[JFW 2014] Dewi Fashion Knights

This is the story of one awesome night in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. A show that will last forever, at least in my own memory. It’s all about Goddes, Tales of The Goddes.

It was the last show in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. So many people wee waiting for this show. How can’t they? There’ll be masterpiece of some of young and talented designer from Indonesia which is Oscar Lawalata, Bai Soemarlono, Toton Januar, Priyo Oktaviano, and the one and only Tex Saverio.

I was so lucky to be one of those who honored to see such an awesome and remarkable show. There, I got to see lots of designer, lots of models, and off course lots of beautiful clothes. I was impressed, by the atmosphere of the show that night.

The invitation to Dewi Fashion Knights (DFK)

When the show begins, everyone was stunned and silenced by the beauty of ‘Goddes’ which have been interpreted by all 5 designer. For me, it even started right after the master of ceremony, the stunningly gorgeous Sari Nila open the show.

Then the it starts. First, it was Optik Seis and followed by Oscar Lawalata with his collection “My Name is Andromeda.”

Bai Soemalono, a designer for Populo Batik with his batik collection.

Toton Januar with his collection “The Sulthan and The Mermaid Queen: Abyss.” And here is my favorite for the night, Priyo Oktaviano with his collection “Galore.” Love the music, the show, the fabric he used, all of them.

And last but not least is the magnificent young and talented Tex Saverio with his haute-couture collection “Exoskeleton.” I guess this is definitely something that Lady Gaga will love to wear.

Since that was my first time saw him, I’m quite surprised. He looks pretty much like a character in anime that comes to live. And since I love anime, off course I’ll love him too, well, I mean his collection.

jakarta fashion week 2014 - 13


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