Black and White Patterns

lookbook pattern

Grabbed things in my closet. Don’t want to be colorful today, so I picked black and white (B&W). The patterns pants catch my eyes. It’s been some time I haven’t wore it, so here I am with pattern pants. Then mix and match with white basic T-shirt and another patterns, a houndstooth scarf. Since I am going out to do some window shopping, sandals from Bali Yoni Handicraft will be my first choice for the comfortable sake. Last but not least, put a simple tote bag on my my shoulder then I’m off to go.

In Bali, a B&W checked fabric called wastra poleng represents the harmonious balance between good and evil, light and dark, opposing forces that keep the world in balance.

For me, Black and White represent choices. They separates two polarities, which  is very opposite to each other. So, when we put them together, it feels like we are in between, in harmony. Whether we are still in the process of choosing one of them or we already did choose, comfortable enough to be somewhere in the middle. The decisions definitely lays in our own hands. Somehow, life is always about choices.


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