Cotton Candy

cotton candy 1

Nom nom nom nom, sweeet…

Who in the world doesn’t like to eat cotton candy. Well at least when you are still a kid * I am a kid then, since I still love to eat them :p *  Before, during my childhood, I often bought them after school. Love to see how they were made. Just put sugar, then the machine and the man who sold it will do the magic.

Although, that time, I am not so sure about the color they use for the sugar nor the hygiene of the machine or even the seller itself. It’s okay though, hey, I’m just a kid back then, never thought about that kind of things. Just that the candy is yummy and cheap :p

For your info, the cotton candy I pretend to eat in the pic is definitely healthy one and safe for the children. How do I know it? hehehe, I got it from one of my student birthday. Come to think again, I kinda excited to get one, quickly grab it before other kids does hahahaha * sorry kiddos, your teacher also want one :p *

cotton candy 2

Enough talking about cotton candy. Love this outfit of mine. Just casual and simple yet comfortable. Love the long sleeve tee from gda’s and also the scarf from dian pelangi. I am using them quite often these days. The pants in from the executive and flatshoes from cardinal. I guess there always love for brown color deep down my heart and soul exagerated alias lebaaay

cotton candy 3

Oho, before we end the party, two special guests coming in surprise. It’s Iron man!!! yeayyy, yippie, hurray * somehow I wish Tony Stark is also here, or maybe Robert Downey Jr. do I ask to much? *

Anyway, love the party, the outfit, the food, the iron man, also the one invited me off course, my cute and adorable student, Qle. Thank you… :*


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