Today, I am Learning Hard

Today, I am learning hard.

Hardly enough to made me hurt, physically.

It was a quite usual day, a weekend spent at home after a week of working. A very peaceful day inside the house. Outside, the day seems so gloomy, the rainy season is finally here. The sky is getting dark. It kept crying and pour liters of tears to my beloved city, Jakarta. As we all know, when the rainy season stopping by, there will be flood everywhere, including my neighborhood.

So here I am, in a neighborhood without  sunrise or a bright sunny day came by. At least it is not raining, yet. Then I figured it will be best for me if I do my laundry, that’s been hold for a week. Yup, doing laundry before it rain. Everything was ran as my plan. Until I accidentally slipped and bump my head on the edge of the floor * there is different height in the floor *


it’s not hurt * I said to myself * I tried my best to hold my position so I could reduce the damage. But then, I hurriedly look into the mirror and guess what, a warm red blood runs into my cheek. A little bit pain, I started to feel. There was an open wound on the edge of my right eyes.


Ouch! the blood finally stopped runs by.

At that time, I realized that the floor was wet and there are some soap all over it. Just right in time, before I wipe it out with the water, I am losing my balance and there you go, a little bit accident. While trying to hold the blood in with one hand, I mop the floor to keep it clean and safe. How sad it is, because no one is around at time. Then, I continued my laundry until it done as if nothing ever happened.

After all said and done. Some question crossed in my mind.

What if I bump my head hard enough?

What if the edge of the floor bump right into my eyes?

What will happen to me then?

Before I tried to answered all those question, I already got a goosebumps all over my body. Don’t want to think the most scariest possibility. I guess, I’m not ready to die, yet. Wait, did I just write, “die!” Isn’t it overreact?  Well, for me, it is not. Some of my families dead because of stroke after they fell down on the bathroom or laundry room. So, it kinds of freaked me out to think that I might have been in the situation.

So, the lesson learned for today is just simple. Watch out of the wet floor. Quickly clean up the floor when suspected to be dangerous. Actually, don’t let the water and the soap spilled out to the floor. Do the laundry properly. And please, do prayer first before we start doing anything.


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