Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum


Raise your hands if you don’t know about bubble gum? anyone? anywhere? I guess nobody will raise their hands.

Bubble gum is one type of chewing gum. The very first bubble gum was invented by Frank Henry Fleer in 1906. He called it Blibber-Blubber gum. However, the bubble blowing chew was never sold. Fleer’s recipe was later perfected by Walter Diemer, who called his product Double Bubble. The bubble gum is less sticky than regular chewing gum and stretched more easily. That is why this kind of gum can be blown into bubble. I guess that is why we called it bubble gum.

Enough about a history of bubble gum. What I am trying to say is, bubble gum is very interesting and fun. Before, a friend of mine, told me about bubble gum song, but then I let it pass and forget about it. So, when I finally remember her saying, I quickly found this video on youtube about bubble gum song, and I was very excited.

I thought, how fun it will be if I use the song for my activity with my awesome student. Off course, I modified the activity so it will be appropriate for the children. They must be very excited about it. Even I am very excited. So, one day, I finally did it during Large Group Time. It was very fun. All children quite engage to the activity. They eager to learned this new song and even pretended to have bubble gum stick on their hands.

The song lyrics is like this:

Sticky sticky sticky bubble gum

bubble gum bubble gum

Sticky sticky sticky bubble gum

bubble gum bubble gum

Stick your hands to your …. * anywhere we like *

For me, at fist I give a an example where to stick it. Then we pretend as if it was really hard to unstick. We tried to pull it, but it still can’t unstick. aaaaarrrggh…. We all really pretended so it looks very real. After some time, then we said together out loud, “unstick” then we raise our hands up. Then we did it again for several time. This time, I let children chose where they want to stick it.

What surprised me is some children had ideas that I never expected before. For example, stick our back to other children. They even use some vocabulary that I never heard them saying before * since english is not their mother language, so it kinds of surprised me * Then what amazed me was, there was this girl, one of my student, when she saw some children still acted that they couldn’t unstick their hands, she said,”ohh, you have to say the magic word first… unnnnnstiiick!The magic word, I never said that before, so she really amazed me. How proud I am to be her teacher.

In the end, the activity succeed. And now, everytime I need to get their attention, I just sang the song, and they all will gather around without me asking. No need to yell at them, no need to hurried them, no need to threatened them, or even asking them. After all, children nature is that they will engage in things which interest them. And this sticky bubble gum definitely interest them.


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