Hooked by Korean Drama “The Heirs” Original Soundtrack

the heirs ost

So, after I watched The Heirs episode 12. Can not help myself to stop heard the OST. Actually it’s been replaying in my head. I’ve been hooked, definitely. Whether I listen to it from my hand phone or not. Crazy. I may say that this drama OST is one of the best. I mean, all the OST so far is amazing and really fit to the storyline. Some drama, not just kdrama, only couple of their OST could catch the viewer and listener heart. But this drama OST really captured lots of people who watched and listen to its OST. I probably in my fangirl mode, kdrama lover mode.

As far as I remember, the last time I am being like this is when I watched Queen In Hyun’s Man and it’s already long before. And for your info, I’m not so into Lee Min Ho * am I weird?, cos I believe there were lots of people who really fall into his charms. *

So, when I first watch this drama, I am not in my fangirl mode at all. All I expected is to watch a drama full of eye candy and lighthearted high school life * turned out to be wrong. It is a very thoughtful and deeper drama * just as a way to relax my brain and mind from everyday routine.

But, after watched from one episode to another, damn, I gradually turn back into my fangirl mode. And the OST, keep replaying them in phone. And after finished watching the drama, I am officially became MinShin shipper (MinShin = Min Ho & Shin Hye).

1. Changmin (2AM) – Moment

2. Various Artist – Moment (instrumental)

3. Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu – Love Is…

4. Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu – Love Is… (Acoustic)

5. Various Artist – Love Is… (instrumental)

6. Various Artist – Love Is… (Comic ver.)

7. Park Jang Hyun – Two People

8. Esna – Bite My Lower Lip

9. KEN (VIXX) – In The Name of Love (Korean Version)

10. KEN (VIXX) – In The Name of Love (English Version)

11. 2Young – Serendipity

12. Lee Hong Ki – I’m Saying

13. Various Artists –  I’m Saying (Piano Version)

14. Various Artist – I’m Saying  (Instrumental)

15. Big Baby Driver – What We Used To Be

16. Big Baby Driver – Here For You

17. Big Baby Driver – Some Other Day

18. Moon Myung Jin – Crying Again

19. Jadan Lee – Definitely You (episode 11, at Jeguk broadcast studio)

20. Park Shin Hye – Story

21. Backstreet Boys – Inconsolable (episode 11, at Hyo Shin car)

22. Trans Fixion – I Will See You

23. Choi Jin Hyuk – Don’t look back (Won and Hyun Joo break up, episode 20)

24. Avril Lavigne – 17 (episode 13, at mangosix)

25. Cold Cherry – Growing Pains 2

26. Various Artist – Growing Pains 2 (instrumental)

27. Lena Park – My Wish (Only with my Heart)

28. Lee Min Ho – Painful Love (Love Hurts)

29. Joe Brooks – Superman (episode 5, at mangosix)

30. Jesse Barrera & Melissa Polinar – I Don’t Care (episode 9, at mangosix)

31. Atomic Kitten – Cradle (episode 1, at mangosix)

32. Tamia – Officially missing you (episode 13, at mangosix)

33. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (episode 12, Rachel’s mom fashion show)

34. David Cook – Take me as I am (episode 8, at mangosix)

35. David Guetta Feat. Sia – Titanium (episode 15, ata Bona and Chan Young Make Up party)

36. Sleeping at Last – Turning Page (episode 16, Tan-Eun date/ couple shoes)  

37. Jason Mraz feat. james Morrison – Details in the Fabrics (episode 17, at cafe where Won met his future fiancee)

38. Sarah McLachlan – Do what you have to do (episode 18, at Restaurant where Won met Eun Sang)

39. Various Artists – Potents Of War

40. Various Artists – Dream Catcher

41. Various Artists – Weight Of The Crown

42. Various Artists – Logical Love

43. Various Artists – Heritor

44. Various Artists – Aim At The Crown

45. Various Artists – Dream of One Summer Night (한여름 밤에 꿈)

46. Various Artists – 별을 세는 아이

47. Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why I Didn’t Come (at Restaurant when Tan’s Mom, Eun Sang & Tan met, episode 14)

48. Green Day – Stray Heart (Tan surfing, episode 1)

49. Swing till you drop – When you’re smiling (Tan meet Won in the ranch, episode 3)

50. Nickelback – Because of You (Young Do’s car after pick up Rachel from Airport, episode 4)

51. Rachael Yamagata – You Won’t Let Me (When Kim Won give wishbone necklace to Hyun Joo, episode 5)

52. Bruno Mars – Treasure (at Rachel’s Mom store, episode 9)

53. Background music before Young Do Let Eun Sang go into the swimming pool (episode 11)

54. ZE:A – Spectacular (episode 8, when Young Do annoyed Myung Soo by saying There are better song. What is this! LOL)

55. Lobo – I’d Love You to Want Me (Episode 19, when Chan Young’s dad met Esther Lee in a café)

56. Karla Bonoff – The Water is Wide (Episode 19, when Chan Young’s dad met Esther Lee in a café)




48 thoughts on “Hooked by Korean Drama “The Heirs” Original Soundtrack

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  2. At the beginning of Episode 2 of The heirs where Eun Sang was looking around in awe of the huge house of Kim Tan and that music was played. I saw that on YouTube a long time ago, however it was removed due to copyright issue. Can you please find that song. Thank you!


  3. Hi,

    Do you know what instrumental music is playing in episode 7 when young do is eating black bean noodle and talking to eun sang?

    Thanks for all you do!


  4. Do you know the song from episode 20 when Tan is writing on the notebook he received back from the College he went to in the US? and he’s writing about his brother and how he got what he wanted….? its one of my fave I’m not sure if it has been included before i think it has but I don’t remember,


    • Hi! @yusman nurwanda I found the song sometime ago but forgot to add on the list. I already update it though. Please check out the list again. enjoy the old song though. ^_^


  5. can you please help me find the song played when young do hugs cha eun sang or pushes her into the pool? It’s a piano song and it’s played twice in the episode when they are at camp. been looking for it everywhere and I cant find it 😦


    • @amy actually I’m also looking for that music score. It is not include in official Heirs OST. I found it once in youtube, but it is just a cut from the movie. I put it in the list no. 53 but unfortunately the video is not available anymore. If someone found the music, lets hope they will tell us then.


  6. Hey.. Can you tell which song played in Episode 19 starting at 10.00 min, the end scene where Kim and Eun asking permission to date from the Chairman during Kim’s birthday party.


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  8. Can you tell me the song title in episode 4 when Kim Tan is curious about horror sound that he hear while he’s eating? When he feels haunted by Cha Eun Sang (long haired girl). If anybody knows, tell me please 🙂


    • @ Cherlly sorry, I don’t know what song is that. Maybe that is one of the song not released yet. Or maybe it is already but I just couldn’t find it. Maybe others who came by to this post knows about it and kindly share with us. Let’s just wait. ^^


  9. Hi! Many thanks to your hard work!
    Do you know the song in Episode 3 when Tan and Eun Sang walk towards the sunset in the US? It’s the scene when Tan’s car broke, so they have to walk to a motel…
    It’s only instrumental with guitar sound, it’s so hard to find. Hope you can help me! 🙂


  10. hi i’ve been searching also the title of the background music in episode 2 the scene when cha eun sang is blocking her room door and the scene in the morning while cha eun sang is by the pool her hair being blown and kim tan is looking at her it might be when kim starts to like her


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  12. Hi, do you know the instrument on episode 11 that start on the part where young do holding onto eun sang before he push her into the water ? Thanks!


    • Oh, that inst is not released, yet. That’s why we hardly find it everywhere. Maybe they will release it when the DVD is out, which is during March (still negotiate though). Sometimes, in the DVD package, they include some OST that has not been officially released. But, there is someone in youtube who cut the music from the drama. I already add here, so lets enjoy that short one then (only 0:31 s). ^^


      • tq admin this blog…yeaayhh i also waiting for long time that song.. instrument song when young do hold eun sang hand.. before this last ep 7 or 8… when eun sang come to yong do hotel also play that background song..please if u have that song post i here k..tq


        • Woah, seems like not only girls love this series hehe. For the background song you’ve been looking for, I believe it is called “potents of war” when young do called eun sang to went to his hotel. I’ve already compile it though in number 39, I think.


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  14. Hi, you have gave a very comprehensive list of the OST from the drama and that’s really great because I enjoy the music from the show as well. In episode 13, towards the end of the show when Cho young do meets Cha eun sang at the cafe where she works, there is this song that I pretty like too. Do you by chance know that song as well? Thanks!


    • Hi too.. so you enjoy the ost too. I guess you also enjoys the drama, right? Unfortunately, I’ve been looking for that song too, and still not found it. I guess many fans out there also dying to find out, but It is said that the song hasn’t been released, yet. When it does, I’ll make sure to update this list of mine.


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