25 Sports Theme Anime

I am anime lover. One of genre that catch my attention is sport theme anime. Why? because I could learn about the sport itself in a fun way. So, when I try to do the sport, I got pretty little idea how to play it or how the rule is. Although, some of them are just absolutely unbelievably hillarious and some of the others are kind of romantic.

So, here are my favorite so far, have to shrunk them into 25.

1. Prince of Tennis — tennis

Love love love this anime. For me, this is awesome * eventhough some of you might not agree * well at least it was an entertaining one. Laughed a lot while watching it.

2. Slam dunk — basketball

3. Eyeshield 21 — football

4. One Outs — baseball

5. Ippo — boxing

6. Captain Tsubasa — soccer

7. Kuroko no basuke — basketball

8. Free – Swimming

9. Initial D. — racing

10. Major – baseball

11. Capeta — F1


12. Blue legend Shoot – Soccer

13. Moshidora — baseball

14. Cross game – baseball

15. Chihayafuru — karuta

16. Air Gear – rollerblade

17. Suzuka — Athletic

18. Hikaru No Go – Go

19. Dear boys — basketball

20. Buzzer beater — basketball

21. Inazuma eleven — soccer

22. Over drive – cyclist

23. Ping pong club — ping pong

24. Yawara — Judo

25. Princess Nine — baseball


3 thoughts on “25 Sports Theme Anime

    • yesss, initial D, prince of tennis and Slam dunk is awesome. Two of anime you said, ooo, are they great? Haven’t watch them. Surely will get my eyes on them later on.


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