Nerdmob Bracelets

I do love bracelets.

As far as I know, I tend not wear accessories since I felt they don’t fit me much. But, with bracelets, It’s a different story. I love them to the max. Felt like something missing if I am not wearing them on my wrist.

One of the awesome bracelets I have is the awareness bracelets from NERDMOB Inc. | Dope Dept. It just a simple leather bracelets. But love the words that wrote on it. For me, I chose “DREAMER.” because I am indeed a dreamer. And I will put my dreams 5 cm in front of my eyes, so I can always remember my dreams and try to reach them.

And here is what we called arms candies. Can imagine myself wear all those bracelets. Yummy… * heee, it’s not food mel. wake up! *

And here is mine, wrapping my wrist nicely * and I have a big smile when I look at it. It somehow burst my spirit too. You know, for reaching out my dreams and make it into real, not just a dreams. *


It’s quite awesome if you ask me well, nobody asked thought. I guess I’m getting in love with Nerdmob bracelets or should I say getting addicted. Hmm, I guess the pick the right line then for their brand which is, “Nerd Goods would make you addicted like a drugs.” * a little bit scary though, as if you couldn’t live with it if you don’t have them, just like drugs. Hahahaha, but it just some lines though, for marketing sake. *

So visit them if you are curious and get addicted like drugs:


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