepang. Pada saat itu ada pemikiran bagaimana agar nyala api persahabatan yang berkobar selama ini dapat terus terjaga dengan baik.

Dari niat tersebut berkumpullah warga Jepang yang mencintai Indonesia diikuti dengan munculnya simpati dari warga ibu kota Jakarta dan pemerintah DKI Jakarta, sehingga dengan berpijak pada persahabatan yang telah terbina selama 50 tahun lalu itu, lahirlah ”Jak-Japan Matsuri” yang di dalamnya terkandung harapan bahwa sekalipun zaman berubah namun kizuna, ikatan persahabatan kedua negara, akan semakin lebih luas dan kuat. (Sumber:

Nah, tema Jak-Japan Matsuri tahun ini adalah INDONESIA-JAPAN ONE TEAM, maju bersama sambil bergandeng tangan. Dan, baru pertama kali ini pulalah, acara penutupan Jak-japan matsuri bertempat di Parkir Timur Senayan setelah selama 5 tahun ke belakang selalu diadakan di Monas. Jak-Japan Matsuri ini berlangsung dari tanggal 14-21 September 2014. Unfortunately, saya cuma bisa ikutan di hari penutupannya saja.

Siang itu, saya, Dwi, dan mama sengaja bela-belain datang pagi supaya lebih puas, alias bisa berkelilling sampai kaki pegel. Berangkat dengan naik kereta dan disambung dengan taksi, maka sampailah kami dengan sangat cepat di lokasi kejadian.

Benar saja, saking paginya, sampai-sampai pintu belum dibuka. Degan tiket seharga 30 ribu/ orang yang sudah berada di tangan, kami pun mengantri dengan sabarnya.

Ting Tong! tepat pukul 9.45 pagi, persis seperti yang tertera dalam jadwal acara, pintu pun dibuka. Bener-bener on time. Tidak heran orang jepang terkenal akan kedisiplinannya.

Masuklah kami ke lokasi dengan sebuah kipas di tangan yang dibagikan di pintu masuk. Lumayan juga dapat kipas mengingat panasnya udara kala itu.

Karena suasana tidak terlalu ramai, maka kami putuskan untuk menuju panggung utama dan menikmati pertunjukan disana. Tidak disangka, saya takjub dan terkesima, keren bingits kalo kata anak sekarang mah. Maklum baru pertama kali ke JJM jadi agak norak dan lebay.

Ketika acara dimulai, masuklah MC nya. Yang wanita orang Indonesia, yang laki-laki orang Jepang (aktor, penyanyi, MC, host acara TV Indonesia Banget, Translator) yang pernah lama tinggal di Indonesia, namanya Hiroaki Kato.

Bagi saya, si Kato ini cakep bener, dengan gaya rambut panjangnya yang dicepol ke atas dan kostumnya yang casual summer. Kereeen, mirip Zambrotta pemain bola favorit saya. Agak-agak keliatan kaya samurai jepang gitu. Squeeeel.

Ia juga yang menerjemahkan novel Laskar Pelangi ke Bahasa Jepang untuk diterbitkan di Jepang. kalau yang wanita namanya Puti Chitara (Pernah kuliah di Jepang, Penyanyi, MC). Gokil sekali mereka berdua.

Back to the show.

Genderang Jepang Oedo SukerokuTaiko Jakarta. Sumpah keren abis. Saya dan Dwi tidak henti-hentinya mengabadikan pertunjukan ini. Gemuruh suara genderang yang ditabuh dengan piawai ini benar-benar menyentuh relung hati.

Sampai-sampai, saya bilang ke dwi, “Uwieee… ikutan yuuu sama komunitas mereka, biar bisa mukul-mukul genderang kaya gitu. Lumayan buat ngecilin lengan hehehehe.”

Tarian Kochi Yosakoi & Tarian Okinawa Eisa. Tadinya saya pikir, tarian ini semacam tarian tradisional Jepang yang benar-benar tradisional. Ternyata lebih seperti genre pop. Secara, musik yang digunakan lebih catchy dan enerjik. Ditambah lagi, ada kalanya mereka memakai musik soundtrack anime.

Gerakannya sih simple tapi jumlah penari yang banyak membuat tarian ini menarik untuk dilihat. Apalagi di tarian yang terakhir, penonton di ajak untuk ikut bergabung menari bersama. Sayang posisi saya dibelakang para tamu undangan, jadi menyulitkan saya untuk gabung. Padahal kepengen tuh secara dulunya mantan penari jadi-jadian.

Tarian Yosakoi Soran. Nah ini dia. Tarian yang bikin saya penasaran pengen nonton Live. Penasaran karena belum lama ini saya sempat membaca mengenai Festival Yosakoi Soran di Sapporo, Jepang Utara dan menonton tarian ini di youtube. Tarian ini biasanya diikuti oleh puluhan orang hingga ribuan orang.

Telusur punya telusur, Yosakoi adalah tarian khas daerah Kouchi yang menggunakan Naruko, semacam alat perkusi, sebagai alat musiknya sehingga dikenal sebagai Kouchi Yosakoi. Tarian ini pertama kali ditampilkan pada tahun 1954.

Yosakoi Soran pertama kali muncul pada tahun 1992. Jadi, bisa dibilang Yosakoi Soran adalah turunan dari Kouchi Yosakoi. Kalo Kouchi Yosakoi menggunakan Yosakoi Bushi, maka Yosakoi Souran menggunakan Souran Bushi.

Soran Bushi merupakan tarian nelayan yang berasal dari Hokkaido, bagian utara Jepang. Di laut utara, Perahu kayu para nelayan berhadapan dengan gelombang besar musim dingin.

Dalam kondisi seperti itu, mereka menyanyikan lagu Soran Bushi untuk membangkitkan semangat dan membantu mereka supaya terjaga sepanjang malam yang dingin. Makanya ga heran, kalo di setiap tarian akan ada bendera berkibar dengan gambar ikan disana.

Alhamdulillah, bisa lihat secara langsung tarian ini. Keren, kata-kata “SOURAN SOURAN” yang diteriakkan sang penyanyi benar-benar memompa semangat saya.

Setelah menonton tarian Yosakoi Souran yang keren itu. Kami akhirnya beranjak dari panggung utama dan langsung mengambil langkah seribu menuju booth-booth yang ada di JJM ini.

Jadi, kami melewatkan penampilan Ren-Ai Project, No Generation Gaps (NGG) Band, “Nyanyi yuk!” Lomba Nyanyi Indonesia – Jepang, dan Paduan Suara En-Juku.

Sementara itu, JJM ini mulai dipenuhi oleh para pengunjung yaaang sepertinya sebagian besar ABG.

Penasaran seperti apa hujan salju? Ini dia rasanya. Tadi sempat mendengar bahwa akan ada hujan salju di JJM. Hujan salju buatan pastinya. Mesin pembuat salju katanya khusus didatangkan dari Jepang sana. Yah, lumayanlah, bisa merasakan hujan salju, membuat snowman, sampai seluncuran.

Setelah semua booth dikelilingi. Perut mulai meronta-ronta berteriak kelaparan. Tidak sah rasanya kalau ke acara Jepang semacam ini tetapi tidak memakan yang namanya Takoyaki sama Okonomiyaki.

Kami membeli keduanya di booth Osaka Soul Food. Harganya memang lebih mahal dibandingkan booth yang menjual makanan yang sama. Tapi sumpah, worth it.

Enaaaaak. Nomnomnomnom. Dibanding makanan sama yang pernah saya makan. Ini yang terenak. Bikin nagih. Ditambah lagi makan bareng es serut rasa strawberry dan lychee. Segeeeer…

Sudah kenyang, lanjut lagi berkeliling. Semakin siang semakin ramai. Para cosplayer pun mulai berdatangan. Jepret sana jepret sini, para cosplayer laku diminta foto bareng bak diri mereka selebriti.

Termasuk saya dan dwi yang tidak mau kalah ikutan minta foto bareng. Tapi sayang, para cosplayer ini, kalau menurut saya, masih kurang mirip dengan penampakan karakter aslinya. Kalau untuk cosplayer, saya masih takjub dengan yang pernah saya lihat di Motto festival Pluit Village dahulu kala.

Ketika lagi bingung mau ngapain lagi, sayup-sayup terdengar suara nyanyian soundtrack anime. “Kyaaaaaa… ayo kesana wie, ma” teriak saya. Ternyata benar saja, di depan panggung sudah penuh sesak.

Well, it turned out, Jakarta KEI ON is on the stage!

JAKARTA KEI-ON atau Jakarta Keion Club (“Keion”) adalah kelompok band musik yang dibangun oleh beberapa orang Jepang yang tinggal dan bekerja di DKI Jakarta dan sekitarnya. Semua anggotanya bukan musisi profesional, tetapi musisi Amatir yang bekerja sebagai karyawan atau lainnya pada hari kerja.

Mereka menyanyikan lagu kebangsaan yang selalu dibawakan di event yang berbau Jepang. Apa lagi kalau bukan Sobakazu dari Judy & Mary (Samurai X OST) dan Pegasus Fantasy (Saint Seiya OST) yang animenya super booming kala disiarkan di TV Indonesia.

COSPLAY Show oleh CLASH. Cosplay ini lumayan seru. Sayangnya saya merasa lelah setelah semangat ikut bernyanyi, teriak, dan jingkrak-jingkrak bareng jakarta Kei On. Makanya, kami cuma nonton dari jauh sambil duduk dan sekadar beristirahat.

Pertunjukkan yang dipersembahkan oleh DKI Jakarta. Sayangnya, pertunjukkan dibatalkan. Entah apa alasannya. Tapi, namanya juga acara yang diprakarsai orang Jepang, bener-bener disiplin. The show must go on. Jadilah kedua MC mendadak didaulat untuk menyumbangkan 1 lagu. Untung dua-duanya emang asli penyanyi.

Kato menyanyikan lagu laskar pelangi berbahasa Jepang, sedangkan Puti menyanyikan lagunya Ayumi Hamazaki berjudul sakura.  Berhubung sudah seger lagi, kami bertiga merangsek lagi ke depan panggung. Penasaran melihat penampilan Kato dan Puti.

Akrobat lompat tali (double dutch) oleh Fusion of Gambit dari Universitas Ritsumeikan. Well, ini dia hal baru bagi saya. Baru tahu kalau ada yang namanya Double Dutch. Keyeeeeeen. Jadi, sebenarnya, seperti hiphop dance, hanya saja memakai props 2 tali yang diayun.

Intinya, mereka ngedance sambil main lompat tali. Anggota team Fusion of Gambit ini cakep-cakep, mirip orang Korea.

Kelompok “Lagu-Lagu-Kai.” Oke, kalo yang ini, sesuai banget sama mama. Akhirnya ada juga yang genrenya cocok sama mama. Kelompok orang Jepang yang sudah kakek nenek yang menyanyikan lagu-lagu Indonesia. Bukan sembarang lagu Indonesia loh, melainkan lagu wajib, lagu nostalgia sampe lagu daerah.

Lagu-lagu yang mungkin sudah jarang juga dinyanyikan sama anak jaman sekarang. Yang bikin haru apa coba? Para penonton yang notabene sebagian besar anak muda, ABG, tidak beranjak dari depan panggung. Kita semua mengapresiasi mereka. Sudah seperti menonton kakek nenek sendiri.

Galaxy Jazz Band. Ini dia penampilan terakhir yang bisa kami tonton karena harus pulang untuk menjenguk om yang habis operasi di RS. Karena saya suka jazz , begitu pula dengan mama, berat rasanya meninggalkan penampilan mereka.

Jadilah diputuskan kami mendengarkan 1 lagu saja. Pas banget suasananya. Sudah sore, mulai mendung, mulai berangin, ditemani alunan musik jazz. Adeeeem rasanya.

Aaaaaah… akhirnya selesai 1 lagu. Dengan berat hati kami harus mengakhiri keseruan hari ini. Sayang sekali tidak bisa mengikuti sampai selesai. Penasaran sekali dengan yang namanya Bon Odori. But it’s okay, there will always be another chance. Next Year maybe.

So, we said goodbye to Jak-Japan Matsuri 2014. Meskipun melewatkan penampilan Mr. Kuriya Makoto, Angklung, Mikoshi, Jrocks, JKT 48, pesta kembang api, dan Bon Odori. Bisa dibilang kami sudah sangat puas. Dijamin bakal balik lagi tahun depan.

So, Mari Maju Bersama Bergandeng tangan!