The Legendary Awesome Bboy Crew: ICHIGEKI

The Legendary Awesome Ichigeki showcase from BOTY 2005

For me who is not living as a dancer * but at least, in the past I did some lessons and performances for dancing and tried to did it again during my college but failed to continue * but I really enjoying them, whether just dance in the room, with my little student (not that complicated dance though), or just watched it in youtube or live performances.

So when I accidentally encountered these awesome guys from Ichigeki through youtube, I was like, OMG, they are awesome. Then came to my mind, what if I continue to dance back then? What if I had known about bboying things back then?  Will I seriously continue to dance? Well, But that is just a random though. I guess, everyone already had their life planned by God and already made choice for the path of their life.

Best showcase BOTY 2005

OK, that is OOT aka out of topic. Back to Ichigeki. Ichigeki was Bboy crew from Japan. They first show off to the world was back in the 2002 Battle of The Year (BOTY 2002). Then, 3 years later, they once represented Japan in BOTY 2005. Their performance in the final showcase was unforgettable by people who already watching it and considered as the best showcase ever seen in the history of BOTY * at least for me, it was * Even though they did not won the first place, but they did awarded as 2nd place and as The BEST Showcase for that year.

BOTY 2005 awards: 2nd place and Best Show

Sadly, this is their last performance with full members. They decided to disband after this BOTY because of their own reasons. Even so, I still believe that they are not literally disbanded as Ichigeki will always be in their heart. They even said that they are family and won’t stop being a bboy.

In my point of view, the way they show off in that BOTY was a perfect ending for them. They pour out all of their emotion, art, skill, musical feeling, act, and off course bboying into the show. They emerge themselves into the dance itself. It was like I can see them dance with all their heart and bring the best out as a crew. Just like they said in planet bboy vid, they can show their true self during the show without thinking about the outcome. They think that it will be fun and excited to dance at the big stage like BOTY.

Me, myself, had already watched their showcase in youtube * it will be hard to see them live nowadays since they disbanded, right? * for countless time, I even downloaded it. And gosh, I still got the same emotion every time. Can’t keep myself to admire them and that force me to write about them here. Just so, it will remind me of them in later years in case I’ve forgot when I’m getting older.

Some of the song used in the 2005 show:

  • Hardnoise – untitled

  • DJ Binhtendo – numb

Btw, As far as I know, the music was arranged and mixed by Katsu. It was said, that Katsu was the core of Ichigeki. He spending his life for dancing. During BOTY 2005, in Planet Bboy vid, his brother support him, want him to be strong mentally. What I love is what his mother said, that she want him to express his love for dancing without thinking about winning with greed. What a wonderful love send from mother to a son.

While Katsu’s dad, died three years before BOTY because of a liver tumor. Initially he wanted him to finish school and keep dancing as a hobby. They did not speak much when the father was still alive, but Katsu, before leaving Japan to take part in the BOTY 2005 in Germany, visits his father’s grave vowing to enjoy every moment of the experience because he knows his father will be watching over him. And he did enjoy it * just look at his dance in the showcase, like being posses in his own world then pull thousands of audience there into his world *

Katsu and family in his family’s green tea shop.

Katsu is still known worldwide until now for his innovative and emotional style of breakdance. And now, he is a part of Band known as 1.G.K. This band known for fusing techno, drum and bass, filter disco and break beats with the energy of club music and the passion of rock, describing as digital groove rock. I’m going to talk about 1.G.K in another time. Right now, it’s just ICHIGEKI.

Ichigeki members:

  1. Shin
  2. Prince
  3. Katsu
  4. Kousuke
  5. Nonman
  6. Quick
  7. Kenji
  8. Uozumi
  9. Seitarou
  10. Imanishi
  11. Kurashiki
  12. Catcher
  13. Seiichi
  14. Yoppy
  15. Chori
  16. Yoshioka
  17. Kita

Other Video:

  • BOTY 2002

  • Ichigeki in Planet B-Boy (especially 1:06:42 — 1:11.00), definitely must watch

  • Ichigeki documentary (I remember saw it with eng sub but can’t find it anymore T_T, too bad can’t understand Japanese)


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