Red and White: Just Like Indonesia’s Flag

Today is our country election day. There will be new president of Indonesia for a better future. So, as a good citizen, I excitedly voted one of two candidates. Whom did I vote? It’s a secret.

Since I vote in my old neighbourhood, which is quite far away from my new house, I decided to dress properly * if it’s near, I probably just wear some homie abaya or homie dress with bergo (instant hijab) *

Looking at my closet and grab some shirt also pants. Intentionally dress up just like our country flag, Red and White  * tinggal dikerek aja deh saya kaya bendera *

Dark red cashmere pashmina, basic twiscone shirt, cotton pants, bali yoni sandals, and tassel bracelet from withkalkun complete my outfit in this very special day.

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