My Brand New Pink Cerruti Chiffon Shawl

So, here I am in Lotte Mart, Bintaro. Running errands for our household, actually more of grocery shopping. Since the place is not too far from home, just grab a simple dress and off course, my brand new pink cerruti chiffon shawl * it was DIY shawl *

Just love this simple look. More importantly, this is one of my attempt to wear chest-covering hijab. Well, it was nicely done. Recently, thinking of collecting more hijab made of cerruti chiffon so I can get rid of my square hijab made of paris cotton. The number one reason is because of the fabric itself, no matter how you wore them, jatohnya pasti pas. Flowy kalo kata orang bule mah * eh ko jadi bahasa indonesia? whatever! :p *

Oh, just want to share that there is this one aisle in this Lotte Mart, which is full of things to decorate our house into a charming shabby chic theme. The aisle are decorated with lots of flowers, vintage stuff etc. Soooo eye catchingly beautiful. can’t help to take lots of ‘sneaking’ photo shoot there but too bad I couldn’t share it here * still looking for the pics somewhere in my computer *


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