The Heirs’s Stuff (Not Review)

Who doesn’t know The Heirs, Kim Tan, Cha Eun Sang, and also Choi Young Do. I guess, almost all people know it * except for those who really dislike korean drama. * When we talk about the Heirs, there are so many things comes up to mind. From the infamous kiss, the clothing, the soundtracks, the famous lines and don’t forget the accessories. The heirs’s stuff become famous following the drama. Lots of fans are crazily want to have the same stuff with the characters in the drama.

Let’s starts with some of my favorites:


Panda Pendant Necklace

Wishbone Necklace

Roumang Hug Doll ($81,95)

Star-printed backpack
Accessorize Pop Tweed Rucksack (£35)

Eun Sang Il Bisonte Backpack

Jansport Canvas Backpack breaktown

IL BISONTE Leather Crossbody Bag APZA209 ($438)

Jerome dreyfuss Momo leather mini shoulder bag (£325)

Louis Quatorze Bag (578,000 Won)

Beanpole Brwon Herrit Small Tota Bag BE3CA2919C ($498)

Nanamica Cycling Pack (27,300 Yen)

Louis Quatorze Pink medium Woman Wallet ($250)


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